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Greenish vaginal discharge.

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Lollyheart Mon 08-Aug-11 20:30:47

I've noticed a couple of times when I wipe a bit of green discharge, it does not smell.

I only saw the midwife today, would my urine test pick up an infection if I had one or do they do a different test for that??


blueeyedmonster Mon 08-Aug-11 20:38:56

I'd get it checked out. Pop to the doctor and get a swab done as the urine test will not pick up on an infection if it isn't in the urine too.

EsioTrot Mon 08-Aug-11 20:41:29

Definitely check with GP and get a swab done. However, I had this throughout my second pregnancy and nothing showed up on any swabs. My GP told me that sometimes hormonal changes can change the colour. Better to be checked out though.

Dorje Mon 08-Aug-11 20:45:04

Sounds like thrush to me.

How is your blood sugar? Have you gestational diabetes?
Get it checked out with a glucose tolerance test.

Congrats on your pregnancy.

Lollyheart Mon 08-Aug-11 20:48:51

Could it be thrush if no itching etc?? I've never had it before so don't really know the what thrush feels like.

Ive had a gtt, it came back ok smile

milkyways Mon 08-Aug-11 21:01:01

I have this problem. I had a swab taken in early pregnancy and it came back negative for any problems. Definitely get a swab taken by your GP or MW.

banana87 Mon 08-Aug-11 22:11:49

It can just get discoloured sometimes. Mine does every now and then. Get it checked out obviously, but I would be suprised if it was anything sinister.

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