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Hauck pushchair/travel system- anyone had a Hauck?

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apples82 Tue 02-Aug-11 11:39:06

Has anyone had any experience with a Hauck pushchair/travel system?

We're looking to buy maybe the below:

Are Hauck any good, anyone had any problems with them etc?

All advice appreciated!!! smile

nannyl Tue 02-Aug-11 11:53:35

A friend of mine had a hauk just like that.

She really didnt like it.... it felt cheap, and when her baby was about 13months (ie JUST out of warentee) it broke. Also the straps / belts etc are short, so not really big enough for an older toddler and a real squash for her 13m old (before it broke)

Personally im not a fan, and she cant unrecommend them enough!

26minutes Tue 02-Aug-11 12:05:08

I had one a few years ago with ds2. It lasted a couple of months. The handle just snapped one day as I was walking along. Called the company who sold it to me and they fed me a load of crap saying I'd obviously misused it and put very heavy weights on the hood as it wouldn't just snap unless it had been misused. SHe told me I didn't know how to use a pushchair, she had used lots and none had ever snapped. To me that clearly meant that there was a fault as I'd never had a pushchair snap on me before but she wouldn't budge. NAive me didn't think to go to trading standards but needless to say I would never touch another hauck.

Cheap crap ime.

kri5ty Tue 02-Aug-11 12:34:29

I have just bought a hauck condor 11... i have seen a few other models and wasn;t impresed, but this one looks fairly sturdy, looks lovely (we got a disney one)

I haven't used it yet, however we will prob get a cheap pushcahir at around 14 months... we bough this as we wanted a travel system... this was cheap, and fits in my car and is also really light

Ours came with a 12 month warrenty, so fingers crossed x

apples82 Tue 02-Aug-11 13:53:28

Ooh blimey, not very good feedback on the hauck then!

Thank you all for replying, the feedback is exactly what I wanted to know.

HPonEverything Tue 02-Aug-11 14:08:55

I have bought a Hauck Malibu TS (also from Precious Little One), not used it yet but it seems really sturdy. Like Kri5ty we intend to get a cheap pushchair later.

I bought it on the strength of feedback from a RL friend who said she wouldn't use anything but a Hauck, she loved it...

CaptainNancy Tue 02-Aug-11 14:14:39

We've had a hauck infinity for last 2.5 yrs for my youngest. It's been fantastic! Still going strong, though less use these days obviously.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 02-Aug-11 14:36:42

We were going to buy a Hauck Apollo 11 but read some poor reviews and ended up getting this which was a similar price than the Hauck, better reviews and a more reliable make and also came with a 4 year guarantee. we got it for £299 from PLO with a free car seat so keep your eyes peeled for offers.

apples82 Tue 02-Aug-11 14:54:49

Oh thats good, so some positive reviews too. The hauck systems just seem very easy, and it's a middle range one from them so I'd hope it to be fairly sturdy.

Thanks for replying! I need all the help I can get! grin

kri5ty Tue 02-Aug-11 21:00:00

I did a lot of research on the hauck condor 11, and I couldn't find bad reviews, one said a wheel broke after 12 months... but these are easily replaced, and we paid 270 for the whole travel system, so I'd be happy with that :-) it honestly looks lovely!

apples82 Wed 03-Aug-11 08:37:44

Cool, thanks kri5ty. Phew!

AliJaneT Mon 05-Mar-12 20:57:33

Hi there. I'd love to know how you got on with your Hauck Shopper. I've just bought one (baby due in 2 months) and although impressed with the price I just don't think it looks secure, cosy or comfy for a newborn baby in flat pushchair mode and am now convinced I need to send it back and get either a reversible pram like the Graco Fusio or a separate pram or model with a carrycot. Hubby desperately trying to persuade me the Hauck will be fine! Getting myself in a hormonal stew about it! Would love to know your thoughts. : )

JennyPiccolo Mon 05-Mar-12 21:03:59

i have one, i had a large fussy pram when dd was tiny but the hauck is much more manageable. They aren't the prettiest of pushchairs, but they do the job and looks v comfy when dd is sleeping. I bought it because i wanted a rear-facing (is that the right description? one that faces me) pushchair, but you can turn it either way and it's quite simple to use. Not sure what model it is, ill have a wee look.

