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17 weeks and ouch. Need some help!!

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LilBB Mon 08-Aug-11 14:46:59

I'm 17 weeks with DC2 and so far not a great pregnancy. Had hyperemesis until week 14, now mostly under control with cyclizine. For last two weeks I've had back ache, more my coccyx than my back though. Now I have front abdominal pain. I'm really struggling. The pain is making it hard to walk and is worse when I've been sat down a while. I have a desk job and an hours commute so not easy to avoid sitting. I keep hearing my hips click too when I make a sudden movement, not sure if this is related. It hurts to sit, hurts to walk, hurts to walk up stairs, hurts to put my trousers on.

With DC1 I had some hip pain which was sorted by wearing a support but I'm sure it was later than this and not as painful. I called the midwife but she said it's too early to be pregnancy related. I don't see what else it could be though? I've never had anything like this whilst not pregnant. Anyone any advice?

Sheepling Mon 08-Aug-11 18:49:24

Could it be SPD? Have you sploken to midwife about it?

LilBB Mon 08-Aug-11 19:10:42

I spoke to a midwife and she said it's too early to be spd. I went to the GP and he's given me some paracetamol and said if it gets worse they can refer me to a Physio. I just get the feeling I'm being fobbed off.

earshot Mon 08-Aug-11 20:01:13

I'm sorry your doctor and mw have been really unhelpful - they are talking absolute rubbish as I had bad SPD from 24 weeks with Dc1 which returned at 16 weeks with my second pregnancy despite trying to be so careful (so boring never being able to cross your legs sad)

I'm not an expert but my symptoms sounded very much like yours (esp the clicking!) Can you go back and insist on an urgent physio referral from the GP? Have you still got the support to start wearing? I truly sympathise, I used to wake up crying in pain just from turning over in my sleep! And paracetamol was useless.

What totally saved me was pregnancy osteopathy if you can get it where you live - I was a total sceptic but I went from being in pain constantly to being able to walk almost pain free after treatment. Such a nightmare with a dc1 to look after too! Good luck, hope you get some help x

LilBB Tue 09-Aug-11 12:29:10

I've found the support and I'm going to start wearing that again (I'm in bed today). GP wants to rule out water infection first. I drove to the doctors earlier and getting out the car was awful, had to open the door fully and swing out using the door for leverage. I'm at the hospital for my scan next week so I'll probably speak to the midwife there. I'll have DH for a bit of moral support. Although I expect some aches and pains surely being unable to walk is not a normal part of pregnancy? Ive been pregnant before. I know what a bit of back ache is and this is not it b

harassedandherbug Tue 09-Aug-11 12:31:31

It sounds like spd to me. I'm 20 weeks and mine is just starting, but if you come over on the SPD thread there are other ladies who are experts and unfortunately are really suffering.

harassedandherbug Tue 09-Aug-11 12:33:09

SPD thread is here.

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