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a fun thread for a laugh!

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needsanswers Thu 11-Aug-11 00:17:04

tell us what are some of the silly things that you have done lately.... baby brain related....hormone related... thought this might be a fun thread to give us all a laugh, il start..
there would be a long list of things for me personally but some of the resents are..
crying for 15min straight because i had lost the remote.. to find it has been sitting on top of the tv the whole time..
changing DS into her jamies and putting her clothes in the rubbish bin, DH asks why theyr in the bin? my response.. they need to be washed!!
after tea putting the wipes in the fridge and putting the sauce in my daughters draw?
hunting for my keys for 20min to find they were in my pocket.
Talking to DH on the phone he hears me getting very frustrated looking for something, asks what im looking for? i reply im looking for the phone so i can ring the bank??
finally going to visit my mum, going into my bag to pull out my cell phone and..hello iv brought the home phone with me instead!!
Is anyone else having these dumb moments? would love to hear them!!

redexpat Thu 11-Aug-11 00:58:33

I lost a day - no idea where it went. Had a few days of feeling rough and snoozing on the sofa. DH was away. But with no job and no DH I had no routine, and thought it was Thursday when it was Friday. I had plans for Friday!

Jacksmania Thu 11-Aug-11 01:07:45

I forgot my office phone number when I was pregnant. This is four years ago now and I've admitted my stupidity a few times but it's worth repeating:

Was on the phone, leaving a message for a patient. "Hi, it's Dr. Jacksmama, calling to confirm your appointment. If you can't make it, please ring me back at 604-5... ummm... 604-5... ummmm... well, I'm sure you have the office number, please do ring if there's a problem."


Patient came in for appoitbment, said she'd kept tge message because she was crying with laughter listening to it. [fuck]

Best one though - my mum was coming for Jack's birth, and there are two airports near us. I went to the wrong one to pick her up. [fuck, again] blush

HPonEverything Thu 11-Aug-11 10:08:21

I lost the sat-nav and cried like a baby when it turned up confused

I poured cereal and put milk on it, then went to put the box of cereal in the fridge only to find there wasn't room for it

Examples of both hormones AND baby brain there I think grin

Wants3 Thu 11-Aug-11 10:12:54

I once sobbed because I needed a jam sandwich and I couldn't open the jar!

candr Thu 11-Aug-11 11:15:57

I had to drop a letter off at friends house and when I got there thought it was my house and was trying to get in with my keys, neighbour came over to ask what I was doing and was confused when I told her I lived there. I suddenly twigged what I was doing and waddled hastily to my car where I sat and cried before seeing her peeking out of her window with phone to ear. Thought she might be calling police so made quick exit and left message on friends phone to try and explain in case she had visit from police. Got message back but friend was laughing so hard I have no idea what she was trying to say.

benne81 Thu 11-Aug-11 11:37:41

I hailed a tube train whilst it was pulling into the station!

Beesok Thu 11-Aug-11 12:25:05

these are really funny esp. benne81 grin

maybe not as funny but I had a complete melt down one day when DH didn't want to go for a walk with me - it was a sunny day and I wanted to go out but somehow he HAD to come and when he said he's a bit tired I started sobbing and went to the bedroom and cried until he came in all confused and said fine, let's go for the damn walk smile))) to top it my MIL was staying with us at the time but she just stayed out of it bless her and acted as if nothing was happening blush

needsanswers Thu 11-Aug-11 22:15:03

lmao some of these r hilarious! *benne & *candr i would of loved to see the looks on your faces when you realised what you where doing!!

BikeRunSki Thu 11-Aug-11 22:18:14

I was in Sainsbury's the other day and picked up some beer for DH. I was scanning it through the self check out thing and the machine said "This item needs validation". I thought "How does it know I am pg"

Davinaaddict Thu 11-Aug-11 22:36:03

These are sooo funny! I don't have any that are funny enough to note unfortunately - just random absentmindness like putting the wrong things in the fridge instead of the cupboard etc. But will certainly be looking out this time round and will add if I do anything amusing smile (also shameless bump as I'm sure there are lots more stories out there!)

licoriceGreen Thu 11-Aug-11 22:46:43

I had to make a mad dash to wickes we had the electrician in and he needed something, and as I was driving out of the car park I realised I didn't know where my car keys were so pulled up to look for them. blush

BigBabyBoots Thu 11-Aug-11 23:35:33

I threw a bag of laundry into the big outdoor recycling bin at work. A week later I got a resident up, washed, shaved, into wheelchair - wheeled out to the communal kitchen to make breakfast and oh... I forgot to dress him! Thank gawd for my poor nude buddy no one else was up yet.

