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Just found out I'm Rhesus D Negative!

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MersyMersy Wed 10-Aug-11 17:11:43

I've just had a letter from the hospital telling me I'm Rhesus D negative. I've read the leaflet they sent me but I'm still flapping it a bit! I'm having twins does that increase any risks associated? Will it have any impact on the birth? Finally, can my DH get his blood tested to see if he's positive? Sorry for all the questions having a bit of a panic! Can anyone enlighten me?

Sam100 Wed 10-Aug-11 17:24:15

Me too - you will be offered anti-D injections during the pregnancy - these are preventative and the idea is to stop your body producing antibodies to the Rhesus D factor that could be produced by your babies if your husband is D positive. Unfortunatley the NHS will not actually take your word for it that DH is the father of your babies - so even if he is also D Neg they will still advise you to have the injections! They are quite big injections and are injected into your buttock muscle - i think you have 2 over the pregnancy at around 28 weeks and 34 weeks (but it has been a while so can't remember exactly) and then you will be given a final one after the delivery once they have tested the baby's blood group (you only get the final one if baby is Rh Positive).

My understanding is that the risk is not to this pregnancy (if this is your first) but rather to future pregnancies as if you create antibodies in this pregnancy then it could harm a future pregnancy.

It does not affect the birth.

You get given a card to carry so that if you are in any kind of accident etc the hospital know to consider giving you the injection if you have any kind of abdominal injury or vaginal bleeding during pregancy.

Hope this helps - I have had 3 dcs and 1 miscarriage and injections during every pregnancy. I have 1 RH Positive baby and 2 RH negative ones.

Sam100 Wed 10-Aug-11 17:26:19

PS my DH is RH positive in case anyone thinks I meant he is negative and wonders where the positive baby came from!! Just we asked same question about him being tested and they said no point as they would offer injections anyway! We found out when he became blood donor later that he is in fact RH positive!

hester Wed 10-Aug-11 17:26:46

I'm Rhesus D Neg too, and I'm racking my brains to remember what it meant in pregnancy. It was that much of a no-big-deal.

Is this your first pregnancy? I seem to remember that any risks that arise will be to subsequent pregnancies, but in any case the risks are easily managed by prophylactic administration of anti-D. I think they give this routinely; I also had an extra jab in early pregnancy because I bled for ten weeks.

Yes, I think if your dh is also DNeg there is no risk, so worth having him tested.

I do hope the info I have given you is correct. I am not clinically trained, but wanted to make sure you had a quick response to calm you down!

Honestly, don't worry. You and your babies will be absolutely fine.

MersyMersy Wed 10-Aug-11 17:41:46

Thank you Ladies I do feel better now smile So much so that I haven't even thought about my needle phobia, eek! Putting up with a needle is a small price to pay I know!

Yes this is my first pregnancy, and what you have said does sound right. I was just panicking incase two babs increased the risk. Reading up on it it does seem to be subsequent pregnancies that carry the risk.

I think I will see if my DH can get tested, even if it's just so he has to have a horrible needle to! No, kidding obviously, but I think it would be good to know.

I was wondering wether you had to wear a band or carry a card, i have relatives with rare blood and this made me think.

I do feel better for knowing, it's the unknown that scares you isn't it.

Thanks for taking the time to put my mind at ease smile

Crosshair Wed 10-Aug-11 17:58:50

I think only ab/ab- need to carry a card.

Im having my anti d jab at around 28 weeks.

natwebb79 Wed 10-Aug-11 18:14:36

I'm rh neg too and had my first anti d jab yesterday in the top of my arm. After all the horror stories I can honestly say I did not feel a thing! In fact blood tests probably stung more. You'll have one at 28 weeks then one after baby is born. If you fall or suffer any kind of knock it's important you get yourself checked out in case you need a top up one.

PrincessScrumpy Wed 10-Aug-11 19:00:47

I'm Rhesus neg and it's fine. I had anti-d early on due to a bleed and then the proper one at 28w. My hospital does it into your thigh but it's fine. I am pg with MC/DA twins and dd1 is 3. She is positive so I guess dh must be too. It won't make you any more high risk at all with first pg. This is my second pg and they don't seem anymore concerned re that.

