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static car seats and a 3 door car

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KatyN Mon 01-Aug-11 10:32:31

We went shopping for car seats this weekend and I realised how tricky is it to manouver the seat in and out of my 3 door car (yaris). I am defo getting a quinny pushchair and the carrycot attachment so after a long think I don't think I'll use the car seat much clipped onto the pushchari (I just think the little one looks a bit squashed!!).

So I am now thinking I might get a car seat that is fixed into the car (and might last him until he's 4).. and I just wondered who else had done this and if I'm CRAZY to think I can lift him in and out easier than lifting the car seat in and out?


worldgonecrazy Mon 01-Aug-11 10:36:21

The Besafe Izi combi isofix is one that you can leave in the car, is suitable from birth to age 4 years too, so saves on buying two seats. We have one in a 3 door car and either put toddler in through the boot and lean over, or clamber in the back whilst holding her. It's one of the safest seats in its class too, as an extra bonus. You may have to go mail order as it's hard to find stockists in the UK.

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