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Any larger mums-to-be out there?

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notlettingthefearshow Wed 03-Aug-11 23:57:00

I'm 19 weeks pg and overweight, well, technically I am obese: 5'6 and a size 18. When I first got pregnant, I was weighed and given a short lecture about not piling on the pounds and had I ever heard of exercise. To be fair the doctor was very good and not really patronising - yes I do exercise, but I also scoff more than my fair share (and everyone else's!) of cake, so I am aware of why I am the size I am.

Since then, my weight hasn't really been mentioned at the check ups. I'm not aware of it being a big issue but I am too chicken to bring it up. I haven't actually put on any weight yet at this stage which I think is good, but I'm wondering if I will have a proper bump like a slim person or if I will just look round as normal. That's a really shallow question I know, but I am so happy to be pregnant and am looking forward to showing!

I have to do the glucose tolerance test when I'm 22 weeks. I'm quite scared about getting gestational diabetes.

I am already wondering how I can help my baby be as healthy as possible without giving him/her any hang ups about weight. I'm conscious of setting an example and hope I have the willpower to change my eating habits for the better. I guess I should try harder now to change my diet now. Anyone else thinking like this?

Considering the shock figures we hear about obesity, I'm surprised at the lack of threads on the pregnancy forum. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Sewmuchtodo Thu 04-Aug-11 00:16:59

You are not alone. I am 5'6" and I was a size 16/18 when I fell pregnant with a BMI of 31.

I am now 33wks pg and have been so sick throughout that my size 16 maternity wear is a bit baggy and I have lost 11lb. I would by no means recommend the throw it all up weight loss programme, it has been horrid!

I too had to have a glucose test, all was fine (level of 5.6) but it made me feel really guilty that it was even required.

So far as a 'bump' goes I have quite the bump! I felt a little chubbier for the first 19/21 wks then this bump shape popped out [I was rather pleased as DC3 has been a long awaited addition].

The only advice I would give is to try and keep excercising as you have been pre-pregnancy for as long as you can, don't give into the 'im eating for two' school of thought as you only need an extra 200calories and that can be easly found in a healthy snack.

As you are aware of the issue and taking positive steps to combat it then you are doing a fab job for your baby already! x

Eviepoo Thu 04-Aug-11 08:29:56

I second you are not alone. I am 5'4'' and although my pre PG size was a 14/16 my BMI was 32 according to the NHS.
At almost 38w I have gained exactly 2st. I have not tried to not gain weight but I certainly have been eating as healthy as I could (especially with the sickness and nausea I have felt all the way through).

Pre PG I was actively trying to lose weight, I did this by healthy eating (which I kinda mostly always did anyway as I'm not a sweet teeth person, I just ate the same size portions as my 6' DH) + counting calories by watching my portion sizes etc. and by exercise. I was doing 2 x 1hour burn it boot camps (yes those mega calorie burning sessions in the park led by mega fit guys that shout at you - I'd been doing it for several months and the guys knew me well which means I got pushed harder) I found that did wonders for my fitness levels. I also swam once a week and did gym once a week (mostly cross trainer followed by weight machines). And I did a salsacise class once a week. Due to this level of exercise the burn it instructors advised me to up my calories.

I didn't really lose a lot of weight (proabably only about a stone max over a few months - but goodness knows what my BMI was pre this exercise), however I felt fitter than I had done in years. I am so lucky I do not carry the extra weight on my tummy - as thats the bad area in terms of health. I do have an hour glass shape and the more I was exercising the more obvious my hourglass - cue the pencil dresses for me - I felt great!!

I actually had a BUPA full screen healthcheck sometime in the middle of all that, my results came back that I was as fit as a fiddle - I just had to lose weight.....(wish I had another muscle ratio thing done pre-PG that would have been interesting)

I know my DH and I were very blessed when it comes to TTC, we got BFP 10 weeks after my coil was removed.. 4.5 weeeks later and I felt sick as a dog. From week 6 to 16 I threw up between 6 and 8 times a day. I still take anti-emetics as I still throw up 2-3 times a week even when taking them (if I forget one - within 12 hours I am on the bathroom floor). Needless to say all exercise stopped as I felt so poop.

