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Low lying Placenta 26th week - no bleeding so far

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PallaviRath Wed 03-Aug-11 22:28:23

Hi dear all,

I am in 26th week pregnancy. At 20th week, my ultrasound showed low lying placenta. At 26th week (today), my ultrasound again showed low lying placenta. So far no bleeding. Any advice pls.

Folicacid Thu 04-Aug-11 11:44:08

I don't have any advice for you apart from try not to worry. If you are bleeding that is when to be conmcerned and go to hospital. I think in about 80% of cases when the womb moves up in later pregnancy it rights itself.

GemsyT Thu 04-Aug-11 14:08:33

Hey PallaviRath,

I'm 32 weeks preggars and was diagnosed with a low lying placenta at 20 weeks too. So far, I've not had any bleeding but am heading back for another scan at 34 weeks to see if it's moved. If it hasn't, I'll need a C-section, if it has, then a natural birth. Either way, just keep an eye on bleeding and call your midwife if you're worried.

Hope that helps xx

PallaviRath Thu 04-Aug-11 18:58:38

Hi Gemsy,

Thanks for sharing. I feel a little relaxed, knowing that you are going good without any bleeding. I am planning for another scan on 30th week. All the best to you. Pls be in touch to share.


wigglesrock Thu 04-Aug-11 19:59:22

I had low lying placenta at 20 week scan, still low lying at 28 weeks, I went for a scan at 34 weeks and placenta had moved. I never had any bleeding. Good luck.

lolajane2009 Thu 04-Aug-11 20:03:52

I had low lying at 20 weeks, 32 weeks but today at 34 weeks it had shifted finally. I only had bleeding in 1st trimester and only spotting.

nunnie Fri 05-Aug-11 16:10:52

I go for my 34 week scan on the 15th I had a low lying placenta at 20 weeks. From what I have been reading the majority do move so hopefully we fall into that list.

I haven't had any bleeding either.
Good luck.

PallaviRath Fri 05-Aug-11 20:26:36

Thanks so much everyone. Reading these, has really made me feel comfortable.I am sure we all will be safe and happy, by god's grace. Lets keep sharing the updates.I will have my next scan done on 1st September.

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