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Pregnancy post mc: Totally's grads part 9

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bigmacandhappymeal Wed 03-Aug-11 21:48:41

New thread!

DeterminedToGetDiffedDachs Wed 03-Aug-11 21:52:28

I set up another one too as I didn't see this one, but I've asked them to delete it

bigmacandhappymeal Wed 03-Aug-11 21:54:07

Thanks dachs

bigmacandhappymeal Wed 03-Aug-11 21:57:43

and in a fit of administrative wonder... (please check though, I'm knackered so might have had finger slippage on some dates)

Wednesday 3rd August 2011

Inbetweener - baby#3 42+4 wks EDD 17th July
Owlbooty - baby#1 39+3weeks EDD 7th August
PrettyVacant - baby#1 36+4weeks EDD 28th August
OrangeGloss – baby#1 35+3 weeks EDD 4th September
Wombat33 - baby#1 34+4 weeks EDD 10 September
Daisybell - baby#1 34+1 weeks EDD 13 September
PinkFondantFancy - baby#1 32+1 weeks EDD 25 September
Tiggersreturn babies #2&3 32+1 wks EDD 26 September
Mamapower - Baby#1 32+1 weeks EDD 28 September
A lovely bunch of coconuts baby #2 31+4 weeks EDD 1 october
Emoo - baby#2 30+5 weeks EDD 7 October
Tunnocksteacake - baby#2 28+2weeks EDD 24th October
Hotnspicyonions - baby#2 28+2weeks EDD 24th October
Velvetcu - baby#1 28+1 wks EDD 25th October
MummyAbroad baby #2 26+5 wks EDD 4th November
CEP baby #2 26+4 wks EDD 5th Nov
Katherine2008 baby#2 25+6 EDD 10 November
Collieandpup baby #1 24+3 wks EDD 20th Nov
Wombatinwaiting - baby # 1 23+6 wks EDD 24th November
LaraMi baby #1 23+5 weeks EDD 25th November
Izzy - baby #3 23+4 wks EDD 26th November
Bigmacandhappymeal - baby#1 23+1 weeks EDD 29th November
Blackkat - baby #1 22+2 wks EDD 5th December
Harassedandherbug - baby #4 19+6 wks EDD 22 December
Youremindmeofthebabe Baby#2 18+0 EDD 5th Jan
LivinInTheMoment - Baby#1 wks? EDD? waiting for first scan

Waiting to join the list (lurkers):
Please add yourselves in if you wish!

Tigerbear - baby#1 EDD 14th May
Wobblewatcher - baby#2 EDD 27th June

The babies are arriving! Huge congratulations to:

Totally with daughter Faith Juliet, 9lb5oz born Tuesday 16th February 2010
Amyboo with son Matthew James, 4.714kg (10lb3oz) born Tuesday 30th March 2010
Hoops with son Benjamin Scott, 7lb4oz born Friday 2nd April 2010
Memorylapse with daughter Olivia, born Friday 16th April 2010
Jacanne with daughter Lotta Eliza, 8lbs 5oz born 20th April 2010
Becky78 with son Thomas Christopher born 22nd May, 9lb 1oz
Meita with son Ianto born 23 August, 7lbs 4
Boodleboot with daughter Alice Elizabeth born 10 Sep - 8lbs 2oz
LeeWT with son Andrew Anthony born 28th Sept 7lbs 14oz
TFLS with son Charlie born on 30th September, 6lbs 8oz
SamB with daughter Ruby Mae born 19th October, 7lbs 10oz
Effilump with son Arlen born 16th October, 8lbs
Sarahlou8 with daughter Emily Isabella born 21st October, 7lb8oz
Unbuffy with son James Anthony born 3rd December, 6lb8oz
HappyGirl with daughter Ciara born 10th December, 8lb2oz
Malteser1981 with son Eli born 18 December, 8lb 6oz
Zayja with daughter Winona born 19 December, 7lbs 11oz
Sparklyrainbow with son Alex born 28th December, 9lb 7oz
GoodLuckBear with son James born 25th December, 8lb
BunnyBaby with son Daniel George born 5th January 2011, 10lb 1oz
AlbaDeTamble - with son born 10th Jan 2011, 8lbs 10oz
Gilda - with son Ren born 10th Jan 2011, 8lb 4oz
WestYorkshireGirl - with daughter Hester Rose born 14th Jan 2011, 6lb 4oz
Redheadgal - with daughter Cecily Anne born 13th Jan 2011, 8lbs 13oz
Toomuchteaching - with daughter Jemima born 17th Jan 2011, 8lb1/4oz
Dorcas111 - with daughter born 4th February 2011 8lbs 5oz
Clareanna - with son Tobias born 10th February 7lbs 10oz
Muser - with daughter born 15th February 6lbs 12oz
Ba8y1 – with son born Tuesday 15th February, 8lbs 11oz
Lotta123 - with baby born Monday 21st February
Magic8ballhastheanswers - Identical twin girls, born 27th February 6lb8 & 5lb15
Northerngoldilocks - with son born Wednesday 16th March, 9lb 6oz
Stuffedmk - with son Thomas, born Wednesday 23rd March
Hopefully - with son, born 29th March 7lb 12oz
Lia - with daughter, born 1st April 8lb 11oz
PenguinsMummy - with daughter Clodagh
VivClicquot - with daughter, Phoebe, born Thursday 28 April, 7lb 5oz
Ivysedai - with son, born Tuesday May 2nd 3.83KG
Loopymumsy - with daughter, born Thursday 12th May, 7lb 15oz
Caribou - with son, Caleb, born Saturday 28 May, 9lb 1oz
LittleMiss - with son- born Wednesday 1st June 7lb 1oz
appleblossoms - with son Malachi, born Wednesday 15th June, 9lb 4oz
crochetcircle - with daughter born Sunday 26th June, 8lb 4oz.
urbanlolly - with daughter born Tuesday 19th July, 8lb 3oz.
Nickster - with son Corey born Tuesday 2nd August

In our thoughts and prayers:
Louise with daughter Georgie born asleep on 10th October
Dachs with her babies Alexander and Felicia who left the world asleep on 21st May

We share the pain and and mourn the loss with:
Jollster, Cheepz, Freezing, BarrenBrook, MsJL, LadyBee, Banana87, BatteryHen, HairyTriangle and Waterplate

IzzyWizzyletsgetbusy Wed 03-Aug-11 22:32:31

Marking my place smile

<waves to bigmac and dachs >

Velvetcu Wed 03-Aug-11 23:16:16

Thanks mac and dachs

I'm developing a cake addiction. How much weight is it ok to put on?

OrangeGloss Thu 04-Aug-11 07:16:05

Thanks Bigmac and Dachs

I wanted to give a big whoop here to Nix as well as FB smile you were the first person on the Just MC thread that got their BFP after I joined it, it only seems like yesterday! I'm so so pleased for you he sounds adorable and you were Team Blue all along! I bet it was magical finding out

Velvet someone here - I think it was Daisy? - posted this a while ago and it's reassured me

Dachs I am willing those follies to grow, and hope that they can't do maths themselves, so you get some good embies

Well, I'm having real trouble keeping up at the moment, between getting work, house etc ready, so sorry I'm missing loads sad I'm hoping to have more time in the next couple of weeks then ML starts smile in the meantime I hope everyone's doing ok, DD's and 20 week scans are an emotional rollercoaster, but it was a real turning point for me when I passed them, so hopefully it will be for you ladies that have them coming up

MiniO is still 3/5 engaged as of yesterday. There mustn't be much room for kicking now as I'm starting to get little foot shapes extending past my ribs which is entertaining DH too smile

PinkFondantFancy Thu 04-Aug-11 07:35:45

Hello all, new thread!

nix sooooo excited to hear about your little boy, can't wait for piccies!