I gained 1.5st in the second trimester - I was so hungry and was chomping my way through half a greengrocers a day (a punnet of cherries and a punnet of strawberries and a carton of OJ were my snacks) Healthy choices I hear you say....but at my 28 week bloods I got a high random glucose and was given the GTT. I have borderline GD. (it was never mentioned by the MW that it was anything to do with my weight - simply as I had a random high) I am managing to control it by diet alone, but first thing the dietician told me was to stop the excessive natural sugars (she was happy I wasn't piling in the cakes etc) fruit and yogurt were the baddies now. I've started trying to walk more now too.

So since watching every single thing I put in my mouth for sugar levels I have only gained 1/2 st in whole of third trimester. It has been a pain and I never know what I fancy or what I want to eat but has meant I didn't need to take extra drugs for the GD.

I have never been weighed by the doctors/midwives. No one has mentioned my weight except 'it's a bit high' at my booking in appointment.

I have a very pronounced bump - in fact it looks like most of the 2st has been stuck on my front (the rest is in my ankles as water smile) I have had all the 'you sure it's not twins' and 'Your baby will be huge' comments. So I would say your chances of having a 'proper bump' are the same as anyone elses.

After the birth - I plan to start exercising again after I am feeling up to it. Starting with walking as many places as possile with teh sling or pushchair. My salsacise leader said I can go back after 3 months. I've heard of a yummy mummy pilates class in my area I plan to go to and the boys at burn it bootcamp has started a new mums specialist bootcamp smile. I will not diet as I plan to BF but I want to get to the pre PG fitness level again. I actually may just give up the diets, just keep my food intake healthy - with an eye on portion sizes and just do that from now on. Maybe I'm not destined to be waiflike smile

Coicidently when I BF my DD (who is almost 12) the weight dropped off me and 3 months after the birth I was lighter than my pre - PG weight and a size 12.
If that happens again from BF - I will not complain, thats one of the added benefits for me.

Oh I just realised I wrote you an essay - sorry.
But basically:
1) BMI is not the whole picture
2) GD is not always related to weight - and if you get it you may be able to control it like me (there is loads of slim girls that go to the diabetes clinic too)
3) you are doing great not gaining anything (I'm assuming MW is happy LO is growing fine) so really you already have a net loss
4) If you BF you might find it easier to lose a bit more
5) If you watch your food intake - remember you are feeding baby as well as you so make it as healthy as you can both now and after when you are BF - you just get into good habits
6) Exercise again...get out an about with Baby in sling or pushchair and walk!

Good luck with the rest of your PG smile

kateyfer Thu 04-Aug-11 09:31:00

Hi notlettingthefearshow, I am also 5’6 and size 18 and was this size on my first, and currently waiting to take a pregnancy test to check on possible second!

The GP/MW mentioned my weight, but just in passing, and with mention to try and eat as healthily as possible.

However, like many others on here I was so incredibly sick for the first 5 months, I could barely stomach any food, so didn’t add any weight, and in fact lost a few lbs (although I’ve had more pleasurable weight loss experiences than upchucking 5 or 6 times a day…!)

My bump started showing at around 21 weeks, just suddenly appeared one day… From about 6 months onwards it was quite obviously a baby bump, and not just a fat tummy. I was so excited when it showed as it seemed to validate my pregnancy (if you know what I mean?!) and I felt I could start legitimately buying maternity clothing.

I started inhaling food during the third trimester when the nausea and vomiting finally wore off, but like Eviepoo above, was addicted to fruit rather than cakes. I did put weight on but was able to lose this fairly quickly post birth with all the walking I did with the buggy.

