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Does this sound like Braxton Hicks?

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boba82 Mon 01-Aug-11 10:54:56

I'm 34 weeks and to my knowledge have not had any BH. Last night and again at 4am this morning I had what I can only describe as strong period like cramps and weird feeling really low down like baby was almost pushing down. 3 times last night I had minute amount of light brown discharge when I wiped.

Nothing to report this am just feeling dog tired.

I think it was maybe just BH but I'm a first timer so not really sure.

Should I get in touch with midwife or does this sound normal?

pinkpeony Mon 01-Aug-11 11:00:46

My BH felt like a tightening/hardening of the uterus, that would last for a minute or so each time. Was uncomfortable but not painful. Did it feel anything like that? If it was painful at all, you should get in touch with your midwife to be on safe side.

KateeTheBump Mon 01-Aug-11 15:41:13

I feel my BH low down, hard to describe, but its almost like everything has shrunk briefly at the bottom of the bump. I think if you've had period type pains and any bleeding you should definitely go and see your midwife in case its the start of pre-term labour - they can give you drugs to stop it if it is. Otherwise, it might be that you have a slightly irritable uterus? I don't think BH should be painful.

boba82 Mon 01-Aug-11 18:04:37

Thanks ladies. Had nothing all day but defo feeling heavier. I think it was baby moving further down.

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