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Morning sickness tips?

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Empusa Sun 14-Aug-11 11:48:39

Currently feeling like death warmed up, morning sickness started on Tuesday, and I haven't managed to eat more than a slice of toast a day since then.

Any advice?

I'm bloody hungry!! And exhausted!

littleshinyone Sun 14-Aug-11 12:00:33

chocolate milk
have a few bites of something before you get out of bed
oat cakes


see your GP and ask for something- there are lots of things to try, GPs often feel underconfident prescribing in pregnancy but this is their problem, not yours. Also good to get a urine sample checked for ketones from time to time when you're really rough- you can buy special testing sticks at some pharmacies. When your body doesn't have sugars to metabolise it breaks down fats instead, which turn into ketones, which can make you feel pretty ill in themselves.

I am currently finding windeeze (well, i'm taking infacol as it's liquid form!!) really good for getting rid of extra pressure in my stomach from swallowing all that spit!!

looking forward to hearing what others say too!!

have you found the hyperemesis gravidarum thread? we may not be quite at that stage, but lots of good suggestions.

Good luck!!

littleshinyone Sun 14-Aug-11 12:01:55

i find lumps of cheese quite good too.
and peperamis
and chorizzo sausage and mince pies and scotch eggs

the theme is eating whatever you can, NOT worrying about eating healthily. often veggies make me feel worse

littleshinyone Sun 14-Aug-11 12:50:31


please share ladies!

SandyChick Sun 14-Aug-11 12:58:59

I'm finding nibbling on cereal bars is helping. My sickness has gradually got worse over the past few days. Im 6 weeks tomorrow. I had severe sickness with ds and was on meds for it. I havent actually been sick this time it's just the nausea so far.

I don't really fancy warm food so i've been eating pasta salad, Carrot sticks, grapes, sandwiches etc. I'm just starving all the time but it comes on all of a sudden and I feel like I'm going to pass out if I don't eat straight away. I've already put on 2 ibs sad

Cutelittlecatlover Sun 14-Aug-11 13:14:32

Salt and vinegar crisps bizarrely make me feel better. Also lemonade and ginger biscuits. I haven't actually been sick at all but feel nauseous all the time.

Macaroona Sun 14-Aug-11 13:23:10

yy choc milk
yy cucumber
Toast when you can manage it

I couldn't face meat or veg for the first 4 months and my baby is apparently doing really well (am 22 wks now) so please do remember that while you feel rubbish, baby is taking all the nutrients it needs. Makes you feel even worse, it's like a little parasite taking all the goodness grin

Also - get drugs from your GP if it's affecting your life badly, ie stopping you from working or making you feel depressed. I got cyclizine and while I still felt crap and threw up occasionally, the difference was huge - I felt human again. They don't affect your baby at all so don't feel bad about taking them - if you have a misogynist doc who won't prescribe them, get a second opinion. It's better for your baby for you to be moving around and eating regularly than continuing to suffer and worrying that taking anti-sickness pills might affect it.

Good luck - it will pass, even if it feels like it never will! Mine didn't pass til about 18 weeks but now I feel great and enjoying being pg at last smile

NigellaLawless Sun 14-Aug-11 13:36:53

Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad Empusa, the only things that eased the nausea for me were ice cold drinks: sometimes fizzy, sometimes plain water in a glass full of ice cubes and also ice lollies/ice pops were really good.

All food made me feel awful and ginger biscuits did nothing for me. I had to force myself to eat after the first 4 weeks as I was clearly loosing weight.

But the good news was that after 16 weeks it really did ease off and was completely gone by 20 weeks.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon x

littleshinyone Sun 14-Aug-11 13:41:27

macaroona, mine went at 18 weeks last time too! (god... only 9 weeks now, hoping that it doesn't last as long with this one!)

sandy chick really feel for you- it's horrid knowing what's to come isn't it!! If anything though, I'm glad your weight isn't going down!!

oh, and someone told me not to brush your teeth straight after being sick- the acid weakens the enamel which brushing makes worse, so just rinse with water or mouth wash, and then brush them later on!

ALotToTakeIn Sun 14-Aug-11 13:56:19

I found eating little and often kept me functional, and all I wanted to eat was cheese on toast between the fat and the carbs it seemed to sooth my tummy a bit.

NoobyNoob Sun 14-Aug-11 16:20:56

For me, my saviours were:

Dry Toast
Lemonade/anything fizzy
Digestive Biscuits

I've just finished taking some anti-sickness tablets, and so far so good. I hope that's the end of mine, I should bloody hope so at 17 weeks.

zosie24 Sun 14-Aug-11 16:33:04

my morning sickness lingered on until about 20 weeks. Urgh!! It was hideous and I feel your pain. For me anything with a strong smell, was a no no. Try...

juicy fruit, grapes are good (its like having a drink and a snack at the same time!)
dry ryvita biscuits to nibble
ginger biscuits

I hope it improves soon! smile

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Sun 14-Aug-11 16:35:38

I'm suffering too. The annoying thing is, the food that works one day completely repels me the next. For a while i was good with salad, then the very thought turned my stomach. Last week carrot sticks helped but again, they now make me queasy. Now it's all about roast beef confused The one constant that has helped is fizzy water and boiled sweets.

