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Spotting, is/was it like this for you?

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MiauMau Sun 14-Aug-11 11:44:40

When I was 11+4 I started feeling odd, a little pain in my tummy bellow the bellybutton and twice on my back. Found out that I was spotting, at first it was just a light pink colour discharge but, about 20 minutes later it got really red, I panicked and went to the hospital (ladies avoid the hospital on a Friday night, in my case, drunks trump pregnant women). I had an emergency scan in the morning and the doctor said that he couldn't find anything wrong and that the baby was fine, that I should only worry if I had cramps and bleeding like a period with big clumps.
At my first official scan at 12+2, I again mentioned the spotting, as it hadn't stopped completely, I was still getting the light pinkish discharge every day but, only a tiny little bit in the afternoon after lunch. Because, I'm a King's College Hospital patient I was told that i would get both an internal and external scan, and again they couldn't find anything wrong. The baby was fine and bouncing all over the place (very uncooperative smile)
I'm now at 13+5 and the the pink discharge was only gone for 2 days, it is still present as before, only rearing its ugly head once a day, but yesterday evening there was again when I cleaned myself, proper blood red with to tiny darker spots, not enough to stain a pad but, enough to to make me cry my eyes out. This morning all was fine again.
Am I just being paranoid? It's my first baby and I don't have any one that I can talk about this as I'm away from my country, saying that both my mum and sister never had this.

QueenCee Sun 14-Aug-11 13:33:13

For me bleeding and spotting in PG is very normal. Still worries the life out of me, but does seem like just what i do.
With my first PG i had a bright red bleed every week from 6 - 12 weeks. was worried sick as i had miscarried only a few months previously. This PG continued to term with no ill effect on my very healthy 9lb 6oz DD!
Im PG now with DC2 and have had pink/brown discharge almost every day since 6 weeks. Lots of scans have shown all is fine with the baby. Ive had varying amounts of spotting, sometimes considerably more than other times, but its been fairly constant. It still worries me but seems like this is just what i do when im PG.
Ive longed for a totally bleed free PG but have come to realise that thats not likely to happen!

MiauMau Sun 14-Aug-11 14:08:22

Thank you for replying QueenCee, I really appreciate it. By the way, I guess that I'm just picking at straws here trying to find an answer, but do you have a below normal hemoglobin count?

QueenCee Sun 14-Aug-11 14:15:48

i dont think so. im not really sure. with my pg with dd they never found the cause of the bleeding. I had a low platelet count in late pg so dont know if that had anything to do with it and i bled alot with my section, approx x3 more than the usual loss.
with this one i have a low placenta, im only 13 weeks so its not a problem yet but may be the cause of the bleeding.
Ive just accepted im a little bleeder!

MSCONFUSED Sun 14-Aug-11 14:47:34

I found out I was pregnant on Thursday and we think conception would have been on or shortly after 23rd July. On Friday night I got some pink discharge a few times but only when I wiped. Same thing happened on Saturday a few times then Saturday night there was blood-not a lot and it's only when I wipe and not everytime but it is fresh looking. I really don't know what to think and it's really messing with my emotions. QueenCee what do u think? I've read to get plenty of rest and I usally lie on my side, is it okay to lie on your side or do u need t lie on your back?

QueenCee Sun 14-Aug-11 15:06:40

msconfused from my experience, iwould try and relax. Bleeding doesnt necessarily mean anything bad and can, for some women, like me, be very normal.
Ive had pink/brown discharge and frest blood and its always been ok.
Its too early for you to do anything other than relax as a scan would not show anything yet. it wont make any differance how you lie dow n though. If the baby is healthy and growing, there wont be a lot you can do to end the pg...exclusing the obvious, excessive drinking, drugs etc. so please try not to worry.
If you start to pass clots or having pain with the bleeding then id go to a & e and they can check your cervix to see of youre miscarrying.
Id still get checked out as you have bleeding, but if no pain or clots its less urgent. go to the gp but as i say its quite early for them to be able to tell you whats going on.
Bleeding can mean an early miscarriage but it really doesnt always mean that at all...i know ALOT of women that have bled and spotted in early G...its really quite common.
They also say that if youre not soaking through a pad, then try and not worry.
Hope that helps.
Good luck and keep us updated

MSCONFUSED Sun 14-Aug-11 15:18:38

Thanks :-) definitely no where near soaking a pad, more like first hr of a light period but sooooo scary I don't envy you bleeding during every pregnancy. I know my mum had actual periods for the 1st 4months she was expecting me.