Good luck with the pregnancy, and keep your fingers crossed for me too please!!! x

flutterbye1988 Thu 04-Aug-11 09:49:45

Hi i am 6ft and around a size 18/20, i unfortunately had the 12 weeks of being unable to keep a single thing down.

however any weight i lost i have out back on now (38 weeks tomorrow) don't worry about how you will look, i worried that people wouldn't notice that i was pregnant with being bigger but unless your blind or stupid there is no way you could mistake the huge bump for anything other than a baby lol.

as for the health side, i got a really nasty midwife at first and she was awful about my weight (i felt like screaming at her that she had no idea that in the year leading up to me getting pregnant i had lost 4 stone), i went for the GTT and i am also under a consultant care as my BMI is over 35 but i haven't had any ill effects due to my weight and with being bigger it meant that i got an extra scan at 36 weeks to check the baby's size (and no it isn't a massive fat baby like the midwife said it would be).

just take it easy this isn't the time to diet or start exercising, just don't think that you are eating for two, and make sure that you are eating nutritious food and not junk.

good luck x

TheMitfordsMaid Thu 04-Aug-11 10:04:46

I'm not pregnant now, but when I had DS2 I was a size 20/22 at the beginning. I did develop GD (I have PCOS, so it was a good possibility) and followed a strict programme of exercise and diet. By the end of my pregnancy I was a size 16 and 2 years on, I am a size 12/14 and I am still exercising regularly.

Being a smaller size has made such a difference to my life and it has benefited me in so many more ways than just my health. I must admit to having put on a teeny bit of weight lately but I am determined not to pile it back on again so have upped my running programme and ditched the cake.

Having children has made me more active anyway, and I certainly eat better meals because I am so aware now of feeding them the right food and setting them a good example. Good luck!

AlpinePony Thu 04-Aug-11 10:42:15

My story pretty much echos that of evie for my previous pregnancy. Due to my BMI I was sent for a growth scan at 30 weeks which my mw seemed a bit embarassed about because she sometimes had trouble at my monthly appointment due to my huge tummy muscles!

Never a glimmer of any GD but then I've always eaten low-GI.

As far as my bump went, I never really showed that much - must be genetic as my mum didn't either. I bumped in to a friend when I was 35 weeks and she had no idea! hmm I think I tried too hard to wear loose clothing and as a result the clothes just hung off my FF chest and my bump probably just looked like a fat girl's tummy. sad This time I'm adamant that people will know it's a baby bump so I've been buying better fitting pregnancy wear - which unfortunately is more expensive, but I want to look like a stylish pregnant woman rather than a "comfy chubber".

MissRee Thu 04-Aug-11 12:43:02

Heelllooooo waves

Another "overweight" mummy to be here... 5'7 and size 18 with bmi at 31! MW wasn't concerned with my bmi at checkup as she said I was borderline for their chubby mummas programme (my name for it, not hers) so it was my choice whether I wanted to go. She did say that she was surprised at my bmi as I didn't "look" overweight lol!

I suspect I will have to have the GTT as I have PCOS, there is huge history of diabetes on my partners side and if course I have a higher bmi. Nothing has been mentioned as yet (im coming up for 19 weeks). To be honest tho, I really haven't been impressed with my ante-Natal care so far... But that's another story wink

Ria x

ToriaPumpkinPasty Thu 04-Aug-11 13:27:59

Another one here. I am 5'7 and had a BMI of 37 when we conceived (size 18-20)

No sickness in the first trimester but did not gain any weight until week 18. Have now gained 10lbs at 28 weeks and it's all on my bump, in fact between 8 and 16 weeks people were asking me if I'd lost weight!

It was mentioned at my booking in appt, but only in relation to my pain relief options, and I'm under consultant led care which in reality has meant one appt with the consultant after my dating scan in addition to my normal midwife appts.

My BP is normal, bordering on low, and I did have to have the GTT at 16 weeks but that was due to my urine tests consistently showing glucose. It came back normal, apparently I just don't process glucose well!

