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Do I need a tub of Vaseline??

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Jill72 Thu 04-Aug-11 12:40:12

I have got sudocream - do I need a giant tub of vasaline?

starfishmummy Thu 04-Aug-11 12:59:39

But of course!! It is compulsory to have a giant bucket sized pot of vaseline which will sit "unused" in your cupboard forever, yet 10 years on, when you realise that you need some, the surface will be covered in fluff and dirty fingerprints grin

PrettyVacant1 Thu 04-Aug-11 13:09:24

I Believe it's helpful to smear on babies bum in hospital as first poo can be like tar to remove.
<wonders if the dinted pink tin that's lived in my bag for years will suffice> grin

caramelcoffeelover Thu 04-Aug-11 13:24:42

hi, i use vaseline as a barrier on my toddler and will do the same when second baby arrives. vaseline is also great to moisturise baby all over if you have eczema in the family as any other harsher moisturiser can set eczema off. i only ever used sudocrem twice when nappy rash did appear, it is much drier consistency than vaseline.

Jill72 Thu 04-Aug-11 18:15:04

Thanks for replies - was getting confused about nappies and what you put on baby's bum before you put the nappy on.

spanky2 Thu 04-Aug-11 18:17:01

Metanium is good for hard core bleeding nappy rash.

supadupapupascupa Thu 04-Aug-11 18:30:59

i have never used anything on ds's bum except when he had two x 24 hr flare ups of nappy rash when he was teething. I was advised that as long as your baby is changed regularly they wont get rash. It's poo that does it, not urine. There is a downloadable doc about it on the nappylady website grin

MrsRhettButler Thu 04-Aug-11 18:46:09

Dd is allergic to sudocrem hmm

So I always used Vaseline on her, I'm due dd2 in 4 weeks and I haven't even bought sudocrem this time in case this ones allergic too.
Caramel is right, it's a much drier consistency

Pameladej Thu 04-Aug-11 18:51:19

I use sudocreme at each nappy change on my 5 month old DS to prevent nappy rash. Also use it on his underarms if they are looking a bit pink / damp. Have never used Vaseline. Have not had nappy rash yet.

MrsBloomingTroll Thu 04-Aug-11 19:22:59

Metanium's best for bad nappy rash, we found.

For any other skin issues, go to your GP and get a big pump container of Diprobase cream prescribed, as it's then free and lasts ages. I've even used it on light nappy rash.

Mumswang Thu 04-Aug-11 19:34:41

I have got a tub of sudocreme. A tube of bepanthan. Some vasaline. Sone waitrose baby bottom stuff. A whole burts bees giftset. Umpteen things of talc. All unopened and unused. DS is 2 and a bit, i've never used any products on him, apart from an occasional drop of baby wash and he is, and always has been flawless, soft and sweet smelling grin

Oeisha Thu 04-Aug-11 20:06:42

Try using the Waitrose bottom butter on your face...supposed to be a brilliant lux moisturiser...(I work for Waitrose, after it got published in Cosmo [or some other like mag], we got through a years supply in about 4 weeks...mental, people are still buying it is very nice on my expanding bump).

lachesis Thu 04-Aug-11 20:13:19

Put the talc in your beach bag, Mumswang. Sprinkle it on sand-covered children and sand-covered feet and the sand just dusts right off.

I didn't use Vaseline myself, I used some stuff called Un-Petroleum Jelly as a barrier and then just water and flannels, but we used cloth nappies as well.

DS got dreadful nappy rash that turned out to be thrush so he needed some serious cream for that.

Jill72 Fri 05-Aug-11 09:41:33

Okay - do you or do you not put something on babies bum then??? confused now!!

lachesis Fri 05-Aug-11 10:20:47

I never did unless they appeared to be getting a rash. I'd use Un-Petroleum jelly on them if they had diarrhoea and Weleda nappy cream if they got a rash, but mostly I'd leave them to kick on a matt with no nappy on. DS did get thrush, but that is common in BF baby sometimes.

thesurgeonsmate Fri 05-Aug-11 10:42:53

I think you don't put something on baby's bum as a matter of course. Two reasons. It increases faff factor. Also, they say that too much cream intereferes with the magical chemical wonder that it modern disposable nappies (but maybe you are planning to use re-usables?) If the baby gets a red bum, then consider taking action. Your sudocreme is a good first guess and will do you as a pre-baby purchase. Anything beyond that is fine-tuning to your particular needs which you can't yet know about.

thesurgeonsmate Fri 05-Aug-11 10:46:18

Although I have to admit that as a first time mother with a catheter in the meconium poo was dealt with by a midwife. I know nothing of strategies for delaing with that, although my instinctive reaction is that it's the kind of thing in life you just muddle through, and strategising it is probably a step too far for a first-timer.

Eviepoo Fri 05-Aug-11 11:38:33

Just a warning - the washable nappies I bought tell me NOT to put creams etc on babies bum as they can impact the effectiveness of the absorbancy of the material. So depends what you planning to use.

I am a firm believer of nappy free time as a preventive measure.

tunnocksteacake Fri 05-Aug-11 12:32:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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