Ju1es22 Wed 17-Aug-11 11:20:13


Advice needed! Sorry if to much information.

I'm currently just 5 weeks pregnant. I've suffered 4 mc in two years so i'm really worried.

I've been feeling ok very tired slightly nauseaus when hungry (belly really bubbling and rumbling too). But i've also had cramping somtimes sharp in my ovary area and started with spotting dark watery brown and now more cream with a brown tinge more beige in colour.

I'm booked in for an early scan tomorrow afternoon to check its not a tubal. Plus they'll take my bloods to see if my hcg are what they should be! Anybody had similar experience but carried to full term?

darling4 Wed 17-Aug-11 12:30:44

Hi, i'm looking for any advice, i'm feeling really down today. I recently found out i am pregnant, my dates should be 7weeks 5 days. This is my 4th pregnancy, two healthy children and 1 miscarriage 11 yrs ago. I started having cramping pains last thursday and noticed some brownish discharge, doc sent us for a scan this monday, this said my dates are week less than i thought and also the embryo was in a sac along with the yolk sac but no heart beat could be seen. I'm so worried, got to go back for another scan in two weeks, feel scared to go out incase miscarriage will happen also feel too scared to even cough!!! still having slight pain and just tiny amount of discharge now and again. Its so cruel to have to wait 2 weeks to find out whats happening. also difficult as we are keeping it a secret from our families 'til we know whats happening.

Fresh01 Wed 17-Aug-11 21:28:57


It is a worrying time and I know that scared not to cough feeling. I had bleeding with both my first pregnancies, interesting both ended up being girls now 5.5 and nearly 4. I didn't have it with no. 3 that was a boy nor with this pregnancy but we don't know the sex of this one.

With DD1, I had bleeding at 11 weeks just lightly but enough to stain pads for two days in a row. Scan confirmed baby was fine but I did have a low lying placenta. It moved out of the way and I had a natural birth. I was told to rest and stay off work for a week after the bleeding.

With DD2 I had red blood staining at 6 weeks. All we could do then was go to my GP who checked my cervix was closed, looked using the duck bill thing they use for smear tests. So got blood tests taken twice the following week to check HCG levels were rising and told to rest, that was limited with a toddler about. He referred me for an early scan but wouldn't let it happen earlier than 8 weeks as he said it was worse to scan too early and there to be no heartbeat as it was too early than the worry of waiting for an extra week or so.

8 week scan showed DD2 was just fine. Then at 12 weeks I had more bleeding this time more heavy, like a light period. Went for a scan and they identified a blood clot outside the sac that the baby was in. They estimated that there was 9mls of blood in the sac and I would have bleeding for 2 weeks as it dispersed. They were right and after 2 weeks it all stopped. I didn't rest much this time as we were in the process of packing to move back to the UK from overseas.

So yes although bleeding in pregnancy is extremely worrying at the time, there are a number of people who go through it and the babies are all fine in the end. I remember reading a story on line about a lady who was bleeding so much it was running down her legs but the baby was fine.

I was also given the benchmark of soaking a pad in an hour get to A&E.

Hope it all works out ok.

darling4 Thu 18-Aug-11 08:11:06

Thanks Fresh01 for your reply. I can see you've been through some worrying times yourself !!!! Why is it never straight forward sad Best of luck when your next little one arrives, I wonder if its a little boy!smile
I'm still having some cramping on and off and hardly any spotting although its not ever been bloody at all (sorry if too much details ). My big concern is no heartbeat at vagiscan and I thought I was a week more than I mearured so I'm putting 2 and 2 together and thinking pregnancy failed a week earlier. Also I was feeling queesy and had tender breasts before I had even done a pt and now my symptoms have more or less gone. I suffered with ms with my last 2 pregnancies. So naturally in my mind I'm expecting the worse when I go back next week. I don't do myself any favours because I'm always looking online for answers to everything and many times its said heartbeats are detected from as early as 5 weeks with vagiscans sad !!!

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