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where im being kicked!!!???

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nykxx Fri 05-Aug-11 14:44:00

hi all. before i start i am not asking for any opinions on what i am feeling as im fed up with midwives and doctors telling me 'its too early to be feeling movement yet' i am feeling baby move and thats that.

i am 17+6 weeks pregnant with number 4 after a big gap (1 is 14 2 is 12 and 3 is nearly 11).

im not hoping for twins or anything but im increasingly wondering if there may be two in there. ive had two scans at 7 and 12 weeks. both had same due dates and only showed one baby.

now the point of the thread is this.... i am feeling kicking in the middle right of my belly level with my belly button but at the same time feeling kicking in the lower left just above my hip too. i am sure baby is not long enough to be causing both feelings!!! i am big too and top of womb is already level with belly button (confirmed by midwife who told me catagorically it couldnt be that high yet and then went quiet and changed the subject when she felt it).

weird? normal? one? two? anyone else?

got 20 weeks scan on 19th august.


Renaissance227 Fri 05-Aug-11 14:52:29

Not weird at all and could definitely just be one!
I had the same from about week 16 onwards. Still feeling movements at opposite ends of my bump and there is definitely only one in there, although I am 28+5 now!
Just enjoy and good luck with your scan soon. smile

nykxx Fri 05-Aug-11 15:16:01

fankoooo xxx

BuffyFan Fri 05-Aug-11 15:44:57

Yep me too! Feeling really low down kicks and then nearly up by my ribs. Judging my where the MW felt a bum (she reckons) this afternoon, I'm guessing he's head down, punching me in one direction and kicking in the other.

I'm 24 weeks but was definitely feeling things as early as 17/18 weeks, and I was getting the "double kick" effect by 20 weeks.

ShowOfHands Fri 05-Aug-11 15:51:49

I have a relatively shallow pelvis and short body so by 17 weeks with dd my uterus was above my belly button. At 16 weeks when I reported vigorous movement, the midwife seemed surprised and a bit hmm but then felt my stomach and got kicked several times. She was shocked but said there was no mistaking it. I genuinely think I'm just ridiculously short with nowhere for a baby to hide.

In terms of feeling movement in two places at once, you could be feeling all sorts of things. Just the baby or the baby and a corresponding nerve shooting off somewhere. Ultrasounds are so good now that if you were having twins, it certainly would have been noted at your dating scan.

cookie9 Fri 05-Aug-11 16:10:34

Oh yes I know the feeling of being kicked and punched in two different places too. Am 26 weeks and there is just one in there.

TinyDiamond Fri 05-Aug-11 19:15:37

Like showofhands I am short and (was) petite and was able to feel loads of movement early on. Felt first pop before 12 weeks, flapping like a fish from 14 then from about 17 weeks proper kicks. Not long after I was feeling what you are movements opp sides of bump. Baby was lying diagonally and also has very long legs. Femur on 95th centile at 20 week scan.
It is definitely possible to feel loads early on midwife didn't believe me either so don't worry. I was seeing movements from the outside by 22weeks.
I'm now 38+2 and despite the odd huge foot sticking right out and hiccups in my cervix I have hardly any movement as the poor dear has literally no space left.
I miss the crazy somersaults and dancing about make the most of it!

Oeisha Fri 05-Aug-11 22:59:28

If it's any help, if been feeling nudges and scrapes since about 14wks...16+3 now, thought they are erratic. At my 16wk apt, Monday (so still tech. 15wks) my uterus was/is at my belly button (I can feel it when I squidge my tum), but I am only 5ft3, so maybe as I'm shorter and babies essentially follow a similar growth pattern (about 4.5-5inches at 16wks?!) then it wouldn't be suprising if shorter women's pregnancies were higher up in their abdomen earlier...anyway, my MW said that was the perfect growth, so, hey-ho!!!!
Yolkis (baby) seems very active, almost like s/he is enjoying ricocheting around my womb...makes me think of an exticable child on an underwater bouncy-castle...I'm not that good at telling 'depth' yet, so maybe baby's just kicking and headbutting you at the same time, but it's not as far apart as you think!?

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