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when do 3rd timers drop?

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jimmijam Thu 11-Aug-11 18:41:30

Our ds and dd had both done so b4 i finished work, so b4 34 weeks. Am now almost 37weeks but baby still 'free' this morning wen i saw mw. Could it b a sign of baby going overdue? Or not mean anything? Dd was 8days overdue and ds 1 day early so nothing 2 go by there

CBear6 Thu 11-Aug-11 19:01:03

It's nothing at all to go by Jimmijam. DS was my first and first babes are supposed to engage early (or so I was told). I had everyone from my mam to the woman at the Post Office telling me I'd go overdue because I was still carrying high. He didn't engage until I was 6cm dilated and he arrived on his due date.

DD is 35 weeks (36 on Sunday!) and still shows no signs of wanting to engage.

CBear6 Thu 11-Aug-11 19:02:12

I meant to add that I've read/heard that subsequent babies often don't engage until labour actually starts.

lollystix Thu 11-Aug-11 19:51:29

Ds1 was 40 plus 9 when he finally got out, ds2 was 39+4 and ds3 was stop start for a week and then came on due date (24 hours after a sweep)

jimmijam Fri 12-Aug-11 07:34:42

Thnx cbear. Lolly, my drop i meant engage :-)

nunnie Fri 12-Aug-11 07:45:08

I don't remember ever having a conversation with midwife about engaging with my previous 2, think I was always recorded as free. DD was born at 39+1 and was free at 38 week appointment.

DS was born at 36+3 and was free the previous tuesday. Not helpful that really was it?

nannyl Fri 12-Aug-11 08:29:37

Im 35+5 pg with my first. My friend is now 37 with her 3rd.

Mine was starting to engage at my midwife appt a week ago (34 +5), and i think is even more engaged now, but not engaged 3 weeks before at 31+5. My friends baby still hasnt engaged, and she was telling me that her midwife told her that as its her 3rd baby might not engage until just before labour.

So dont worry

icravecheese Fri 12-Aug-11 08:42:21

My 2nd baby engaged the evening I went into labour - I was playing on the floor with DC1 and suddenly realised I couldnt stand up as had immense pressure in my pelvis, had a show 30mins later, contractions started, baby arrived 5 hours later (all bang on due date). Midwife had never felt any degree of engagement in all my previous appts before due date either.

Am 30wks with 3rd and not expecting her to engage until last minute again - she's lying oblique at mo & seems very comfy in that position (even though its NOT very comfy for me confused)

jimmijam Fri 12-Aug-11 20:22:07

thanku all. after my previous experiences i'd assumed they always start to engage in plenty of time b4 labour, quite nice to hear that isnt always the case :-)
oooh, hope baby moves about soon cheese, i remember spending lots of time on birthing ball with dd and ds trying 2 get them in2 position. prob wouldnt work this time tho with it being the school hols and they want 2 play with the ball themselves :-)

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