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am i pregnant?

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Ezee Tue 02-Aug-11 15:30:49

Hi, I would really appreciate some advice - I am on my honeymoon and my period is now 1 week late, and I think I might be pregnant (I am never late), but wont be able to buy a pregnancy test until I get home (in 1 week). I and have abdominal cramping, frequent peeing, feel far more tired than usual, backache, and cant think of another reason why I would be so late (no stress or illness, no overexercising, etc). We worked out that we were intimate during my last ovulation, so the dates work out in that sense. Of course I might not be pregnant!-but not knowing is driving me mad! Any advice would be very mucha appreciated! Thanks (-:

Crosshair Tue 02-Aug-11 16:11:43

Obviously no one can tell you its just guess work untill you take a test. Ive had symptoms and then a late period, I've also had symptoms which resulted in pregnancy.


ShowOfHands Tue 02-Aug-11 16:13:31

Give it 8 months. See what happens.

SilverSky Tue 02-Aug-11 16:14:45

SOH <chuckle>

desperatelyseekingsolutions Tue 02-Aug-11 16:15:17

Where are you? Surely there must be somewhere to buy a test? I'd have to know. Good luck

foxinsocks Tue 02-Aug-11 16:17:09


I went to the doctor like that. And they told me to come back in 6 months. Said I obviously had a virus. Funnily enough, dd appeared 9 months later.

Unless you are on a yacht or in the middle of the desert, go and buy a test!

nunnie Tue 02-Aug-11 16:18:24

What SOH said grin

To be honest there is nothing you can do to find out now, just enjoy your honeymoon (congratulations) and test when you return.

My period was like clockwork and I was late after my wedding but I was just late I put it down to the wedding stress and he fact that I have a problem with flying and we went to Australia hmm, I asked to get off after 6 hours but was moved to the end of the plane and told that wouldn't be possible was never given a reason why wink.

Let us know how you get on in a week or so.

Ezee Wed 03-Aug-11 14:42:48

Thanks so much for all of your responses guys - I managed to track down a test today and it was positive! smile

Eviepoo Wed 03-Aug-11 14:47:56

Oh congrats smile

I was just about to say, when I went to the states last year the flying made my P a week it might be that (I was convinced I was too) but that is irrelevant now. I got my BFP the next month anyway.

iWILLdothis Wed 03-Aug-11 15:18:09


Crosshair Wed 03-Aug-11 15:49:46


LivinInTheMoment Wed 03-Aug-11 16:44:47

Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon smile

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