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When should I go get my waps professionally measured, and other questions

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HPonEverything Mon 08-Aug-11 09:50:48

I'm 31 +5 and have 2 brassieres that I can still just about manage to squeeze myself into, the others have gone into the attic.

I read that you shouldn't go get it done too early as they will still grow - I have 2 months left after all...

Also is a maternity bra the same as a nursing bra? and any tips for where I can get it done? I've been warned off M&S but living where I live there isn't a huge amount of choice (we do have a Mothercare though).

I'm not really into bras (could get away with going without, pre-pg), know nothing about them, and have never in my life been measured so I'm sorry for all the questions!

allthefires Mon 08-Aug-11 09:54:21

Have you got a good independent retailer near you?

Mothercare are as bad as m&s in my opinion but I have massive boobs!!!!

Cattleprod Mon 08-Aug-11 09:59:28

I got measured at about 6 months pregnant, and the fitter made sure the bra I bought was plenty big enough to allow for growth. Fitting methods are different in pregnancy - you don't want the band corset-tight and you should fit on the tightest clip to allow for growth, rather than the loosest clip to allow for the fabric stretching.

Nursing bras are different - the cups flap down to allow for feeding access.

Hopefully, a fantastic lady called Hetty will be along soon - she knows EVERYTHING about bras.
I've been warned off Mothercare measuring too.
Don't squeeze into bras, you'll be really screwing up your boobs and possibly your supply later on.
You can measure yourself: measure underneath your boobs round your ribcage and make a note of it. Then measure round the fullest part of your boobs and make a note of that. the first measurement is the size your band should be; the difference between your first and second measurements is your cup size: a difference of one inch is an A cup, 2=B, 3=C, etc.
For example: I measure 33 and 37 inches. So I'm wearing a 34C (I tried 32DD, but it was just too tight on the band).
Small independent bra shops are fantastic.
I've had Bravado's bras recommended to me as they are stretchy and will allow room for when your milk comes in, then the shrinking afterwards.
HTH smile

SpottyFrock Mon 08-Aug-11 10:07:27

Hi, I think it will vary from shop to shop tbh. John Lewis tend to be good but then you could go in there and get someone a bit rubbish as some posts have shown. However, I'd start with them or maybe M&S unless you have a maternity shop close by.

The 'still growing' thing was a myth for me. My boobs exploded at about 12wks and were still as big at 40wks though got bigger when my milk came in. Tbh, if you went now and bought some good quality nursing bras they'd be fine through the rest of your pregnancy and nursing.

They're not as firm or tight fitting as standard bras and seem to have lots more give in them and usually about 8 sets of clip holes at the back to chose from. Go for the stretchier ones as you'll find them more comfortable when you eat etc. I made the mistake of buying quite a pretty emmaJane one but there was no give in the strap and I really regretted it. From then on I went for ones with the stretchy, elasticated bit to go round my body. You can get some nice, pretty, colourful ones in JL.-Well not glam pretty but pinks and blues etc. I also had the elle macpherson ones which were great and a little more glam.

Ok, don't waste time buying mat bras that aren't nursing bras if you are planning to BF. A waste of money IMO. All the ones I bought were nursing bras and saw me through pregnancy and 6mths of BF. In fact, I think fewer makes are doing 'just' pg bras now.

I honestly think you should go now and try on the stretchy ones. Buy the size where it's comfy now on the tigher hooks and because they usually come with about 6 different sets of hooks instead of the standard two or three then they will give you a good two inches of growing room over the next two months. Make sure you have some cup growing room too.

Last thing, some shop assistants will also say wait later but good mat/nursing bras will be a comfy fit now and still give you room to grow. But remember what I said about the stretchy band as your 2mths left may see you bump grow quite a bit and anything tight going around your back with be uncomfortable.

HTH, good luck

Tangle Mon 08-Aug-11 10:16:39

What kind of size are you? I'm a 32F or thereabouts when not pregnant - IME that kind of size isn't catered for well by high street stores (because everyone who has a small back size MUST have small boobs as well hmm), and also meant I found the stretchy bras extremely unsupportive (then again I've heard other women of a similar size say they found them fantastic, so as with so many things its down to personal preference).

I found that I grew gently throughout my first pregnancy, but then shot up once my milk came in - the bra that JL thought would fit (and I saw them on my EDD - DD was 10 days after) was no-where near sufficient. The bras I was wearing in the 2nd and 3rd trimester didn't fit again until DD was over 9 months old.

I made it to a good independent store fairly early on and got an idea of how to tell whether a bra fits (if you can't get in then Bravissimo and/or Rigby & Peller have some quite good fit guides on their webistes - probably others do as well). After DD was born I ordered about 4 or more styles of nursing bra, each in 3 or 4 sizes around about where I thought I was. IIRC 2 of them fitted once my milk came in and the rest went back (much to DH's relief grin). I think I used Fig Leaves as they seemed to have the best range of nursing bras in the kind of size I needed.

HPonEverything Mon 08-Aug-11 10:25:20

I'm generally a 34B or thereabouts. I got a lot bigger in early pg and have stayed the same ever since - so I've been wearing the same 2 'larger' bras for my entire pregnancy.

