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Feel like I'm going crazy, crying at everything for no reason!

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moominliz Fri 05-Aug-11 13:34:41

I know your hormones go a bit haywire during pregnancy, I'm 14 weeks with DC1 so am very new to this pregnancy malarkey, but I didn't expect this level of emotion!
I seem to spend my days fighting back tears, not because I'm upset or sad, just everything seems to make me well up, today it was seeing a guide dog in Tesco and seeing children singing on the TV, another thing that set me off was seeing a duck and its chicks cross the road, the list is endless to be honest! DP finds it quite amusing when something utterly ridiculous sets me off.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who's a bit of an emotional mess for no apparent reason and that this will wear off soon!

LivinInTheMoment Fri 05-Aug-11 13:48:55

Oh my goodness i'm so sensitive too right now, i get teary eyed at the slightest thing. its kind of funny, dp thinks i'm a nutcase cos i was getting a bit emo watching eastenders grin

MsChanandlerBong Fri 05-Aug-11 13:50:12

I think this is completely normal - at about 14 weeks I found myself sobbing uncontrollably to Chloe Madeley on Dancing on Ice whilst saying to DH "what is happening to me? Why am I crying?" Much to his great amusement!!

I found my hormones did settle down (am currently 34 weeks) although I am still a touch more emotional than normal. I spoke to my midwife about this and she has been really great and supportive (and helped make me feel sane!!) but I think it depends on what your relationship is with your midwife. I think I am one of the lucky ones who seems to have got a good 'un.

Are you able to talk to any family or friends who have had babies about how you are feeling? I suspect most people go through this phase, so will be able to reassure you.

PotteringAlong Fri 05-Aug-11 13:53:14

My DH found me sobbing uncontrollably on the sofa at 13 weeks because the man on 'man vs food' had failed his burger eating challenge by 2 mouthfuls! He looked so sad ... grin

The weird thing is that you can laugh and cry simultaneously!

moominliz Fri 05-Aug-11 14:08:10

Thank goodness its not just me who finds trivial things so heartwrenching!
I've found that I do the crying & laughing simultaneously thing as well!

Jill72 Fri 05-Aug-11 14:15:16

I had about three weeks of emotional melt down at around this time - I am a teacher and I was crying before school, break time, lunch time and eventually in the middle of lessons! Signed off for a week to get my head back together!!! lol!! It passes!!

bigmacandhappymeal Fri 05-Aug-11 15:29:13

Me too - Bill Bailey's programme about baboons set me off (one of them managed to get in a diner) as has any glimpse, even the briefest, of one born every minute and my all time favourite on Monday night - not having enough coat hangers...

Crying and laughing, sometimes with snotbubbles while DH looks on amused and slightly terrified.

moominliz Fri 05-Aug-11 15:39:55

bigmac that's so funny about the coat hangers!

The one that made even my mum laugh at me was we'd gone out for the day and I saw 2 beautifully dressed children, they weren't doing anything, just stood there looking smart! I could hardly get the words out to explain why I was crying!

babycarmen Fri 05-Aug-11 16:10:50

Im 13 weeks and i cry all the time, its a nightmare, i cant help it at all, and if i read/see/watch anything baby related its even worse! Im in floods haha. Hopefully the hormones will settle soon and take the sickness away with them!

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