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Back pain when in bed

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banana87 Fri 05-Aug-11 20:17:55

I am 24 weeks pregnant and the last week or so been very uncomfortable with upper back pain when laying on my side in bed. Because I don't want to sleep on my back, I end up tossing and turning all night. Is there a pillow I can get or a way I can position myself to ease the pain?

kickassmunkiii Fri 05-Aug-11 20:49:28

Sorry you are in pain, I had sacro iliac dysfunction and I found the dream geniii to be brilliant. I have heard it is not so good if you have any pelvic pain but if it is in your back give it a try! Not cheap but I swear by it!

sevendwarves Fri 05-Aug-11 22:47:34

I'm 20 weeks and had found that laying on my back was the only position that didn't give me backache! I'd heard that a normal pillow between your knees was meant to help but didn't understand how it could. Anyway I tried it last night and this morning was the first time in weeks I didn't wake up with a backache.

I also find a few yoga cat stretches when I get up seems to help ease it.

lightsandshapes Fri 05-Aug-11 22:55:04

i have put a softer matress pad over my matress. that has helped a lot as i just sink into it - my back pain has gone since i did that except when i roll off like last night. x

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