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Driving test/due date dilema, help me decide quick!

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MummyAbroad Thu 04-Aug-11 17:14:12

I am due on 4th of November, and the earliest date I can take my driving test is 24 of October, by which time I will be 38+3.

I really really want to get my licence asap, but this is my second baby and I cant remember what 38+3 feels like... is there anyway I will feel like taking a driving test then?

Any ladies out there who are 38+3, how are you feeling? and are you driving?

If I dont make a decision and book today then the next available slot will only be further away...

citymonkey Thu 04-Aug-11 17:21:28

Have you thought about trying to get an earlier test date? There are companies I think who specialise in getting slots quicker? I would suggest trying these guys:

or here (I took an intensive course with these guys and remember the instructor saying they could get cancellations and offered this as a service at some stage)

Jill72 Thu 04-Aug-11 17:59:02

book it - you can always cancel - giving birth may be a vaild reason to cancel and I imagine they would re-book you for later on! You will not feel like doing this in the weeks after birth I imagine!!!

nannyl Thu 04-Aug-11 18:17:22

bear in mind what car you will be driving

im nearly 35 weeks and already having problems with my bump getting in the way of the steering wheel!

flutterbye1988 Thu 04-Aug-11 18:23:19

Im 38 weeks and no i couldn't think of anything worse than having to take my driving test now.

I'm struggling to keep my knees off the gear stick (baby has dropped and closing my legs is a distant memory)when im driving and i am only driving when i need to.

i don't think that you would get the money back if you did book it and couldn't turn up, you cant say that you didn't know that you were pregnant.

jimmijam Thu 04-Aug-11 19:08:08

hi, i took my driving test about 3 weeks before ds was due (and born) and it was fine. if u book it online, u can keep checking for earlier dates that other ppl have cancelled-i failed a test about a month before he was due, booked another but managed to get it a week earlier by checking the website everyday for earlier available dates. i cant remember exactly how it worked as it was nearly 4 years ago but i'm sure an instructor would be able to advise you there. im sure you can only change the date up to 3 times or something like that.
once booked you cant get your money back.
good luck :-)

MummyAbroad Thu 04-Aug-11 20:51:00

Hi, thanks for your replies.

I should have said, I am in Costa Rica, so the system is different here. There will always be a three month waiting list, and there are no cancellation slots, mores the pity. However it only cost me £5 to book it (which i lose if I dont go) so I went ahead and did it - I guess I can spare a fiver if i dont feel up to it, and if i do it would be great to get it out of the way before the birth (i know there is pretty much zero chance i will feel like doing it once the baby is here - that bit I DO remember smile)

oh and to make it really challenging I dont even know what car I will be driving on the day, my driving school uses a different one each lesson! confused

PoppysMom Fri 05-Aug-11 05:23:37

Good luck Mummy!
I agree, a fiver is spareable smile

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