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Little blood spots 5 days apart ??

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shellmc Fri 05-Aug-11 11:39:47

Hello ladies,

Havent been on here latley, but just quick update.
Going back to June i was posting on here after stopping the pill to have blood tests done to try to rule out PCOS.
I am still awaiting to see the endocrinologist which my appt is next month.

Anyhow after a long wait to get my first period and after nearly convincing myself i was preggers, after coming off the pill, it arrived 7 weeks later!!
It was a proper one and lasted 5 days. That was on the 3rd July Day 1.
As my periods are all over the place i wasnt qite sure when to expect my next one, i worked out roughly on a 28 ay cycle i should have got my period last weekend, give or take a few days. I still havent had a period yet, but last saturday the day i thought my period would come i had a tiny wee bit of red blood when i went to the toilet, (but that was also after sex). I thought that was gonna be the start but no nothing at all all day. Nothing again untill last night when i went to the toilet and noticed another tiny bit of red blood on the tissue, iv had cramps soo expect it wcould be AF on her way.
Anyone else experienced this??

Thanks ladies x

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