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dihydrocodeine during 3rd trimester?

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BellaBells Sat 06-Aug-11 23:37:24

I seem to be posting at quite an alarming rate, I'm either paranoid or just have bucket loads of health problems...

Anyway I have been prescribed by my obstetrician 40mg of dihydrocodeine 2 tablets 3x a day. I have looked online and it says it should be avoided during the 3rd trimester as the baby can be born addicted! I know he wouldn't prescribe me anything I shouldn't take but would just like some reassurance from anyone who has taken them.

HauntedLittleLunatic Sat 06-Aug-11 23:40:23

I think I was given this in labour - which I know isn't quite the same as 3x a day.

spout Sun 07-Aug-11 14:03:53

not sure how similar it is to dihydrocodeine but I was prescribed high-strength cocodomol in the 3rd T last in my last pg to help with SPD. Twas fine, and even with the slug of pethedine I was given in labour DS was neither drowsy or showed any signs of addiction. What have you been prescribe

spout Sun 07-Aug-11 14:04:07

d it for?

BellaBells Sun 07-Aug-11 15:32:49

I was prescribed it because I am experiencing really painful contractions... Started to go into labour last week, they managed to stop it but now they've started up again. Started tablets on Friday and dr told me if I'm still contracting/in pain over weekend to come back in and they will do a c section. I'm almost 37 weeks so not too terrible if it happens as been told 37 weeks is considered full term. We've just been trying to keep him in for as long as possible!
I've googled the drug and have read it's not advisable in 3rd T as the baby can be born addicted to them confused?! I'm going to call dr tomorrow and see what he says.

Thanks for your help x

Hebrewlass Sun 07-Aug-11 15:40:40

Hi , I don't think you need to be too alarmed. I was prescribed dihydrocodeine through put my pg. I have a rheumatic illness. Check it out with your doc to get some reassurance but it is used during pregnancy - my babies certainly weren't addicted and to be honest the pharmacist would not have dispensed them for you if there were any concerns. Any kind of codeine can potentially addicted but your obs will have prescribed you a safe dose to minimise any risks.

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