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If you have polyhydramnios, does your fundal height discrepancy increase?

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TurtlesAreRetroRight Mon 08-Aug-11 22:54:44

I've had a quick search of the archives and can only find references to measuring big and people being sent for a scan, not the actual pattern that measurements follow.

I'm measuring 2 weeks over but have been all the way through (am 34 weeks). My midwife says the baby feels average, it's just that I have quite a lot of fluid. She doesn't sound worried in the slightest but does smile at every appointment and say 'lots of fluid'. The baby isn't in an unstable lie (ceph since 26 weeks) and the fundal height is consistently 2cm ahead.

I just wondered, if there is too much fluid, so much so that it was polyhydramnios, would your fundal discrepancy increase over time instead of remaining consistent?

I suppose it's only on my mind because with dc1 I had a PROM and I know that if you have excess fluid and this happens, you need to act quickly.

TurtlesAreRetroRight Tue 09-Aug-11 09:48:49

I know you're all busy with the riots. Indeed they've just announced that "The Indian press has expressed concern that violence across major England cities could jeopardize the third cricket test match between India and England". It's bad, I know. [tic]

But does anybody know?

icravecheese Tue 09-Aug-11 11:47:54

I was trying to find a great link i'd found about fundal heights (incl polyhydramnios) to post for you this morning, but got way-laid, sorry!... its an NHS link I think. I'd read it only last week as I am a little worried about this condition - measuring 3 to 4cm ahead of dates at 28wk appt, got 31wk appt next week to see what I measure then. THis is my 3rd baby & i've never measured big for dates before, so in back of my mind I am slightly nervous...

From what I remember (from the link I can't find - so sorry!), health professionals are generally more worried about ladies measuring small for dates (as it could mean placenta not working / IUGR etc). When someone is measuring large for dates, so long as they are consistently measuring large, its not really considered a risk (unless you are significantly large for dates - I think 2cm either side is deemed fine).

The link had a fundal height graph illustrating someone with suspected polyh - their fundal height measurement was 2cm large for dates at 28wks, then at the 31 and 34wk appts increased 'drastically' ie went 3cm large for dates, then 5cm large for dates, or something like that. This would be flagged for growth scan & possible polyh.

I think because you are consistently measuring 2cm over dates, and aren't actually getting any bigger, your midwife probably means that you are carrying a little extra fluid, but it certainly isnt 'drastically' increasing, hence your risk of severe polyh is low.

Oh! just found the link - scroll down to example 4 about excessive growth (but actually the other egs are also good to read as it shows what health care professionals worry / dont worry about re: fundal height). If link doesn't work, then paste into browser - sorry, not very good at techy stuff!!

Hope this helps explain....

icravecheese Tue 09-Aug-11 11:55:00

ps its also helpful to read all the other stuff on the website - about fetal growth / fundal height / FAQs etc... I imagine you'll find it very reassuring. I felt reassured (even though I've only had one large for dates measurement yet & could be measuring even bigger next week!! but at least I now understand what they do / why they do it / what to expect etc, even if I was unfortunately enough to have polyh or something else...).

SaulGood Tue 09-Aug-11 11:56:58

Thank you!

I'm Turtles, but have a short attention span so have namechanged...

I'll have a browse of your link. I've just read so many threads on here over the years where somebody has measured 2 weeks over and been sent straight for a scan. I did wonder if this was when you suddenly measure over having measured bang on previously. I had a lot of water with dd too so I'm not surprised and the sonographer at 20 weeks said the amount of fluid was good, more than average, but nothing of concern. She said to see it as a good thing. Presumably I've just maintained the same curve instead of production increasing.

Hope everything's okay with you. Fundal measurements are so inaccurate sometimes. Bear in mind that even a full bladder can increase the measurement!

Right, off to read your (perfect btw) link...

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