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Has anyone ever been to 'Berkshire independant scanning' for a private scan?

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marthamay Tue 09-Aug-11 09:41:03

I am considering getting an early pregnancy scan to try and reassure myself that everything is ok (going a bit mental after previous mmc). I live in Oxford but can't really afford the £140/£120 that it cost to go to either the JR or to the beardsmill clinic close by.

I have noticed a couple close to Reading. One is called 'Berkshire Independant Scanning' and the other is called 'The baby scan studio'.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of either of these two clinics?

I don't need anything fancy, just someone who is going to be kind and sympathetic to a very anxious mother and to take the time to check everything.

Alternatively, if anyone knows anywhere else in the Oxfordshire area that they have had a good experience of....

Thank you!!!

IslandIsla Tue 09-Aug-11 15:10:56

Hey marthamay - remember me from TTC while BF? Congrats!

I had a private scan at Berks Independent Scanning last week. I'd recommend. The sonographer explained everything as she checked everything out. As long as you are 7 weeks+ you get a report with pictures and a dvd for £75. I was measuring 7+1 and there seemed to be no problem with an abdominal scan, we could see everything and hear the hb. I was asked me to drink a pint of water 1/2 hr before my appointment.

its definitely not fancy, housed in a regular GP clinic - however the waiting room and ambience is very nice, waiting room has toys if you want to take your DS along - we took DD and she came into the scan room with us.

good luck! x

Sandra2011 Tue 09-Aug-11 15:20:18

I've had two NT scans at Beardmill and I can highly recommend it.

Dr Heath has more than 10 years experience so it's not just some random sonographer.

marthamay Tue 09-Aug-11 18:30:23

Hi islandisla Yes, of course I remember you! Thanks! I hope you are doing well.
Thanks too for the advice, that is all I needed to hear about BIS. Sounds perfect and the price is really reasonable.

sandra Yes, I've heard that Beardmill is excellent and I have to say I'd LOVE to go there if I had a little more money - it looks gorgeous.

I think I will end up going to Berkshire Independant.

toomanyopinions Tue 09-Aug-11 20:38:32

Sandra2011. I can assure you that any given 'Random Sonographer' is likely to have as much, if not more experience in Ultrasound (not to mention formal qualifications in the discipline) than any given random Doctor!

marthamay Tue 09-Aug-11 21:15:58

Well, that's reassuring toomanyopinions and I assumed that too.
I have heard from so many people though that the doctor at Beardsmill is lovely and professional.
I can't find any reviews or experience of Berkshire Independant Scanning but I just hope they are kind and bothered to spend the time with me.

Sandra2011 Thu 11-Aug-11 12:30:19

toomanyopinions. There is only one doctor at Beardmill smile

IslandIsla Thu 11-Aug-11 13:19:47

I don't think that was twomanyopinions point. I think she was pointing out that sonographers are well-qualified and know what they are doing! At BIS there are two sonographers... both sonographers have 15-20 years ultrasound experience. So they are not really 'random' smile

toomanyopinions Thu 11-Aug-11 15:19:44

Thank you Marthamay and IslandIsla! Sonographers get frustrated by the misconception that a scan by a Doctor is a 'better scan' simply by virtue of their title. Sonographers have to complete formal qualifications in Ultrasound for 1-3 years post grad, having first completed a 3 year Radiography degree. In order to practice (in the NHS) we undergo strict checks, accreditation and CPD. Rather difficult then to stumble 'randomly' into a Sonographers chair...
Sadly ths is not usually the case with Doctors. Often their training is very much 'on the job' and in the private sector mostly unlegistated (not calling into question the credentials of the Doctor mentioned above as I have read many positive threads regarding this centre).
I hope you have a great scan Marthamay, all the best with your pregancy and little one to be! Xx

Nanny01 Thu 11-Aug-11 15:59:09

I went to the berkshire independent scanning if it is the one in Twyford. I had 3 early scans which really helped me in those early weeks. Like IslandIsla it isn't fancy but I got a nice dvd and photos to. Might be going to the other one in Reading as they do the 3d scans at 28 weeks

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