orange that sounds adorable! Mini pink is head down but made the MW work hard for that diagnosis - she actually said at one point "I'm not actually sure what's in there"..... hehehe naughty mini pink. I think its spine is down the side of my stomach so I have finally got around to inflating my ball in the hope of encouraging its spine around to the front rather than to the back..... Anyone know what I'm actually supposed to do with the ball though? I'm assuming I have to do more with it than just inflate it and put it in the corner of the lounge grin

DH and I need to decide whether we want to remain team yellow or try and find out the flavour at the 34 week scan - soooo tempted but also think that we've come this far without knowing, we should stay team yellow.

I am so excited that it's raining!! Sadly it doesn't seem to have done much for the temperature yet - I have been melting for days!

owly hope things are ok lovely. Acupuncture is great, I find it really relaxing. Reflexology is really nice too.

velvet I am officially addicted to jaffa cakes. I also can't eat enough french set yogurts, although my pork pie cravings are tailing off now grin daisy how are your pork pie needs??

owlbooty Thu 04-Aug-11 09:03:06

Surely Inbetweener must have delivered by now?

Nix Hoorah for your little chap turning up! Hope you're enjoying lots of lovely snuggles. xx

Being right at the top of the list is deeply unnerving. Where is PV and does she fancy doing a queue jump? grin

owlbooty Thu 04-Aug-11 09:04:38

Ps. Orange The little feet are funny aren't they? Owlet does that everytime anyone tries to work out which way round he is. It's like 'Oh not again. I'll make it easy for you; here's a foot. I'm this way around. Now stop prodding me FFS!'

Daisybell1 Thu 04-Aug-11 09:06:05

Woo hoo to Nix, that's such lovely news. And such an adorable name too grin

Last day of work here - piles of cakes for everyone <wants a party hat emoticon>

bigmacandhappymeal Thu 04-Aug-11 09:12:11

Morning all

owl I was thinking that about inbetweener last night when I did the list, but don't recall hearing anything. Can anyone shed any light?

orange I just had a look at that weight gain website and I'm now officially feeling like a biffer smile When I was weighed at booking in I was just inside the 'normal' BMI so fear that I am going to have a lot to lose when I'm done. What can I blame this on, except myself? Anyone?

I appear to be getting kicked in the cervix this morning shock

PinkFondantFancy Thu 04-Aug-11 09:43:49

daisy enjoy your last day!

I did a quick search for inbetweener, she last posted on the 'those near the end' thread on 24th July and hasn't reappeared anywhere else since so fingers crossed she's got her little one now.

PrettyVacant1 Thu 04-Aug-11 10:22:20

Helllllllloooooooooo! I'm here.grin
I'm such a neglecter.
I have lurked a little.
Noo fred eh!
<Waves to the lovely Peeps that may remember me.> smile
<Waves to new Peeps that have been about for yonks> blush

Yeah, 36 weeks, have not a scoobywinkhow that happened.
Darth is breech and has been that way since ummmm... 20 odd weeks so I'm booked in for a section.
Bad news Boots it's not for a few weeks so you are indeedy still No.1 grin

PrettyVacant1 Thu 04-Aug-11 10:25:02

Ooooo,Ooooo and Nicks
Maaahhsooive Congrats Sweets on the safe arrival of your beautiful boy! Xxxxxxxxxx

owlbooty Thu 04-Aug-11 11:02:59

Damnit, PV !!

Although definitely not damnit on 36 weeks already, am so very pleased for you grin Typical badly behaved baby like all the others on this fred; upside down, tut.

I have been dancing round the kitchen this morning; Owlet is coming out this week whether he likes it or not. No faffing.

Macca Fret not about weight gain. I am now at least 2 1/2 stone heavier than normal and I care not - I know others who have put on 3 or even 4 stone and it seems entirely unrelated to how much one eats when updiffed. However it is making my feet hurt so I will be v.pleased when I am not this weight any more!!

