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Any thoughts.. feeling grim in the second tri...

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mrsrvc Thu 11-Aug-11 18:18:50

I am 15w in pg no.3 and feeling rotten. Over the last week I have gone from my sickness having vanished, to suddenly throwing up out of the blue. Today I am feeling really light headed/ dizzy and sick.
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else felt worse entering the second tri? Previously I have "bloomed" in the second tri so feeling grim and worried. Also, wondering if its a bug rather than preg symptoms, but it seems unlikely as it comes and goes so much.

candr Thu 11-Aug-11 18:44:59

Poor you, I had this for a bit and was very fustrating as I thought I was over it. It did go within a couple of weeks then I really enjoyed food again till 30 weeks (heartburn makes me vomit a bit after eating). Most days are ok. I hope it goes soon for you.

Fresh01 Thu 11-Aug-11 18:58:04

Yes, I have been through what you describe with my current pregnancy - no.4. I did go to my gp as I felt so bad around 14-15 weeks and had a routine hospital appointment at 20 weeks. I now feel ok so long as I don't get too tired. If I am tired I feel sick and have been sick,this is the first pregnancy where I have been actually sick. My gp said dizziness was due to low blood pressure and to wear support socks/tights and when sitting keep my feet up.

I went through thinking it may be a bug but no it was pregnancy : ) school holidays make it hard to rest. Hope you feel better soon and can get a few early nights.

mrsrvc Thu 11-Aug-11 19:06:28

Thanks girls. SOrry to hear you have been through this, but its good to know I'm not alone. I had been wondering about BP, as at my 12w scan they said it was low. 110/60. so not super low, but pretty low for me.
I also had a dreadful nights sleep last night so that might also be part of the problem. DH doing bedtime with ds so I can put my feet up before friends come for supper.
really hope this gets better soon..

Oeisha Thu 11-Aug-11 20:21:32

Hey OP I'm now 17wks and feeling a little better than I was in 1st trimester, but not getting the 'bounce' people have told me about. Less all day nausea, but still having random, sudden bouts of puking. I'm still fairly exhausted, but have found a bit more energy. I have a low BP, but have always had low BP. It is making me dizzy but thankfully just being still for a while is enough to get me back to normal. On top of the 1st trimester joys I'm also getting tired legs, achey hips and back (on my feet at work for up to 5h), invasive headaches etc.

I've invested in a dreamgenii pillow, as I seem to be very restless and waking lots, so not helping with the tiredness. It's fairly expensive, but works for me! Had it under a week, and IMHO it's already earned it's keep. Fewer headaches, better sleep, hips feel better, though I'm still having bad 'few hours' and my cats love sleeping on it too! confused

I'm still popping ginger capsuals twice a day, as it's just easier than risking not being fine...but I'm still occasionally nauseous, but know it WILL lead to me being sick, so, well, at least I have fewer "will I or won't I?!" moments.

Hope you feel better soon xxx

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