Thanks so much for all your advice, we have a JL so I might try there, but tbh I'll probably end up just measuring myself and buying on the internet as I'm quite shy blush

SpottyFrock Mon 08-Aug-11 10:38:25

That's interesting Tangle because as a 36DD pre pregnancy, I found the stretchy ones the best. But I guess it depends on your bump too because despite being a small size 10, I needed mat clothes at 12wks and looked due from about 20wks each time. I am literally enormous in bump terms when pregnant and my bump comes out from right under my boobs so anything not stretchy caused me pain and indigestion.

It just shows how both boobs and bump size can affect what size/type of mat bra you need and why it's best to go in.

Btw, you don't need to be fitted. I much preferred just going into JL and trying a handful on. I wouldn't buy on line as you really need to try the different styles on. If you're shy just go in and try a few on. You're not compelled to have a fitting.

Oeisha Mon 08-Aug-11 11:40:20

Like others I'd recommend John Lewis for under D cups, and whilst they will measure your ribcage, just be careful and always take back a bra if you're not comfy (if they haven't done their job properly, it's only fair). Like tangle I'm a larger busted lady, and I only warn this as it always seems to be larger busted women that have struggled wiht JL in my experience...
..the try and put me in a larger back measurement than I need (I measure at 33, so they try and put me in a 34...32s are much comfier for hauling about J-cups). The best fitters I've been to have been independents ones and bravissimo. Some have used a measure as a guide, but have quickly dismissed is in all honesty. You're looking for a decent FIT. And remember, jsut because one style has you at a 34B doesn't mean you're not a 34C in another...
Have a look at the bravissimo site anyway, as they have excellent information on how a bra should fit/feel. Bravissomo fitting advice
I've been advised to go back when I'm about 6-8wks from due as this will give a better reflection of my breasts for bf (excellent, jsut before xmas for me confused) so, about now for you.
Maternity bras and nursing bras are often interchangable, though you can get some maternity bras that are 'pretty and supportive' without the ability to bf easily (but as others have suggested, at this stage, you might just want nursing ones)
A site I was recommended (the person didn't know my size) was hot milk Get fitted by someone like JL and then try these guys.
Oh, and the most common mistake ladies make with bras is to fit themselves with a too big a back if you've never been fitted, you might find yourself being a 32C pre-pg!

whizzyrocket Mon 08-Aug-11 12:00:47

What's wrong with marks and sparks? I shop for pretty much all my underwear there (dislike shopping and don't want to go to five different shops before I get what I need) and the maternity bras aren't stylish but they work, aren't too expensive and do have the flap down cups.

candr Mon 08-Aug-11 14:46:57

Tried to get measured at Mand S yesterday only to find you have to book a fitting, it is really hard for me to get into town so I got one size up from where I am now at 33 weeks, It had room to grow but not so baggy I wasn't getting support - will have to do.

Oeisha Mon 08-Aug-11 17:10:52

My problem with M&S:
1) They always measure and then squeeze you into whatever they measure you as (or in my case they tried to stick me in a 36...on 2 separate occasions, different stores, different assistants). I can only think this was because I then fitted into their cup-size range then....
2) They've consistently measured me wrongly...often up to 2 back sizes wrong and at one point, one tried to squeeze my 'G' cups (ah, those were the days) into an 'E' cup. 2 different independent shops managed to put me in 'G' cups at the time, so, well...
3) I have very round breasts, not madonna style pointy ones, most M&S bras end up having spare space in them where I'm not a cone shape...but that really is a personal point, as some large-busts are cone shaped!

If you know your size well, I don't have a problem with M&S (other than saying they do my cupsize if asked, to then realise they don't as they don't really do narrow backs, big cups) , just wouldn't trust their measuring/fitting service.

allthefires Mon 08-Aug-11 17:25:24

Oeisha explains m&s perfectly!

phlossie Mon 08-Aug-11 17:46:39

I found Mothercare really good, and got fitted with maternity bras at 8 weeks because my underwire bras were killing me. The lady there spent ages with me trying on loads of different sizes and styles - she didn't measure me and then fit me into that size.

I'll have some nursing bras from previous babies, but I'll get a couple more after baby's born and my milk comes in. Mothercare is a nice, easy little trip out with a new babe because they have great feeding and changing space and nobody cares (except you, of course) if baby cries.

Cherrypi Mon 08-Aug-11 18:57:09

I went to Bravissimo on Friday and had a terrible experience. Normally they are fabulous but the fitter made me try on every single bra in my size in the shop and didn't listen to what I wanted. An hour and a half later I left and cried in the car park. The two I ended up getting I'm not convinced they fit. Wire digs in at the side of current one and getting a slight double boob on one side. She told me bras don't fit as well when your pregnant. Wish I'd had the confidence to ask for another fitter.

Oeisha Mon 08-Aug-11 19:08:23

Oh no Cherry! I'd be taking them back if I were you...and be asking for another fitter, one that's obviously not a moron. The one you're wearing obv. isn't fitting. As for bras not fitting as well when pg, that's arse. I went for a slightly looser cup and 1 backsize up as I wanted to get to at least 6mths before having to go again...and ideally 8ish months, but terhe's no reason for the you having digging wires and udders! Should be easily doable. At least email them, giving them feedback. Can you remember the fitters name?

Cherrypi Mon 08-Aug-11 20:40:56

Can't remember her name unfortunately and it's quite a drive back to the shop. Probably will give them a ring tomorrow. The other one is my normal style but a back size up. Probably being a bit hormonal about it.

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