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Do secondhand cotbeds get sold at NCT classes?

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Snowgirl1 Tue 09-Aug-11 12:02:27

I've joined the NCT and there are some second-hand sales near us, but is it mainly clothes and toys or do people sell cot beds at them too? Cots would seem pretty bulky to transport to a sale. I'm wondering to wait for the NCT second-hand sale or whether I should try to buy one on eBay. Anyone got any experiences of NCT sales they could share?

deemented Tue 09-Aug-11 12:03:37

Yes, i've seen cots and cotbeds at ours - but not matressess, obviously.

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Tue 09-Aug-11 12:05:33

At ours they are often the first things to go, so see if you can volunteer to help on the day, and you'll get first pick. They specify mattresses aren't allowed to be sold, but lots of our sellers put their phone number on the label and say they can arrange for you to pick it up for free if you want it.

notcitrus Tue 09-Aug-11 12:09:34

yes, the big stuff like cots and pushchairs goes very quickly, but arriving early should be OK if you aren't fussed about colour or style.
Though I found the prices were sometimes more than Ebay, so if you have a car I'd look on Ebay first to see what going rates are.

Snowgirl1 Tue 09-Aug-11 12:58:58

Thanks, I thought that if cots were there that there might be a bit of a bun fight for them, so I'll keep looking for one on eBay and if we haven't won one by the time the NCT sale comes along we'll get there early! Thanks

Eviepoo Tue 09-Aug-11 13:03:39

I've seen some people at the NCT sales - take photos of the cotbed, then dismantle and tape all the pieces together and put the photo on. that way you can see it but get it home.
I also found Gumtree quite useful for looking up second hand items in the local area.
Also - I loved the Jack n Jill Market - I went to, was brilliant. I intend to sell there when I am ready. But they are only held in Scotland...great if you like me are north of the border pointless infor otherwise.

An0therName Tue 09-Aug-11 13:14:44

if you are a member or if you volunteer to help at the sale you can often get in early
I would say that cots don't go that quickly at NNS but the prices can vary a fair bit - ebay would be my first choice - especially if you put a fairly wide search area - I guess preloved might be worth looking at as well

whizzyrocket Tue 09-Aug-11 16:40:32

I looked on ebay loads and 'watched' a lot to see what they went for, but although they look like they'll be a good price at first the last minute rush of bids often means that anything nice goes up to £70 or more. John Lewis do a cot (nice simple design- clean lines) with a drop-down side for that much so that's what we're going for- you don't have to pick it up and wash it down and you have the guarantees.

I know it's not NCT related- I've not been to a sale yet. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes bargains aren't so wonderful as they may seem when first you come across them. We decided that buying new wasn't profligate when my parents in-laws neighbours offered us their daughter's old cot for £250! Awkward saying no but it was their own stupid fault for having spent £700 on a cot in the first place!

moomaa Tue 09-Aug-11 16:45:34

Always loads at our sale and enough that they don't all get snatched up asap. Have seen plenty of decent looking ones languishing at under £20.

Eviepoo Tue 09-Aug-11 17:59:41

£700 on a cot!!!!!!!!!!!! ok I am amazed.

OP just incase you don't find a suitable second hand bargin - keep an eye out for sale items. We bought our cotbed for £99 (well my PIL bought it) from babies r us. I think there current cotbed offer is a different one for £129.

Oh I am a great fan of and I just looked on there for you..... Somerset Cotbed - Antique Including Sweet Dreams Mattress 140 x 70 cm (sprung) for £118 all in with free delivery (the delivery is great you get a text telling you what time it's coming (an hour slot) and if that s not suitable you just text back with a new date. They always text with you hour slot even if you re-schedule and they have always delivered within the hour slot for me which is why I like them so much).
Thats a great deal - especially as you really should buy a new matress anyway and you can pay up to about £70 for a second hand on.
Look here at the kiddicare website

PS if you need anything else and spend more than £150 - there is a £10 offer just enter Kiddi10 at the checkout.

Hope this helps

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