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Itchy at night

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lovemysleep Thu 11-Aug-11 22:27:01

Don't think I've got OC, as my hands and feet aren't itching BUT it's beginning to get on my nerves....
Worst area is my chest, above my boobs - am currently sat on sofa with a cool flannel on me, as it's driving me potty.
Finding that most nights, I'll sit here scratching my arms, scalp, legs etc but never my bump - that is rarely itchy. It's not severe, just irritating.

Have to be honest - can't be arsed to go to the doctors, so was wondering if anyone else had anything similar, and it was all part and parcel of pg. I'm currently 32 weeks pg.

cameli Thu 11-Aug-11 22:34:27

I had OC (dd is 13 weeks) but I hardly itched on my hands & feet, under my arms & my arms were the worst!

You need to get it checked out ASAP. I itched from about 25 weeks but didn't mention it until 30 weeks.

Good luck

lovemysleep Thu 11-Aug-11 22:43:57

thanks cameli - was your itching severe? or just mildly irritating?

What did they do to diagnose you with OC?

I'm terrible for worrying about bothering the doctors - DH has just told me off for this.....

Congratulations on your DD too.

cherrybug Thu 11-Aug-11 23:08:18

I had OC in my first pregnancy. It's just a blood test which is sent off so they can test bile salt levels and liver function. No hassle for a GP or midwife to do.

My itching started at around 37 weeks and was mostly my legs but my hands and feet were itchy too. I wouldn't ignore it if I was you, you need to be checked just in case as OC needs to be monitored. Hopefully nothing to worry about and just a minor annoying problem.

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