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Chicken pox!

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Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 01-Aug-11 21:45:06

Had my scan this morn & a fab day out for my sons 6th birthday just put his pjs on & he is smothered in chicken pox!!! I definitely had it as a child & had shingles as a teenager so from what I can gather baby is not at risk?!? Feel terrible about taking him out & about today but didn't have a clue until about 10 minutes ago. It's his party so will warn everyone I've invited although I think everyone has had it anyway.
Am I right in thinking that I am not at risk?

fatandknackered Mon 01-Aug-11 21:47:18

Hi squiglet - as far as I know, you should be immune as you have had the pox already. Haven't heard of anyone getting it twice - unless someone else comes along with more info!

Hope your son is ok!

Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 01-Aug-11 21:50:47

Hi & thank you. The birthday boy had bounced his way through the day & would still be going now if I hadn't put him to bed. Other than being itchy he seems absolutely fine thankfully x

notlettingthefearshow Mon 01-Aug-11 22:12:54

You cannot get it again, so you cannot carry it either. Therefore you and the baby are fine.

You're lucky ... I've never had it and am 19 weeks pg have already had some close calls, one of which resulting in DH having to move out for 11 days (he's not had it either) sad

As soon as I have the baby I've been advised to get vaccinated.

CarrieOakey Mon 01-Aug-11 22:17:08

If you have had chicken pox as a child then you are almost certainly immune. Although it is possible to get chicken pox more than once this generally occurs during childhood and you have almost certainly been exposed to chicken pox since childhood and not developed it because of your immunity.

Shingles is something you cannot catch. It is a reactivation of the chicken pox virus linked to changes in your immune system, for instance an infection going on elsewhere in your body. You say you have had shingles since having chicken pox which means you have had an adequate immune response and you won't develop chicken pox again.

So in answer to your question no you are not at risk.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 01-Aug-11 22:21:44

Thank you both for your responses & reassurance.
NLTFG that must be scary! Hope all goes well & wishing everyone happy healthy pregnancies x

dribbleface Tue 02-Aug-11 07:16:28

notshowingthefear sounds like a stupid question but i assume you had immunity checked? only ask as my mum was sure i never had it but got checked as work in a nursery and I'm immune.

Zuzi Tue 02-Aug-11 15:07:16

My dd got chickenpox whilst I was 7 wks pregnant. The GP sent off my blood sample to check for immunity. It came back fine. I guess you could speak to your doctor if you are concerned?

nunnie Tue 02-Aug-11 15:11:17

Both my children have just recovered from chicken pox. My mum was certain I hadn't had it so I rang and spoke to GP, she contacted to the hospital (who here keep booking in blood so no need for more blood) and they tested it result took just over 24 hours and came back with immunity so I must have had it at some point.
I was 28 weeks.

mousymouse Tue 02-Aug-11 15:13:38

you should be fine, but you should go to the gp asap if you start having them again so you can get antivirals.

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