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Feel light a wingey lightweight!

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dribbleface Tue 02-Aug-11 15:01:16


Am 31 weeks with DC2, had a pretty much trouble free pregnancy. At 27 weeks went to DAU for checking as had strong period cramps, exactly like i remember early labour being with DS1. They checked me over, said cervix closed and to rest, which i did.

I still get strong cramps, midwife at DAU did mention irritable uterus (which a lovely MN poster gave me info on). Saw midwife today and still very very uncomfy and sore. Baby is oblique which i knew anyway as i can feel it. Told to rest more and take it easier but i hate the thought of giving in to it and being one of those people who can't do XYZ because i'm pregnant!

Not sure what i'm asking really just some reassurance that i'm not a failure!

dribbleface Tue 02-Aug-11 15:01:40

like not light! arghhh!

MissusTulip Tue 02-Aug-11 22:30:15

Oh, dribbleface, I get this too - have had PGD/SPD since week 8, now week 28. I was having a whinge about feeling like a failure, about I'm pregnant not sick / disabled when the person I was talking to quietly pointed out that really I was both and I needed to stop pushing myself to try to function as normal (and failing) and take better care of myself. Still get this feeling quite a bit... but it is helpful to separate the two things out - being pregnant (hurrah, natural, not an illness) and for you, having a disgruntled uterus which is impacting on being pregnant and normal(ish!) function.

So sit thee on the sofa or bounce thee on a birthing ball and stop beating yourself up! In fact, you can class yourself as the opposite of a lightweight as not only are you pregnant but you are having to cope with something else as well, which is a) sore and b) stressy. So there! And brew for while you're resting...

Dunno if that helps, damn heat and mugginess is driving me mental!

dribbleface Wed 03-Aug-11 07:22:18

Thanks so much! That nearly made me cry! Blooming hormones! I spoke to work last night and said i would be doing less hours this week, i manage the place and work flexible hours and less hours per day than the other staff, but i always do the same as them as feel guilty! Thanks again. x

dribbleface Wed 03-Aug-11 07:26:57

You have my sympathies with the SPD. take it easy and rest up too!

MissusTulip Thu 04-Aug-11 16:57:05

Oh no probs - I'd just been reading the postnatal care thread before I replied to you, so I was a bit fired up! Esp as there was one MW who came on and was v annoyed and said something to the effect of oh you all just want to be invalids taken care of by gynae nurses and get bed sores and DVTs - in response to rather a lot of stories of post-CS not being able to reach food or crying babies. It had the immortal line that it's a normal human experience (implying get over it beaitches) which wound me up as a CS is a surgical procedure... hmm

I don't think it's a helpful belief for us pregnant ladies to be told 'you're pregnant, not sick' as the lines can get very blurry and it's rather a major life event growing another person in one's tum and then pushing it out one's fanjo, so what is meant to be a helpful comment (at best) can end up being really dismissive. As I said, I really haven't found pregnancy to be the experience I'd hoped for - it's bloody hard work, even if some people make it look easy smile. As for the SPD, I am steadily fusing with my sofa and may have to have a surgical procedure to separate my bum from it prior to going into labour grin

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