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6 weeks - this can't be SPD already, can it? 6 weeks! <sob>

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spout Tue 09-Aug-11 19:55:41

I only found out that I was pg last week FFS.

pain and grating in groin / coccyx is horribly familiar. Sharp pelvic pain when I lift my leg sideways.

This is my second pg. I had moderate - severe SPD from about 25 weeks last time. Not wheelchair-bound but needed crutches by the end.

Really scared about how bad it might get this time round, esp with 'intrepid' 2yo DS to chase around.

oh fuckity fuck.

spout Tue 09-Aug-11 20:50:05


duzida Tue 09-Aug-11 21:38:59

Hello, poor you! I don't have an answer, but I'm 13 weeks with second DC, and had horrible SPD from 20 weeks last time, ending up on crutches till the birth (but then very quick recovery). I have had a few twinges and at least 1 bad day so far, back round about week 6, BUT since then I have felt fine (so far...I am sure it will hit with a vengeance at some point). Perhaps this will be the case for you too - not real full-on SPD, at least for the moment?

I've asked midwife to book me in for physio already, even though I have no problems yet, because I'm sure it will take a while for the referral to go through. Can you do the same, and also try to book some preemptive osteopathy privately? I spoke to a really nice woman at the Pelvic Partnership when I found out I was pregnant, because i had such a bad time last pregnancy. Left a message and she called me back within a day, and she had looked up a couple of recommended osteopaths in my area. I am planning to phone the osteopath as soon as I get any pain, even if it's expensive.

Anyway, I hope (a) you haven't got it yet and (b) that you can go and see someone early on and maybe get some relief. Good luck!

banana87 Tue 09-Aug-11 22:01:44

Acupuncture. Lifesaver for me last time. I am not sure if it's SPD, mine started at 28 weeks last time and I am 25 weeks now and having similar pain brewing. Hopefully it's just loosening of ligaments for you and it will disappear soon enough. Congrats on your pregnancy!

spout Wed 10-Aug-11 07:22:31

thank you both. A pre-emptive request to my GP is a good plan. I'm a big fan of osteopathy so will deffo call the PP, their website is great. Not tried acupuncture but will certainly look into it.

I hope it is just a bit of ligament loosening, in fact it doesn't feel as bad this morning. At least I know what might be brewing so I can put treatment in place.

wompoopigeon Wed 10-Aug-11 15:54:35

Spout it can be the hormones starting to course around your body. But don't panic. Nothing is definite. Start doing your pelvic floor exercises, cancel any walking holidays, try to carry your LO as little as possible (difficult I know) and get to an osteo pronto. An osteo who specialises in this sort of thing mind you. PM me if you want a N London recommendation.
I am 15 weeks with a history identical to yours, except a longer gap, and I had twinges at 6 weeks and am not in pain yet. Stiffness yes. Pain no. But I feel your fear.
Congratulations BTW!

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