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Newly pregnant - what happens next?

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PlinkertyPlonk Thu 04-Aug-11 17:57:20

...other than turning into a water melon over the coming months smile

A busy week - discovered I've pregnant (yippee!) at the same time as moving from the city into the back of beyond. But I'm now confused as to what to expect with doctors/midwife appointments. Hoping those of you that have done this before can give me some guidance.

I spoke to my old city doctor who said that they like to get you to see the midwive asap to do initial tests etc and something about arranging early scans (is that earlier than 12 weeks?), but that the policy varied across the UK. So then spoke to my new doctor's surgery in the country who said the midwive only visits once a week and that she would call in a week to arrange an appointment at a 'convenient' time. Problem is that 'convenient' will be another 3 weeks away as I'm abroad on and off for the next 2 weeks with work.

What's your experience - how long before you get to see the midwife? It all feels a little laid back but maybe I'm worrying over nothing. confused

Crosshair Thu 04-Aug-11 18:00:37

I saw the midwife at 11 weeks, had the scan at 13.

flutterbye1988 Thu 04-Aug-11 18:16:14

i live in a small town outside of Sheffield, i found out i was pregnant straight away back in November, i didn't see my community MW until January, she came to my house, gave me hundreds of books and my hand held notes, then a few days later i got a letter from the hospital inviting me for my scan and first appointment.

after this i just asked the midwife when i needed to see her next after every appointment.

RickGhastley Thu 04-Aug-11 18:22:43

I saw the midwife at hospital for my "booking in" (they take your details, blood pressure, bloods etc) at 9 weeks.

First scan was booked for 12 weeks although I ended up having 2 before that because of bleeding.

melliebobs Thu 04-Aug-11 18:27:32

I saw my gp as soon as I found out. I was 4-5 weeks. Most underwhelming appointment. Just told me to avoid alcohol and he'd do a referral to the midwife. Didn't see the midwife till 9 weeks so was a looooong lonely wait. When I saw the midwife it was wee/blood/BP tests and I had to book my dating scan. Rung the ultrasound department and they said they are done between 11-13 weeks. Mine was at 11+5 and yesterday. Have now been backdated. After my scan an appointment was made for an anomoly scan (20wk). All future appointments are with the midwife at my GP surgery. I have to make them myself and the next one will be at 16weeks

BuffyFan Fri 05-Aug-11 10:27:16

I saw the GP at about 5/6 weeks which was as underwhelming as mellie said. He just referred me to the midwife. I rang her and made an appt, it was with her student as she was on holiday. The student came to my house at 8 weeks, filled out my notes, gave me a pile of pamphlets and checked my CO levels (DH is a smoker).

Then nothing until scan at 12 weeks. Since seen MW at 16 weeks, scan and consultant (I am fat) at 20 weeks, and seeing MW today at 24 weeks - so some sort of contact every 4 weeks seems to be normal.

HTH smile

Renaissance227 Fri 05-Aug-11 10:29:50

You have a lot of advice here so I'll just say: Congratulations! smile

BikeRunSki Fri 05-Aug-11 10:38:38

See your GPSs receptionist and ask to make and appt to see Community midwife. The first appt will be mostly blood pressure and admin. Think about where you want to give birth, then she can get you sorted with the hospital for consutants, scans etc (what you decide now is not final at all).

Other than than, rest, hope not to feel/be sick (but see your GP if it become intolerable), dream up baby names, design the nursery in your head, veer between giddy exitedness and absolute terror.... If you have just moved too, keep an eye out for mum and baby groups - always useful to know where you can go, even if you don't want to - start exploring the wonderful world of prams/buggies/travel systems... and spend lots of time on MN seeking advice!

Also you may want to check out NCT. They elicit a lot of extreme opinions on here, but I found the antenatal classes and coffee mornings invaluable, still see friends for AN class 3 years later.

bmm39 Fri 05-Aug-11 10:41:53

Congratulations. I am 11 weeks pregnant. I saw my midwife at 8 weeks and she gave me my pregnancy pack full of leaflets, weighed and measured me and gave me my estimated due date and booked me in for my 12 weeks scan.

A week later I had a blood test and urine sample. My next appointment is when I am 15 weeks. After that I will have my 20 week scan and I will see my GP about 2 times before the birth. The midwife comes to your home address sometime in your second trimester.

babycarmen Fri 05-Aug-11 10:51:08

Congratulations!! smile

I went to GP reception and asked for a booking in appt with midwife and got one for when i was 8 weeks, then 10 to finish the booking in and get bloods etc and got my 12 weeks scan booked. It will be different for different areas etc but i wouldnt bother getting a GP appointment unless you think its important (i had to to check medication) theyre pretty useless and usually just tell you to go to mw.

BikeRunSki Fri 05-Aug-11 10:53:38

In 1 whole pg and 29 weeks of the second, my MW has only been to my house once, when we came home from hospital with DS. I guess it varies from area to area.

babycarmen Fri 05-Aug-11 10:56:37

The mws here dont come to the house at all during pregnancy, only after the birth :/

Crosshair Fri 05-Aug-11 11:14:14

I took wee sample to my booking in appointment, I find it hard to go when the pressures on!

Booboostoo Fri 05-Aug-11 11:34:56


Practices seem to vary quite a bit. I spent most of my pregnancy in France. I was sent to a gynecologist straight away and she saw me once a month until month 7 when I transfered to the hospital team and had a MW appointment and a gynecologist appointment once a month until the last month when it's once a week. I had blood tests every month. A dating scan (7 weeks), the cromosomal abnormalities scan and bloods exactly at 12 wks, and two more scans at 23 and 32 weeks. Also a diabetes test around 6 months. All this is standard in France but I get the impression it's a lot more than the standard care in the UK.

PlinkertyPlonk Sat 06-Aug-11 07:45:36

Wow! Thanks everyone for the responses. Sorry I've been slow to come back - house full of visitors, preparing to go away and a family emergency in the middle of it, but all ok fortunately.

Seems like practices really do vary (perhaps I should have moved to France!). I have to say my old doctor was absolutely fantastic, but she does always seem to get very excited at the slightest hint of a new baby. But lots of very useful information and you've all put my mind at rest. Thank you! I'll be checking out the NCT and other groups for a bit of support and enjoying the vomit-free days while they last smile

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