Blackkat Thu 04-Aug-11 11:12:07

Congratulations to Nix what a lovely name. grin grin

Owl thinking of you - and hoping things start to move along for you soon. PMSL at the medical staff with an inflated BP cuff up their backsides!! grin [ouch]

Pink sit on the ball with your legs at right angles to the floor and slightly apart, making sure there is a straight line from your hips to your knees. Rock back and forth, from side to side and make figures of eight shapes with your hips/bum. All apparently very helpful. My BF used the ball to lean on when she started labour and apparently it helped her little one to arrive in under four hours

Dachs hoping the follies are growing and FX for your next scan tomorrow, I hope you are getting some good rest and support during this stressful time.

Daisy I'm sure I remember your team pink name - if you're still thinking nearly regal!?

Lara I love Luca, Lucas is on my boy list, but DH seems to veto anything I

Bigmac thanks so much for shiny new thread.

velvet I'm with you on the cake and am in denial that I am putting any weight on...shock my clothes on the other hand tell a different story.

Hope the rain has brought some heat relief to you all!! It's much better here thank goodness.

Leaves gingerbread and parkin for you all smile

Velvetcu Thu 04-Aug-11 11:35:19

yippeee I'm just above the lower end of the scale on the fatness chart. More cake for me then grin

helloooo PV when is your c section booked for? is it nice knowing the date?

owl how exciting that you know it's going to be this week.

I know I've got a few weeks left for miniV to turn but when were yours the right way up or when is it a problem? She is almost always transverse or diagonal at the moment.

bigmacandhappymeal Thu 04-Aug-11 11:36:51

daisy enjoy your last day!!

Thanks owl smile and thanks pink for searching for inbetweener - i didn't think to search... brian?

CollieandPup Thu 04-Aug-11 11:39:00

Ohh lovely new thread, thanks bigmac and dachs

Nix whooooo that’s AMAZING news! Congratulations! Corey is a lovely name.

owl glad the acupuncture went well and is at least calming. Good luck today with the sweep, some more owlet news would be wonderful! grin at you dancing around kitchen!

lara I love Luca, its lovely! Good choice! Am very intrigued who this other MN’er is..are they off one of our threads? How nice to know someone though! I have found I am much more tired swimming now. I swim font crawl with head in the water and now find I can only manage 3-4 lengths before needing to rest for a few seconds to get my breath again. Surely swimming in clothes makes swimming even harder??

I like Suki too grin, Speaking of which, how is he wiw?

Getting excited for orange too and miniorange is clearly keen to make its appearance!

pink well done on getting the ball out. No idea what you should do with it (sit on it grin but please tell me when you figure it out! <clueless>

daisy YAY for last day at work….. I’m soooo jealous!! envy

PV I heard chiropractors can help turn babies around, if you didn’t want a c-section.

I think 2 ½ - 3 stone of weight gain (depending on your size) is normal. Last time I weighed myself I’d gained 1 stone already and that was a couple of weeks ago. In fact after last nights feast at the cinema (2 scopes of ben and jerrys and a medium bag of popcorn – yes JUST for me) I am surprised its not now 2 stone! <greedy pig emoticon> It really seems unrelated to baby size to. My friends was seriously HUGE from about 24wks (dh and I staked her fb pictures the other night and were pissing ourselves at her hugeness!!) but her little one was under 8lb.

Back from the Chrio this morning and quite impressed. Unlike MW and GP he was most understanding and sympathetic – and having a wife who gave birth 9 weeks ago I suppose a lot of recent experience. Says he sees my problems a lot and should be able to help. Diagnosis is that as my pelvix has been opening it has become twisted – right side moving forward, left side back, which is also leaving my legs unaligned with one longer than the other (which I think I have read is common). Says he should be able to realign and that this should also aid birth as pelvix will be fully flexible – I am all for this!!!! Upper back pain is due to my spin being jammed and also squashing my ribs – which is also causing my indigestion (which has become really bad). He says that this should ease as well. So, I go back on Monday for my first treatment and I can’t wait. If he delivers he will be a god! If nothing else it was so nice to not just be fobbed off with – oh its your hormones because you are pregnant – put up with it. Hormones my arse! Clearly biochemical!

wombatinwaiting Thu 04-Aug-11 11:41:55

Oooh gingerbread - thanks blackkat.