Baby is also measuring spot on for dates and has done every time I've been checked. I do get a growth scan at 34 weeks though due to my size so not going to complain about that!

IssyStark Thu 04-Aug-11 15:35:57

I'm 4/10 and had a BMI of 29 when I fell pregnant with the garklet.

During the whole pregnany I only put on 18lbs, and all but 3lbs of that (extra blood and boobs) was from about 24w onwards. The garklet was 7lbs3oz. So it is possible to go through pregnancy, healthily, without putting much weight on. A friend (also large) had GD with her second and just before she gave birth she actually weight a couple of pounds less than she had when she fell pregnant as she'd kept her GD under control by diet alone.

I'd second Evie in that bf-ing really helped my weight fall off even when I was eating a large buttered scone every day as well as wolfing down my meals.

Unfortunately this pregnancy (I started with a BMI of 25.5) I've piled on the pounds and at 21w have gained 17lbs already and haven't been as good making sure I eat healthily (i.e. two portions of oily fish a week, no cakes, not pigging our on fresh bread and butter etc etc.) but looking back over my previous pregnancy diary has motivated me to get better again and stop reaching for the chocolates at night when I'm feeling tired.

As for setting a good example, I found that doing baby-led weaning with the garklet was an excellent way to make us all eat more healthy meals, partly because I'm too lazy/busy to want to prepare two different meals smile

I'd also recommend Slimming World if you feel you'd like group support to loose any baby weight and change your eating habits because their eating plans are really flexible, family-friendly and very healthy.

Opps, sorry another essay.

IssyStark Thu 04-Aug-11 15:39:31

Oh and I definitely agree with AlpinePiny: if you want to look pregnant and not fat, then invest in figure hugging pregnancy clothes that show off your bump. And you bump makes everything else look smaller in comparison (at least that's want Trinny and Susannah said at some point!).

You can get some v. good bargains on eBay if you don't mind second-hand, especially really good Isabella Oliver stuff in the larger sizes.

Sewmuchtodo Thu 04-Aug-11 16:46:42

I third what Issy and Alpine say.....and also if you feel flabby or heavy on the tummy light control pants are more comfortable than a 'bump band'.

EmJayg Thu 04-Aug-11 19:46:52

I am just 7 weeks pregnant, I am bursting out of my size 18 pants and am 5 ft 4.
My BMI is really high think midwife said 36 or 38 and because of this am under consultant care and have to have a gestational diabeties check. My midwife was surprised as she said I really dont look that big. Maybe she was just being nice.

I was shocked that I needed consultant care, as other than my weight I am healthy enough but apparently as pregnancy progresses it can cause a lot of problems. Pre eclampsia being the worst.

A girl I have been told about has a 18 month old and is 8 months pregnant now and is overweight. She had major problems with last pregnancy, raised blood pressure, odema, pre eclampsia. She is having problems with this one too and is having to go to the hospital twice daily for blood pressure checks and could have a emergency caesarean at any moment. The docs have said it is mainly due to being overweight. She is only around a size 16!

So now I am really worried, however midwife didnt give me much advice other than to eat healthily. I am just trying to eat healthily but as I feel so sick I am just eating whatever and whenever I feel able to. As for exercise... well again I feel so sick I havent managed anything other than a walk.

I am really hoping that I can stay healthy but at the end of the day, I know of slim people having problems in pregnancy and bigger girls having perfect pregnancys so I guess as long as we all just try and be good then not much else we can do.

Wishing everyone the best of luck with their pregnancies. x

AlpinePony Thu 04-Aug-11 19:54:55

Please try to ignore the scaremongering associated with an increased BMI and pregnancy complications.

E.g., gd is a syndrome x disease - I.e., what you eat is what counts, simple carbs are the devils work. Pre-eclampsia is an immune system response to the 'alien' DNA in your body.

