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In Limbo!

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Moominsummermadness Tue 09-Aug-11 19:42:37

Hello, I'm new on here. I already have 3 lovely children (2 with my ex, 1 with my current husband-all girls), and finally managed to persuade my husband to have just one more (greedy, I know!). I had my IUD removed in the middle of May, after having a very early pregnancy loss with it in place. I had a hunch that I was pregnant, had a very faint BFP, but then started bleeding almost immediately. We started actively TTC in June. Over the last few months, I've had 23 day cycles, with 3-5 days spotting before my period starts. My period was due 29th July, but I didn't get the usual spotting. As we were going on holiday to France,and I'd been feeling extra pre-menstrual, I decided to do a test (used a First Response), but it was negative. Later that day, I started getting the spotting. It continued for 9 days, as a light brown/sometimes pink flow, not really enough to use a tampon for (sorry if TMI!). I was waiting for it to get heavier,as it always does, assuming my period was just late. My breasts felt a bit tender from time to time, and I was more tired than usual and my face broke out in spots. Due to the negative test, I was drinking plenty of wine, eating soft cheese and seafood.
On the way home, I felt a bit weird, sort of lightheaded and a tiny bit sick, which I put down to travelling for so long. On the Sunday (7th August), I felt dizzy again, and the bleeding had stopped. I decided to buy another test on a bit of a whim really. As soon as I POAS, it turned a strong BFP. I did another one to be sure. I was elated, but somehow didn't really believe that I could be pregnant. I got up early yesterday, went to the shop, and bought another brand test, immediate dark BFP again. I was still worried- I don't really 'feel' pregnant like I did with my other successful pregnancies, and I've always found out at 4 weeks and had definate symptoms straightaway, particulary sore breasts and a very strong sense of smell. This time, I just feel a bit tired, and my breasts are just a bit bigger, but not really sore. I went to the GP, explained that I'd had a whole 9 days of light bleeding before the BFP, and that I had a gut feeling that something wasn't quite right. He just dismissed my fears, told me about 'threatened' and 'inevitable' abortion (I hate that term when it's not voluntary!!), and said that as I was no longer bleeding, he wasn't concerned and to make my booking-in appointment.
This morning, I woke up, and more bleeding. I was so upset, so went back to the surgery, and saw a different Dr, who was lovely. She understood my fears, and called the EPAU, and as I will be 6 weeks on Friday (by my LMP and cycle length), they will give me an ultrasound. I am, by nature, a not very optimistic person, but I really have a bad feeling about this. Never before in my life have I wished for morning sickness so much (and I had it badly with my youngest!). I think the worst thing is having to wait until Friday, not knowing if I have a viable pregnancy or not.
Sorry for the essay, had to get it off my chest!

bigmacandhappymeal Tue 09-Aug-11 19:48:14

Hi Moomin

Really sorry to read your story - I wanted to recommend a thread to you on the Conception section called the Freak Out Room. It's a place to go where you are pregnant again post MC and are, well, freaking out. Lots of lovely ladies on there and there is a Grads board as well for those of us who feel a bit more comfortable with pregnancy...

I wish you all the very best for Friday. Please take care of yourself over the next couple of days and remember, you aren't alone

Moominsummermadness Tue 09-Aug-11 19:52:18

Thank you so much. It's nice to know that there are people out there who understand! x

SandyChick Wed 10-Aug-11 20:04:15

Just wanted to say that I fell pregnant whilst on the pill. I started bleeding really heavy and feeling generally unwell in between my period. It lasted about a week then went away. I had been feeling a bit sick etc so did a pregnancy test to rule it out and it was positive. Stopped the pill etc. About a week later I started bleeding really heavy, bad cramps etc for a few days then I went to toilet one day and I thought id miscarried. It felt like I was in labour, loads of blood (sorry if tmi). I was sent straight to EPU who said I had miscarried but I would need a scan to confirm. It was a sat so had to wait til Monday for a scan. I would have been 6 weeks. Went for my scan on the Monday and was blown away when the lady said there's your baby and showed me it's heartbeat. Baby was absolutely ok.

Moominsummermadness Thu 11-Aug-11 18:02:42

That's reassuring SandyChick. I've been bleeding on and off (mostly on!) for almost 2 weeks now, and started have some cramping. Got my scan tomorrow, but I just have a really bad gut feeling about it. All I can do now is wait til tomorrow. Glad all was fine with your baby.

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