YBR Wed 10-Aug-11 19:01:40

OP, on the question of increased risk with twins:
First assume the Father is RH positive, (you could consider sending him to donate blood if he wants to find out).
If the twins are identical, then probability they are RH positive is the same as for a singleton.
If the twins are fraternal (i.e. non-identical) then the probability that at least one is RH positive is higher.
If the Father is RH negative, and so are you then the babies cannot be RH positive.

In reality this will make no difference to how you are treated since anti-D is given routinely to any Rh negative mother without checking whether the baby(ies) are RH positive or not.
Thus the actual risk of anything untoward occurring which is related to RH factors must be tiny .

ArlingtonStringham Wed 10-Aug-11 22:31:56

I gad my anti d injection in my upper arm too at 28 weeks. Really didn't hurt at all and was no big deal. Had to wait 10 mins in the waiting room but had no side effects.

PinkFondantFancy Wed 10-Aug-11 23:12:02

Ok here's the thing - you'll be offered the injections throughout your pregnancy regardless of whether your DH is positive or negative, but whether or not you decide to have them is entirely your choice. I sent my DH to give blood to get his tested, sadly he is Rh positive, but had he been negative I would have refused the injections, as having unnecessary blood products seems mad to me.

You will have one injection at 28 weeks and then, depending on whether the cord blood is positive, another after birth. Some areas also give an injection at 34 weeks. I had it in my arm - it's nothing like as bad as I was expecting it to be (and hurt a lot less than the BCG if you remember that??)

crazyhead Thu 11-Aug-11 09:17:11

Had my anti-D day before yesterday at nearly 27 weeks, as i'd bled. Absolutely no big deal - and I dislike needles and blood tests.

The one thing you need to remember if you are rheseus negative is that if you bump yourself or turn out to be a bit of a bleeder for whatever reason (which in later pregnancy is really stressful for many other reasons, speaking from experience) you have to tell the hospital/potentially get an anti-D top up.

Quite honestly though, being a neg blood group is not an issue.

Mum2be79 Thu 11-Aug-11 10:15:15

I'm B- and due my first anti-D injection in about 8 weeks. I was never told that if I bled I would need to tell the hospital. I can understand for a vaginal bleed but does this include bruises and normal everyday cuts too like on your arm or finger?

slowshow Thu 11-Aug-11 10:23:27

I'm rhesus negative as well. It's really not a big deal. You'll get an Anti D shot at 28 weeks and after the birth, and that's it.

Mum2be79 - The risk is if your blood mixes with the baby's, triggering an immune response in your body. So you would only need an extra shot if you had a vaginal bleed, not a cut finger or bruise.

WrensNest Thu 11-Aug-11 10:31:41

I'm also Rh neg and I'm on my second pregnancy. For my first they said I would have to have the injection and even though my hubby was sat next to me and told them he was negative too they looked me in the eye and told me that would not be taken into account. I was hugely offended.
anyway for this one I have had hubby tested to be sure (£40!! ) and will be refusing the jab at 28 weeks. I know he is the father of my child without a doubt and they can take a running jump.
I did have all the injections last time and it really is no biggy. Nothing to worry about, does not hurt and you just get on with your day!!

crazyhead Thu 11-Aug-11 10:33:24

sorry - I meant vaginal only....fingers crossed you won't have that.

Bruises and cuts - don't worry - but if you say whacked into something with your tummy as well, for that they would probably want to give anti-D early. Anything at all that could cause your blood and baby's to mingle.

becks130 Thu 11-Aug-11 12:50:43

Hi all,

Sorry I've not had a chance to read all the posts but I'm also rhesus negative and have never had any problems. I am 30 weeks with baby number 3 and have been given anti d with all and have had no complications whatso ever, They will also give you another dose of anti d if you bleed at any point and after you have given birth (only if your baby is positive)

Hope this helps and please try not to worry as long as you have the anti d you'll be fine.

Flisspaps Thu 11-Aug-11 12:56:21

The other thing to consider if you refuse if DH turns out to be Rh- is that in the event that something happens in your marriage and you go on to have children with another man in the future and he is Rh+ (which is perhaps not something you would normally consider now, but you never know how life will turn out) those pregnancies would be at risk.

However, if you do not want the Anti-D, there is no way that you can be forced to have the injections.

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