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Low platelet count

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CrazyAlien06 Thu 11-Aug-11 20:01:05

hi all
I received a letter the other day stating that my platelet level was low at my last blood test. I have to have another test in a few weeks. Has anyone has any experience of this? What could it mean? Is it a major problem?

I wouldnt have even known if I hadn't taken myself to have lucozade challenge test as god knows where my other blood test results are! I have to call up the hospital each time I've had them done and try to get them sent to me.

Oh and I'm 32+4

NigellaLawless Thu 11-Aug-11 20:46:00

hi CrazyAlien, I have had a few blood tests recently showing I have low platelets, I keep geting called back to antenatal clinic for more blood tests. So far they have decided not to give any treatment and just to monitor.

I have some other issues that they are investigating alongside it such as high blood pressure and possible enlarged heart, they say the platelets may be related to the blood pressure, but may not be. Whenever I have asked what it means to have low platelets they just say it might be more difficult for my blood to clot.

Basically no one seems too worried about it so neither am I. Hope this helps x

CrazyAlien06 Thu 11-Aug-11 20:56:41

hi NigellaLawless, thanks for posting smile

Yeah thats what I understand it to be, I spoke to mw after an antenatal class and she said that if it drops very low then I may need to have matching blood on stand by if needed and may not be able to have epidural. I am really hoping that the level remains stable. It seems a long time to wait to check it again as my EDD will only be 4 wks away then,

I have my 32 wk mw appt tomorrow so will pick her brains aswell about it.

I am hoping that it is nothing to worry about just stressful as I have only got these results thanks to me sorting my own antenatal care out !

Will let you know what mw says.

NigellaLawless Thu 11-Aug-11 21:20:00

The antenatal care in your area sounds a bit rotten. Pregnancy is stressfull enough without feeling like no one is watching out for you.

I feel really lucky to be in an area where the antenatal care is so good, despite feeling like I now live in the antenatal clinic I really can't fault the treatment I have received.

Good luck and hope your next blood test shows the platelets are back to normal x

strawberrie Thu 11-Aug-11 21:25:00

I had low platelets picked up at my booking bloods - like you I also received a pro-forma letter from the anaesthetic dept at the hospital warning me that if they were particularly low I may not be able to have an epidural for pain relief.

Do you know what your levels were? From memory, the letter I got suggested that >80 would mean no epidural, <100 would be fine and anything in between would be dependent on other factors (not sure exactly what!)

Mine hovered around 129/135 during pregnancy (I think <150 is considered low) and my community MW was very unconcerned about it.

I had to have bloods taken immediately on admission to labour suite (I had a big sticky label on the front of my notes stating this) and although the platelet levels were slightly low I was still able to use the pool. Apparently the doctor (who I never saw) had said I could use the pool for pain relief but I would need to get out to deliver, but that didn't happen in the end and I had a lovely, lovely waterbirth with only gas and air and minimal stitching despite a bouncing 9lb 10 oz boy.

CrazyAlien06 Wed 17-Aug-11 08:32:30

thanks for the replies smile

My level was 135 so just under the 150. I have to go to the hospital every 2 weeks from end of August for the repeat platelet test and call them up for the results.

The mw at 32 wk check said that it will probably drop more as I get towards EDD but as long as it doesnt get too low I should be ok..... Just a waiting game I guess!

Strawberrie I am glad that you were still able to use the pool as that is my plan, just concerned that I may not be able to use the midwifery led unit now..

Can't wait to get to labour and see my baby :D

dribbleface Wed 17-Aug-11 08:45:59

My platelets were/are low in my first and this pregnancy. They were 133 i think and never dropped below that. Just off for my next blood test to monitor mine.

Good luck

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