I walked into Somerfield by mistake (was meant to be going to pharmacy) and was so confused I bought tampons.

Got into a taxi and couldn't remember my address so couldn't drive anywhere.

Put the washing in the machine and popped to the shops, came back and hung it all up on the line. 3 hours later DP came home and went to bring the washing in - seems I forgot to start the machine, it was all still dirty and I hadn't noticed it wasn't wet blush .

Was busy telling a friend I haven't had any baby brain problems, whilst stirring some beans on a hob ring that wasn't on.

Lost my keys for AGES. DP finally found them in the moses basket. Not sure why they were in there...

Had phone in one hand and a plate in the other. Went to throw phone onto the bed and threw plate instead. Ruined DP's lie in!

Beesok Fri 12-Aug-11 00:09:16

OMG BigBabyBoots you are the winner on this thread grin grin I can't stop laughing!!!!

MaMattoo Fri 12-Aug-11 00:25:53

Wore my winter coat to leave for work. Looked outside, it was raining, got my waterproof fleece/jacket. Tried to wear it on top of thick full length cost. Got stuck. Cried because I thought I had become Huge blush and there was 5 more months to go. DH cracked up and rotfl smile

PeterSpanswick Fri 12-Aug-11 00:42:06

Oh Candr!!

The only thing I've done so far is write out a birthday card for the party of someone I didn't know very well and mistakenly put my own name on the envelope which obviously confused the recipient, it not being her name an' all.

She gave it back to me as I was leaving saying "This is for you." Not recognising my own envelope and handwriting I thanked her, opened the card and stared at it and then back at her with my mouth open for a good minute or so in complete confusion until DH luckily figured out what was going on and rescued me. The poor woman must think I'm a loon!

AprilAl Fri 12-Aug-11 06:00:36

Crying in the supermarket at the smell of fresh bread

Viagrafalls Fri 12-Aug-11 06:28:35

Um, most of these sound like me before I even got pregnant. Ahem. blush

FirstTimeMummyToBe Fri 12-Aug-11 08:48:23

Thank you for this thread it made me laugh so much.

I think the strangest thing i have done is cry all the way home from the bus stop after work because it was raining and my feet were getting wet blush.

Thankfully nobody saw smile

HPonEverything Fri 12-Aug-11 09:55:08

When my elderly MIL came to stay my DH gave her MY lovely cosy furry blanket to keep her legs warm and I had a massive toddler style tantrum about "old-lady-wee defiling it" blush (not in front of her though!)

I did have one week in early pg where I just had massive tantrums with everyone, about everything, and unfortunately it was the same week MIL was staying.

I've lost every single card that was in my wallet (including the "NHS free prescription" card thing), took them out to go on holiday, put them somewhere 'sensible', they've been missing now for a month. Any ideas gratefully received!

needsanswers Fri 12-Aug-11 22:27:14

lol HP i have been doing that lately to i seem to have put alot of my valuable things eg birth certificates etc in a 'safe place' i definitely no they must be safe because i cannot find them ANYWHERE

Kayano Fri 12-Aug-11 22:52:56

Booked a meal via the restaurant answerin machine and quoted their own number to them instead of my own... so had to ring again

Guy called back nearly crying with laughter because I called myself a pleb on the second message....

Did get the eat table in the house and free drinks though... Yey

Also put jar of marmalade in freezer....

Kitty5824 Fri 12-Aug-11 22:56:55

OMG, laughing so hard I am incapable of explaing to DH why I am laughing.....

dreamc1 Sat 13-Aug-11 08:16:34

Just been reading this, crying with laughter!

NRGless Sat 13-Aug-11 08:20:43

I'm so glad it's not just me!!! So far I have......
Made DP a cup of tea, put his tea in the fridge and gave him the bottle of milk,
Cried at Nothing to declare (on sky) because they wouldn't let a man in the country to marry the woman he had met on the net (complete with the sobbing sound of me shouting 'please just let him in, he's in love!'),
Stripped our bed to put in the wash then replaced the duvet cover with the dirty one I'd just taken off,
Spelt my own name wrong on work documentation,
I'm sure there are more but my memory has completely gone grin

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