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Unexpected 3rd pregnancy

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lou132 Tue 02-Aug-11 04:28:09

i have 2 DC, 3 & 4 already. Me & DH got carried away a few weeks ago dispite him pulling out! Had loads of symptoms, sickness sore boobs etc & took a test. Positive shock

Feel very silly & worried how we will cope especially as DS1 has additional needs. Ive also had 2 sections already!

I feel huge this time round eventhough im 5 weeks max. My sickness &other symptoms seem so much worse earlier on. Twins run in mymums family, so worried about that. By 8 weeks it will be pretty obvious im pregnant but i dont want to tell people then. Despite being 30, im dreadingtelling my family, 30 yr old, 2 kids & 1 enroute, living on benefits in a council house. Family look down on me already. Just after some advise.X

nunnie Tue 02-Aug-11 07:24:48

I am currently 32 weeks with number 3. And had similar feelings of how my family would judge me when I told them, my worries came from the fact that I found out I was pregnant when my son was only 15 weeks old.
Eventually I realised that telling them wasn't top priority that was me getting my head round the idea and feeling happy and confident in my pregnancy, which did happen and made a huge difference when I told my family as I could do it with a smile.
5 weeks is very early so I would suggest you get used to the idea first then everything else will hopefully fall in to place.


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