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Tour of the maternity ward

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Jill72 Fri 05-Aug-11 13:15:53

I am off on Sunday afternoon to tour the ward at Lancaster - has anyone any suggestions of questions I should ask?

Have got a few from various places but know you ladies will have some I have not thought of!

I am on my own by the way - single mum - 39yrs and 30 weeks on. Will have friend for birth partner. Want to do this all as naturally as possible and would like a water birth.

Daisybell1 Fri 05-Aug-11 14:20:53

Hi there Jill, just wanted to say hello as I'm booked for Helme Chase in Kendal but Lancaster is my backup option. So I'd be interested to hear how you get on smile

The kind of questions I asked were:

Do they have active birth aids ie chairs/balls etc
How many birthing pools do they have, and are the midwives confident about delivering in water
Can you bring your own pool (if they only have a limited number)
Length of stay afterwards
Breast-feeding support
Whether they can offer 1:1 care in labour
Pain-relief options

Sorry, you've probably got all these, will put my thinking cap on for something more inventive!

MsChanandlerBong Fri 05-Aug-11 14:27:03

Hi - I hope your tour goes well. I had mine last weekend, and the lady was so thorough I didn't get to ask any of my questions as she covered everything!!

The kind of strange questions I had were:

What do you need me to bring? (eg this hospital only has small towels so I am bringing some in from home)

What are the visiting hours? (might be different for 'dad' and other visitors. As you are a single mum you should make sure you get the visitor support you need).

Am I able to plug things in? (We can't even charge our phones! So will need to take a camera rather than relying on our smartphone batteries lasting long enough)

What is the availability of birthing pools like? / What happens if you are full when I go into labour?

Good luck!

Jill72 Fri 05-Aug-11 14:28:19

Hi Daisybell!

Thanks for ideas! When are you due? mid October for me! Have you been for a tour round? Some questions here I had not thought of - do people take their own pools????

newmum001 Fri 05-Aug-11 14:30:43

No question advice but wear something cool, labour wards are unbelievably hot! I was melting when I went for my visit!

Daisybell1 Fri 05-Aug-11 14:45:07

I've heard on other threads here that some mums take their own pools in so that they can guarantee having a pool - maybe worth asking (although may also be futile if there aren't the midwives available...)

MrsChandler makes a very good point about your visitors - they would hopefully understand about you needing additional support when you're in.

Where about's are you, if you don't mind me asking? I'm in Kirkby Stephen smile

Daisybell1 Fri 05-Aug-11 14:45:39

PS, am due mid-September

Jill72 Fri 05-Aug-11 15:21:19

Daisybell I live in Arnside. I am a teacher and on holiday at the moment - bliss! Going to go back for a couple of weeks in September and then start maternity leave.

I am in a real dither about hospital or homebirth with a waterpool!! Going to go and see the situation at Lancaster before I see my midwife next week.

Daisybell1 Sun 07-Aug-11 09:44:08

Good luck today! Can you let me know how you get on? It would be good to know how Lancaster is in case we end up there....

Have you thought about Helme Chase - could be best of both worlds combining hospital with homey feeling?

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