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How much movement is normal ish?

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freeangel Sat 13-Aug-11 18:03:38

Hiya all, im now 28 weeks (with my first) and have been feeling movement since 22 weeks. Three times now i have felt him dig his hands or feet in, in my side when i have laid down. Most movement is small and is felt inside and then sometimes my tummy moves when he moves. The past two days he hasnt done as many big movements but have felt small ones through out the day? Am i just being paranoid or does it vary each day with what they do or even the position they are in? So i have been sat here stressing over him, even though i have seen my tummy move once today and felt 7 or so movements. I havent exactly done anything either today for him to be lulled to sleep. confused

moregranny Sat 13-Aug-11 18:38:04

Any change in movement that is different to what is normal to you should be checked,it may be that he has changed position but no-one minds you getting checked out, x

glitternanny Sun 14-Aug-11 10:33:18

As he gets bigger he'll run out of space as well so movments will get less - but definately get checked out.

I tend to feel mine at certain "times" - early morning, 12 ish and 9 ish and then various points in between the day. Sometimes if I have a busy day the day before he'llbe a lot quieter that day - i'm guessing that all the moment I feel is towards the outside of the front of my tummy - if he's bashing the back I don't think i feel it?

go get checked out

CBear6 Sun 14-Aug-11 13:01:42

It's a myth that movements get less as baby gets bigger, baby should move just as much right up until delivery.

At 28 weeks it could be that baby has rolled over and is kicking towards your back. Do you have anterior placenta? This can muffle movements too.

If you're ever worried or there's a change in movements (either less than normal or more than normal) then don't mess around with sugary drinks or ice. Give the maternity unit a ring and arrange to go in for a CTG, it only takes 20-30 minutes but it'll make sure everything is okay. They'd rather reassure 100 worried mums than miss the one who was in trouble. No doubt everything is fine and your little one will start kicking as soon as you get there but it's better to check it out.

freeangel Sun 14-Aug-11 16:05:45

He moved lots yesterday after i posted this, but they felt more inside me. I did count them and he moved 23 times last night so i did think im just being paranoid! He has done a few movements today, but i have been keeping busy and now having a sit down and seeing how he is!? Today I did ring the mw and left her a voicemail. I also rang the hospital and they said have a cold drink, if that doesnt work, ring westcall (one of those out of hours help lines) or ring back. He did move after a drink, he doesnt seem to be kicking as strong as he was. Unless he has moved as they feel different? As far i know my placenta was in a normal place from when i had my 20 week scan, where ever that is? Unless it has moved!?
Think i will see how he is after a sit down, and go from there. Thank you all xx

freeangel Sun 14-Aug-11 16:08:39

Ooooh and i just checked my notes. I have an anterior placenta.... So does that mean it will be hit and miss to wether i feel all movements he makes? blush

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