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Can anyone Help work this out?

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shellmc Sun 07-Aug-11 16:16:12

I posted the other day but not had any replys yet.

I have very irregular priods and went months without having any, then started bleeding neraly every other day, just a little at a time.
After months of this happening i spoke to my GP and they suggested coming off the pill to have some bloods taken.
Going back to March i stopped the pill and had bloods taken 6 weeks later, it took 7 weeks for me to have a first proper period after stopping the pill.

Some bloods have came bk abnormal high LH and i am already being treated for Underactive thyroid. I am waiting to see an endocrinologist end of sept.

Anyhow, me and DH hadve been having regular sex and withdrawing i know it isnt 100% safe.
As i dont know when my next period is due (irregular periods). I am confused as if i had a normal 28 day cycle my period should have arrived last weekend, i am now on day 36 and no period, however last saturday when i thought AF would have shown up i had a tiny bit of blood on my panties but then nothing afterwards. Then on thursday when i went to the toilet when i wiped there was another dotty pattern of blood on the tissue, it was red in colour, and then again nothing at all since. I have had cramps, and a dull ache in bottom of my back all week.
What i am wondering is, could this be implantation?? And if soo why is it occuring after my period should have been due.......well i suppose i dont know when my next one should be. Is it common to have to spots of bleeding 5 days apart also.

Please someone help. x Ohhh i done a pregnancy test on monday and was Negative.

Crosshair Sun 07-Aug-11 16:40:17

Maybe do another? Monday might have been too early.

sevendwarves Sun 07-Aug-11 21:29:25

I'd say your lack of period is irrelevant given how irregular they are. Wait a few days and test again. And if you're not pregnant make sure you sort out some proper contraception.

shellmc Sun 07-Aug-11 21:37:58

Thanks for the replys.

I was thinking of waiting until wed, thurs then il take another test.
Yeh my periods are very irregular but just thought that once my body had got itself sorted and after having my first period since stopping the pill that my periods would regulate. If it happend we would be happy as we do want another DC.

Oeisha Sun 07-Aug-11 22:42:21

This is a good, brief overview of hypo-t and pg
Ideally your thyroxin levels should be stable by the looks...
If it's any help, my peroids were highly erratic whilst TTC (having been clockwork before I took hormones), anything from 27 days to 54 days (your period may be varying as your time of ovulation may be varying). I was on depo injections followed by POP (cerazette) for a about 7 years in total and was TTC for 11mths.
As for now, test once a week for next 2, and if all still neg then not to worry. If positive, push as hard as you can to see the endocrinologist asap...

shellmc Mon 08-Aug-11 08:51:53

oeisha i think my body is still trying to regulate itself after coming off the pill, altho when i came off the pill to ttc for DS i had a period within 4 days of stopping it and concieved that same month. Guess its different everytime though and for every person. Now day 37 since LMP, just have to hold tight and see what happens. Its just the little spotting twice that iv had that has made me wonder hmm if it could have been implantation bleeding.
I have been taking thyroxine for nearly 3 years now, last tsh checked 3 months ago and all was well. Just the latest blood tests iv had came back showing High Lh and Normal Fsh. I dont quite understand what this means and thats what im waiting to see Endocrinologist about, i heard it can sometimes means you dont ovulate when Lh is high ??? I had the CM last month and Ov pain -whether i ovulated or not i dont know ?? x Thankyou for your kind words and help

Oeisha Mon 08-Aug-11 11:11:11

Good to hear you're in a good place with the hyper-t. Even if the Lh result was off last time...but again, if pg, I'd phone the endo and ask for an urgent appt. Seems fair enough. I'd heard the same thing too about not ovulating too, but I guess 'how high is high...'
Good luck with ttc, it's not easy, and whatever you do, listen to your doc, it can take aaages for hormones to 'wear off', give it 18mths before worrying (what my GP advised).

shellmc Mon 08-Aug-11 11:24:30

If i am lucky and get a BFP. I will take your advice and ring to see if i can get a sooner appointment. smile
Yeh thats it i suppose depends how it really is i think my levels were 14.? sumthing not sure what it sould be? x

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