JennyPiccolo Mon 05-Mar-12 21:05:30

it's an Eagle I have, i think.

MarriedInVegas Tue 06-Mar-12 01:32:07

hi there! just to say i quite liked mine (exactly the same as the one showed in ur op) up until the other day when crossing the road the wheel decided to come off! we have been using it for 4months now, so not very good really. Also the car seat is very snug for my dd. wev probably only got maybe a month or two left in it until well need a new one. but then again we only paid £160 for the whole system. you get what you pay for i suppose! hth xx

MadameMessy Tue 06-Mar-12 03:23:46

I have a hauck condor and I think its great. The pram was really sturdy and dd preferred to sleep in it than anywhere else.
The car seat was really comfy looking,dd didn't look squashed into it or anything and she used it until she was 11months even though she was quite big.
The push chair Reclines fully and dd naps in it now,its lovely and padded. I have bought a smaller stroller since as it's easier on the bus but dd is very comfy in the hauck.
I loved how easy it was to put the carry cot onto the stroller, take it off, fold, put on car seat etc.
Would definitely recommend smile

TimothyClaypoleLover Tue 06-Mar-12 14:18:03

Second MadamMessy - I have a Hauck Condor and its is great. DD also slept in the pram and preferred it to her moses basket. Car seat was just as good as others and pushchair great too. Am about to have DC2 and will be using my Hauck Condor again. There is virtually no wear and tear on it at all after use with DD (used on daily basis) so very sturdy piece of kit.

kalliemoo Thu 08-Aug-13 10:21:51

anyone tried the Hauck Viper? three wheeler with a swivelling front wheel?

Milkaaa Wed 11-Feb-15 12:43:43

I had Hauck Condor for 5 years. I never broke. It was like 4x4. Yes, it did not look fancy, but was extremely sturdy, easy to ride, never had problem with high kerbs or steps (occasionally). I saw many mums with fancy buggies not being able to cross a road! I would choose Hauck buggy over a fancy one any day! smile

xxxnewmumxxx Thu 29-Sep-16 21:51:44

I had a hauck winnie the pooh travel system in 2011. It was sturdy, easy to use, lightweihht and easily portable. I had no issues with the carseat/carrier as it was sturdy, well padded and easy to fit in car. It also clicked onto buggy base to make a really sturdy baby buggy if you didnt want to use the pram bit. I agree the reclining pushchair bit is too flat and large for a newborn baby but i never needed to use this area until my baby was much older... then it came into its own as a quick way to lay DD down for napping while out. Dd grew out of carseat/carrier at about 9 months but id previously viewed the travel system before buying so was aware id need to get another car seat later so not a problem. Handle height was good too as a lot of other prams had lower handles. The folding shopping basket is huge too which was really helpful. The only thing i found awkward was the solid handle as you cant hang shopping bags on it but even that wasnt a problem as i bought universal handlebar hooks.overall i was very pleased with the hauck. So much so that now im expectimg our second baby, im looking at the hauck again. I love this buggy and its price...btw price wasnt the reason for buying the first time either. Buy with confidence :D

Oysterbabe Thu 29-Sep-16 22:31:56

Her child is 5 now so she's probably already bought, used and scrapped it.

fanoir Fri 30-Sep-16 22:07:58

I had one of the cheaper huack strollers and it was shit! The brake snapped after about 6 weeks and shortly after that a wheel fell off. It felt flimsy and obviously very cheaply made.

ally1988 Wed 26-Oct-16 00:17:45

I purchased the Hauck Disney baby 12610 Condor all in one mickey mouse system, I have been using it now for 4months and three weeks.
Today the car seat came off the stroller as I was getting down onto my front porch.
I was so devastated, I checked the pins, they were up? I heard the click when the car seat was attached? The car seat (part of the package) was intact??
I can't understand why it failed. Luckily I had the safety bar up and my daughter was strapped in.
I was confident with the purchase though today's affair has left me feeling disappointed, fearful of using it again (my daughter was in the car seat when it suddenly came off the stroller after safety checks).
My daughter could of suffered head injuries?!
I don't recommend.
As a new mum most of all from my experience today, this has been the most distressing experience I've ever had regarding baby safe products.
Worst of all, I had my daughter in this system when it happened, a product I trusted and had faith in.

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