Empusa Sun 14-Aug-11 16:38:27

Oh christ! It lasts that long?!

I'm probably only 4 weeks in! <goes and hides>

DH went out an bought me some ginger biscuits, so I'm snacking on those. Shall see the doctor tomorrow and ask advice.

Interesting that everyone is finding dramatically different foods easy to cope with, think I'm going to have to experiment a bit.

LaWeasel Sun 14-Aug-11 16:53:22

Eat whenever you can, absolutely whatever you fancy.

Try and eat regularly even if you don't feel like it, because an empty stomach tends not to help (it's not normal 'you're ill' sickness after all) definately speak to your doctors if you aren't managing to keep fluids down/very much food at all, as you can also get hypremis (probably spelt that wrong!) which requires treatment.

Sandwich bags are excellent as portable vomit catchers.

why5am Sun 14-Aug-11 17:04:33

Try eating something small (and in any way tolerable) every 2 hours whether you feel like it or not. (Or even a drink of milk/milkshake with banana). Apparently the hormones that make you sick can have a more intense effect on an empty stomach.

I felt pretty terrible in the first trimester, especially in this second pregnancy and even though the first few bites made me nauseous, 2 hourly food staved off the proper sickness. If I didn't eat every 2 hours when awake I would vomit and if I did eat a bite or two I didn't! Looked slightly strange in long morning meetings where I'd crack open a cereal bar or banana every 2 hours on the dot!

Food I could tolerate: cereal bars, banana, rice cakes, bread, toast, yoghurt and honey..

Hope you feel better soon.

Baby2b Sun 14-Aug-11 17:07:07

Agree with everything laweasel has said.

Little and often and keep eating. No matter how sick you get the baby still takes what it needs, so try and take your multi-vitamins during the best part of your day. Iced lollies were my saviour. I had a lot of raised eyebrows for drinking lucozade at 7am, but it was the only way to get to work without vomiting on the train.

Be prepared that no matter how sick you are people will continue to suggest Ginger biscuits as it cured them. I can't even look at them now grin

Baby2b Sun 14-Aug-11 17:10:05

macaroona I went completely off meat too. Couldn't even cook it for dh. 39 weeks now and ms rare now, but still finding meat hard to eat. Very strange hmm

Empusa Sun 14-Aug-11 17:10:33

Haha <puts ginger biscuits down> I've always loved them grin

I shall try to eat little and often, seems like a plan. smile

licoriceGreen Sun 14-Aug-11 17:20:15

I've been sick all the way through my pregnancy since 8 weeks to now 35+ weeks. Its got much better it was 5 times a day at the start now its just a few times a week. At different points different things helped. Once something made me I'll I couldn't face it again. Early on I found salt and vinegar crisps helped and cereal bars are a lifesaver. Don't go hungry it makes it worse eat something even if it's just a sweet to take away the hunger, and keep drinking water (or whatever you can face) it'll keep you hydrated and sorry if this is tmi but it makes the vomiting less painful.

My midwife told me not to worry about loosing weight ( which you probably will do too if you sick) as baby is taking everything it needs and when she gave birth she weighed less than 7 stone and baby was 8 pounds.

Hope you feel better soon

Empusa Mon 15-Aug-11 16:01:03

I'm on anti sickness pills! Thankfully!

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Mon 15-Aug-11 17:40:32

chocolate milk
marmite toast
and my life saver: carbonated water - not the mildly sparkly stuff.

amatuermummy Mon 15-Aug-11 21:16:26

I had severe morning sickness for 7 months and it was horrible. The only things that helped me was yoghurt and sucking polo mints a lot of the time, even in bed. This was the only way I could find to hold some food down.

Coldcuppacoffee Mon 15-Aug-11 21:27:39

You can buy ginger tablets at health food stores. This is my second baby and I work full time, so I needed a ginger fix which was undetectable to my team! When the sickness passed (14 wks ish) I passed them on to a friend who had suffered more than me and she loved them! (plus less sugar/fat than the biscuits)

I found toast made me feel worse. Too heavy in the morning (I can still only stomach rice krispies for about 2 hours after waking). But keep trying stuff and once you get on top of it, you can really tune in to what you need (last week I ate soooo many eggs - interesting article here

It will pass. But good luck in the meantime finding your rhythm with it all.

Offspring Tue 16-Aug-11 04:00:49

Agree with LaWeasel re sandwich bags for a sneak vomit attack. Saved me much embarrassment many a time on the train to work!

I found that really really icy cold water helped, but if it had ice in it it made me feel sick. Very thinly sliced cheese also worked at times. And chocolate milk for me too.

I tried the ginger tablets but projectile vomited one morning to the point where it came out of my nose and the ginger tablets burnt my throat and nose on the way out - now on my second pregnancy and I still can't stand the thought of them!

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