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What thrush medicine can I take? (pref not Canestan pessary)

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Mouseketool Wed 03-Aug-11 20:07:52

I've got itchy thrush going on which Canestan cream is not shifting. I'm not a fan of the Canestan pessary, it's so chalky and horrid.

I went to the pharmacist for a tablet to swallow but was told it was contraindicated in pregnancy and I'd need to see the GP to weight up the risks. I don't really want to bother the GP... so is it Canestan pessary or nothing? Or does anyone know of a safe brand I can take orally?

PS: Am only 7 weeks

Oeisha Wed 03-Aug-11 22:05:37

Congrats on bump!

I'm now 16wks and have had thrush for about 8 of them. Nothing's shifted it, so am finally on the pessary...didn't want to do it either but 8 weeks is friggin long enough.

Doctors wouldn't give me the tablet, regardless of brand and won't, gotta keep going with pessaries and cream. I think there are inherent problems to do with baby...some site incidate an increased risk of congenital abnormalities FDA warning though with repeated doses...though there have not been any controlled studies on pg mums...unsurprisingly. I'd say although the pessary is a pain in the proverbial, it's preferable to a potential (if teeny) risk...if it doesn't work then, ok, maybe give the tablet a go on the advice of your GP.

'Bothering' your doctor is fine, it's what they're there for. Have you got your maternity exemption yet? Don't think I got mine until about 9/10 wks (after my booking appt) would then get free scripts...though don't not go until then as you don't want to get any worse.

Tips I've been given to help get rid:

1) Use condoms with you partner (too late for the pg lol! but it will stop him repeatedly infecting you)
2) Hot wash your pants and hot iron the gussets...
3) Don't use fabric conditioner on your pants
4) Eating narual bio-live yoghurt might help (upsets my stomach)
5) Avoid body washes that are not gynea tested and don't use feminine deoderants/wipes etc.
6) Same again with panytliners...avoid scented ones...
7) Go commando wherever you can
8) Avoid tights/tight want to breathe

Just fyi...they may want to take swabs to check...

Good luck...

BeeMyBaby Wed 03-Aug-11 22:21:26

i kept getting thrush in my previous pregnancy and ended up using biofem (natural and safe in pregnancy), which helps prevent it (although you would need to use the pessary to get rid of it in the first place). I really recommend it and have been using it for about 2 years now.

WeLoveHaribo Thu 04-Aug-11 09:55:48

Had had awful thrush around 8wk and couldnt get to docs and chemist wouldn't give me anything but rec'd salt baths. I wasnt sure but gave it a go twice/three a day.... Worked for me.

Mouseketool Thu 04-Aug-11 17:41:05

Thanks so much for all the info Oeisha (that link requires a login btw), I think I'll give a few of the above strategies a try (although not sure I could fit in 2-3 baths a day WeLoveHaribo!) then go for the pessary.

I'm sure I had a tablet prescribed or recommended by the nurse in my last pregnancy but that was more like 36 wks.

I've not got the exemption yet, only just sent off for it

Which of the Biofem prods do you use BeeMyBaby?

Oeisha Thu 04-Aug-11 20:28:21

mouseketool No problem. Odd, I picked that link up from doing searches on google...
Let me know if you find anything that 3 of pessary officially over and I feel no better! sad

GwennieF Thu 04-Aug-11 20:31:48

I ended up using Daktarin atfer several months of sore, itchy (bleeding) foof on which Canesten did nothing. It worked a treat and have not had any thrush since, either during my pregnancy or not. I treated my husband at the same time, just to make sure!

aliceliddell Thu 04-Aug-11 20:42:04

Live yoghurt (not strawberry flavour) kept in with tampon. Worked for me. Friend reckons clove of garlic is v. good. hmm

Oeisha Thu 04-Aug-11 21:33:15

Tampons are not recommended during pg due to the risk of toxic shock...and the risk of pushing external thrush/bacteria back up into the vagina (they make lovely homes to bacteria) well as them doing a very good job of 'drying' you out and making things very well as stopping your cervix and vagina from expelling the fluids that they do produce to 'flush out' any nasties.

I'm thinking about live yogs to eat, even though I know I'll suffer IBS wise for a bit... :S

BeeMyBaby Fri 05-Aug-11 07:20:43

biofem gel though as I said, it prevents it rather than shifts it - least it means you (or at least in my case) don't have to use condoms with your DP.

aliceliddell Fri 05-Aug-11 11:46:01

Oeisha - I had no idea about any of that. Luckily, I never had those results. Good you pointed out the risks.

Eviepoo Fri 05-Aug-11 19:05:57

I use an acidic gel. Think it may be called balance active or something. It only says don't use if you are TTC so that's not a problem. It comes in a box of single use tubes, I think you put it in 1 a night for 5 days to get rid. Then use it every couple of weeks or so to prevent. I used to use it just before my p as the change in hormones used to make me itchy. Funny but not needed it in PG at all.

The best one of the acid gels I ever used was acigel but unfortunately it was discontinued a couple of years ago. It was literally acetic acid in a ky type jelly.... However I may try that biofem gel too.

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