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cheap ebay tests??

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chloeclover Fri 12-Aug-11 08:05:19

Hi i am new here so hello everyone.
i have got some cheap ebay early tests and if i do them in the evening they come up possitive but in the morning they are negative???
also got a clear blue test and did that straight after possitive result with ebay test and it was negative!!

very confused.

Eskarina Fri 12-Aug-11 08:24:04

I've never had a problem with ebay cheapies - I think the mantra is that there's no such thing as a false positive (the chemical has to be present). Odd though that it's +ve in the evening and -ve in the morning, it's normally the other way around.
How far on do you think you would be if it's positive? Perhaps give it another day or two before testing again (or keep testing if you have lots of cheapy sticks grin)

nannyl Fri 12-Aug-11 08:26:02

my 1st positive was at 3+3 with an ebay cheapy.....

the line was very feint but it was there.....

it was about 42 hours before my first responce 6 day early test gave me a BFP.

Best to test in the morning (pee in a pot then you can do more than 1 test) when hormones are strongest, though saying that my first ebay positive was about 3pm when i just decided to test cause i wanted to know, and i didnt mind "wasting" an ebay cheapie.

You very rarely get false positives, but tests can read -ve when you ARE pg.

good luck!

A friend of mine got a BFP with a tesco test, and next day BFN with clear blue digital.... baby is now 6 weeks old!

chloeclover Fri 12-Aug-11 08:29:55

thanks people. r
eally dont know what to think as i have done a few tests this week cheap and clear blue and had mixed answers??

i am not very far at all if any only a couple of weeks.

i just wanna know. i am very impatient!!

IssyStark Fri 12-Aug-11 10:27:49

You need to look at the leaflets and see what the detection level is for both types of tests.

The cheap eBay tests are often far more sensitive than ones like First Response. Also remember that the eBay tests are actual medical supplies - they are the same tests that your GP or local A&E will have.

If you eBay test will show positive at 10mIU/ml and the First Response at 25mIU/ml then it is prefectly possible to get a positive test immediately followed by a negetive.

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