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Struggling to get up in the morning

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Coldcuppacoffee Thu 04-Aug-11 20:47:34

I am 19 weeks pregnant, and I feel OK. I have a son, so I am more tired than last time but on the whole I can't complain. However....

I just can't wake up in the morning. I am so asleep that I can't actually move out of bed. I am not tired for the rest of the day, I am not lazy and I am beginning to think that there's something unusual going on.

Has anyone else noticed this?

PoppysMom Fri 05-Aug-11 05:28:33

I don't have it to this extreme, but I struggle to even open my eyes most mornings.
How far gone are you? Have you spoken to your MW?

Coldcuppacoffee Wed 17-Aug-11 13:21:21

they're testing my thyroid.
Now 20 weeks and it should be better but it's not so let's see what the results say.

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