These are not weight dependent. There is a massive difference between being 'healthy' overweight and washing yourself 'with a rag on a stick'. ;) sometimes health care professionals need to be reminded of this and presented with logic.

Funnily enough I'm the only pre-eclampsia sufferer I know who's overweight - so perhaps the conclusion we could actually draw is 'slim women more likely to develop pe!'. ;)

AlpinePony Thu 04-Aug-11 19:56:11

Ps I went through my pregnancy with bp of 110/60 until developing pe at 36 weeks. I did not become overweight at 36 weeks only.

ToriaPumpkinPasty Thu 04-Aug-11 21:22:42

Alpine speaks sense. The only people I've known develop PE, HELLP or even Hyperemesis were very slim (and in one case probably underweight) when they conceived. They are all just one of those things. Similarly the only person I have known personally to actually develop GD was perfectly within normal BMI limits.

Obviously the plural of anecdote is not data but stressing about it for the simple reason that the HCPs are bringing it up is pointless.

notlettingthefearshow Thu 04-Aug-11 23:44:50

Thanks everyone for the support. It's so interesting to hear everyone's stories, and reassuring that so many women with high BMIs have normal, healthy pregnancies. I'm so impressed with those of you who have lost weight, either pre or post birth - I know this is tough even for slim women, so it is really inspiring!

I am eating heathily, exercising and not eating more than normal - although normal for me does include too many sweet things, so I am trying to cut this down, especially junky things like chocolate bars which I KNOW are full of rubbish. A lot of people are mentioning fruit so I will try to carry apples etc with me so I don't have an excuse to reach for the vending machine!

I have asked at all my appointments if my weight is OK and if I should do anything, but because all tests have been good and I haven't gained weight, they have been very laidback and just said the usual advice about pregnancy diet and exercise. I am still feeling active and not very pg for now, so I am enjoying exercise, but I am only 19+5. I have a feeling the hard part is when I get bigger/more tired and spend more time sitting around, especially as it will be the run up to Xmas.

I think the advice about joining Slimming World or similar might be good for me. I could never face weighing myself before I was pregnant and therefore never joined anything. In a way it is liberating to have a good reason to weigh myself regularly, just to keep an eye on things, so I hope this will help me get good habits. I think a support group or diet class might help as I do need some help adjusting me eating habits as I know I eat for comfort, and this I really do not want to pass on to my child. I was overweight from the age of about 10 and very obese as a teenager (size 24) and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I was also depressed - don't know if that was the reason or the result. As a size 18 now, I am healthier and happier - but still a way to go!

JanMorrow Fri 05-Aug-11 12:21:18

Hey! I was a size 20 when I conceived my first and was under consultant care because of it. I had the checks for GD (I also have PCOS) but was fortunately all clear (had been steering clear of most carbs for quite a while). I did have raised blood pressure but it didn't end up causing any complications. I did get a "proper bump" too, despite my flabby tummy!

After the birth I went down to a size 16 whilst breast feeding and I felt fab, I'm pregnant again now (with twins) and have put on some weight but I'm healthy at the mo!

EmJayg Sat 06-Aug-11 10:29:19

I am really glad I found this discussion as I was being panicked into thinking if I didnt suddenly melt away 5 stone that my baby was going to be ill. Glad that so many people have had positive outcomes despite being a bit larger.

boombangabang Sat 06-Aug-11 15:57:41

I am 5 11 and had a bmi of 30 when I conceived but that was after losing 3 stone....I put weight on really quickly when pg and am now a depressing blob - last pg put on 4.5 stone from conception to after baby born, was horrified! Was determined not to do it again as I was quite fit at the start of pg but then was hit by several illnesses one after the other and lost all fitness. So I expect to have put 4 stone on again as my arse is growing in line with my bump.

I do read a lot that overweight women often don't gain much during pg but I am not one of those! Am 28w and people keep saying that I can still get out there and get fit again before birth but am totally knackered, just want to sleep all day. Might get iron levels checked.

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