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late pregnancy and dizziness

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myhouseWILLbecleanthisyear Wed 03-Aug-11 08:56:44

Hi, anyone else feel light-headed during the later stages of pregnancy? Im 34 weeks on sat, but this morning Ive been feeling a bit light-headed. When I first got up I felt quite unsteady, but went back to bed for a bit (it was 5AM). anyway Ive just had something to eat (a banana and a cereal bar - not that you needed to know that) and some juice, but I still dont feel right. I dont feel feint as such just a bit woozy, a bit like Im on a boat. Im sitting on my bum now for a couple of hours, but should I be worried?

razzlew6 Wed 03-Aug-11 08:58:29

As you say it's probably more common to feel faint / weak because of low blood sugar levels, rather than just woozy ... perhaps call NHS Direct? Were you sleeping on your back - that could have been it?

Crosshair Wed 03-Aug-11 08:58:35

Call your MW just to make sure.

icravecheese Wed 03-Aug-11 09:16:11

I'm 30wks this wkend & I've felt light headed / dizzy throughout this pregnancy (my 3rd). My bloody pressure is on the low side (90/50) so i'm guessing that is what is causing it this time. I did have the odd dizzy spell during my last 2 pregs too, but they were much more infrequent - best solution is just to rest & drink plenty of fluid. Its Soooooo stinky hot & muggy at the mo, my dizziness has defo got worse these last few days. Try & drink masses whilst sitting on your bum (and don't consider driving if you can help it -I've had a few dizzy moments in the car recently & had to pull over, scary!).

myhouseWILLbecleanthisyear Wed 03-Aug-11 09:32:02

thanks for your replies. I feel absolutely fine sat down so i am going to sit down and get DH (who's off work today anyway) to do all the running around for me grin im seeing the midwife tomorrow anyway so will mention it to her then.

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