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Feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen!

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desperatelyseekingsolutions Fri 05-Aug-11 12:33:55

Hello all. I have written this under a thread I started yesterday but felt i needed to change the title.
Now, I may very well need a slap here but stuck in house with DS (16mo) and not sure to what extent I'm being hypercondriac (sp?)
This bug seems to rapidly developed into a cold, bit of a sore throat and runny/ blocked nose.
That on it's own is normal I'm sure but I really feel like I'm struggling for breath. I even dreamt about drowning/ suffocating last night. (DH even was woken up by my gasping/ deep breathing and was wondering round the house looking for strepsils at 2am)
I've woken up and just feel like I've run a mile and am having to breath deeply but not really getting in enough oxygen (like deep breath isn't doing enough)
What's wrong with me?
Oh, I've also been told by consultant that I am at greater risks of developing blood clots due to weight/ hypothyroid and last emergency c section.

hester Fri 05-Aug-11 12:36:13

How pg are you?

Could just be the pressure on your lungs, as they get pushed up out of the way - i remember this well.

However, it also sounds like asthma, which can start in adulthood and is often triggered in hot weather or by a cold. I would see your GP and ask them to check you with a peak flow meter.

Crosshair Fri 05-Aug-11 12:38:55

Ive also got a cold, dp had to go sleep on the sofa last night due to my snoring/gasping for air while asleep.

Get checked out to be on the safe side. smile

desperatelyseekingsolutions Fri 05-Aug-11 12:40:01

22 +5 weeks

hester Fri 05-Aug-11 12:44:23

I would get checked for asthma. Some people (me included) have it at a very low level, so don't get diagnosed till later in life. There are different triggers for different people, but common ones are: colds, pets, hot weather, cold weather. Your symptoms do sound very like my asthma - best get it checked soonish because it can escalate quickly and you may need an inhaler.

Having said that, late pregnancy felt like one long asthma attack sometimes: the pressure on your lungs is quite something. But do get checked.

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