Hooray for Corey nix - wonderful news and hope you are enjoying lots of snuggles. Hope too that the labour story is now a dim and distant memory (but of course want all the details grin )

No getting away from it owl - you are top o' the list!

Thanks bigmac (and dachs) for the new thread and stats. Thanks too for the reassurance dachs of your pooch's experience - good to know.

Luca is a gorgeous name lara and would have been on mine except for a dss called Luke.

How funny re the foot shapes orange - much entertainment!

Am v tempted to look at that list of names you've got daisy - what a great way to get some inspiration.

Quick update on our lovely Suki - she had the op this morning which apparently went well and she has come around from the anaesthetic. They're keeping her doped up to help with the pain relief and she will stay there for the next 48 hours or so for the pain and to see what her mobility is like. With the front leg plated and in a cast and one of her back legs not working properly due to broken pelvis, she doesn't have the 3 legs out of 4 working that will help her move around - hoepfully the pelvic bones will knit together soon and she gets used to walking on the cast. Poor wee thing.

wombatinwaiting Thu 04-Aug-11 11:47:51

x-post collie - soooo glad that you have seen someone decent at last about your back and everything you've said he said makes perfect sense. Hopefully he'll be able to give you some in-between session exercises too to speed things along.

harassedandherbug Thu 04-Aug-11 12:06:40


Sorry I haven't been back since quick scan msg, it's just been manic. Days off??! Pah!

Mmmm gingerbread, thanks Blackkat!

Nix congratulations!!! Amazing news and I love the name Corey. Enjoy your baby moon x

Owl good luck with the sweep today. Save the dancing, and your energy, for after the sweep grin.

Orange ooh I don't think you're going to be long now!

Pink I've had a back 2 back labour, it's painful so get on that birthing ball! Sit on it, bounce on it, and hang over it to encourage turning. If you google, there's lots of exercises. Oh and clean your skirting boards! Dd was also going to be back 2 back, but turned literally days before she came.

Lara Luca is also on my list! Dd was going to be Luca if she was a boy, but she's Libby instead. I love Lucas too, and Arlo. But dh doesn't like any of my suggestions!!! Bloody stupid given that his first suggestion was Rio!!! WTF???!!

Collie glad you've finally seen someone about your back. My chiro won't touch me yet due to the mc's, hope she changes her mind soon!

All quiet here apart from lots of wriggling! The sickness is still hanging in there, but is nowhere near as bad as it was, but does catch me unawares.

The scan was fab! Took ages because bug was in totally the wrong position and sat like a frog with his feet over the vital bits. So I was sent away for a walk to the cafe and instructions to get something to eat and drink. Cold coke worked and he was bouncing around in there when we went back! He was sucking his thumb and waving his arms and legs around <cue copious amounts of tears!>. It was just lovely! Dh is over the moon as he only has girls and really wanted a boy. Dd is not so convinced, but she's 5 and thinks boys are rubbish, so we're working on her. Off to the physio later for them to have a look at my dodgy hips. Spd is on the way!

CollieandPup Thu 04-Aug-11 12:27:50

<freaks out now wondering if her Chiro should be more cautious about working on me after mc> - i did tell him!!! Is there any risks???

ahhhh harrassed i am sure dd will come around - i love how little girls think boys are rubbish and vice versa.

wiw glad Suki is ok, but poor her not being able to be mobile. fx for a speedy recovery for her.

harassedandherbug Thu 04-Aug-11 12:32:07

collie I think she's just being very careful, annoyingly so actually! I want my hips straightened!!! I'm off to physio today, which will no doubt be very similar. Except it's free grin.

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