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Feeling fat :(

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Emy84 Mon 01-Aug-11 10:04:55

I am 13+5 and feeling very fat! Have been reading threads on when people start to show with the first baby and most are saying 17-20 weeks. Although I am not showing yet I cannot get my trousers done up! I managed last week at work by having my trousers undone when sitting but this resulted in them nearly falling down a couple of times when I stood up and me having a converstion with my boss when all I could think about was that my fly was undone blush.

Today I have trousers undone and loose belt to hold them up with a bump band to hide the fact that they are undone. I could wear maternity clothes yet they would be huge but am finding it difficult to know what I can wear! What did others wear at this 'in between' stage? I am also feeling very fat that at 13+5 I am already wearing a bump band does this mean I am likely to end up the size of a bus? I am 5"2 10/12 normally.

Emy84 Mon 01-Aug-11 10:06:02

couldnt wear maternity clothes I meant to write!!

ShowOfHands Mon 01-Aug-11 10:09:48

I'm 5ft 3" and showed very early. By 11 weeks I needed maternity trousers (but ones with an adjustable waist as the other ones fell down).

I have a really short body and shallow pelvis and had a flat stomach pre-pregnancy and was pretty fit. I think there was just v little space for my uterus to expand into. And no I didn't end up the size of a house. grin The weight gain slowed down.

Jacksterbear Mon 01-Aug-11 10:11:57

Try using a hairband to do your trousers up - looped round button hole on one side then hooked round the button on the other, IYSWIM.

FWIW I think it's v common for clothes to get tight this early on - mostly bloating etc rather than actual baby at this stage.

Crosshair Mon 01-Aug-11 10:18:44

Yeah my clothes started getting tighter by 8/9 weeks and would say I started showing at about 16 weeks. When you're on the small side it has nowhere else to go smile

KatyN Mon 01-Aug-11 10:35:30

I bought a pair of very cheap size 18 jeans and started wearing skrts with the waist VERY high (meant I showed a bit of leg by accident) at your stage.. it wasn't until 20ish weeks that I could keep a pair of maternity trousers up.

However I remember the shopping trip when I went to try and get mat trousers and coming home in tears because nothing fit me.


AKMD Mon 01-Aug-11 12:37:20

You can get lots of maternity trousers that adjust with buttons so that they 'grow' with your bump. Red Herring do pretty good simple black work trousers.

WeLoveHaribo Mon 01-Aug-11 12:37:47

Your not on your own. First baby i was nearer 20wk until showed but never really struggled with clothes or went through fat stage, This time i'm just 12+1 and feel plump (5'7 size 10) felt like this from 6ish week! i'm living in leggings and shirt dresses as cant do my jeans/trousers up! Going to dig out mat clothes in next couple wk.

Merinda Mon 01-Aug-11 13:24:06

I was in a similar situation: started properly showing at 20 weeks or so, but the"tight" feeling appeared a lot earlier. Also discovered, that most of my wardrobe was very fitted!
I found that I had 2 skirts that I coule just move up higher, so combined with looser longer tops and jackets it has worked for me until now. Fitted maternity tops are great as they are much longer and can cover the waistline in the non-maternity trousers and skirts. I also bought a dress from Phase 8 on sale that is non-maternity, but very stretchy polyester, so comfortably wearing it now at 22 weeks, and hope to continue so for much longer!
My first purchase were maternity jeans, as my normal ones got tight very quickly.

Merinda Mon 01-Aug-11 13:27:01

Oh, and I would not worry about being "the size of the bus" - everyone is different, and weight gain patterns differ from person to person as well. One of my colleagues was noticeably pregnant at 20 weeks and remained almost the same size throughout her pregnancy afterwards. Others stayed slim, but then balooned massively towards the end.

AKP79 Mon 01-Aug-11 13:34:15

Emy84 - I'm 5'6" was a size 10/12 when I became pregnant, today I'm 16 weeks exactly with my first and am typing my reply whilst wearing a pair of size 12 Gap maternity jeans. I've got a very definite bump now and at 13 weeks I was left with one pair of jeans that fit with the hair band trick and the rest of the time I had to wear leggings every day. In the warmer weather maxi dresses are a God send though! I really wouldn't worry about your size as long as you are eating healthily most of the time then just go with it. I spent far too many weeks crying and getting stressed about feeling fat, everyone's different and whilst it's impossible at times, it's so important not to compare yourself with others. x

benne81 Mon 01-Aug-11 13:36:30

Try a belly belt and wear longer length tops/t-shirts. I needed this from 15 weeks onwards but I'm still in normal jeans now and using belt belt at 32weeks! (thank god because it is so hard to get a decent pair of maternity jeans/trousers!)

Emy84 Mon 01-Aug-11 15:11:41

Thanks for all the replies smile
Think I am just having a 'fat Monday' lol

OptomisticBiscuit Mon 01-Aug-11 16:32:17

I was no longer able to wear my normal trousers at 12 weeks, and could not bear anything to be too tight down there at that time. I bought a couple of pairs of maternity trousers and just took a tuck in with a needle and thread on each side (took about 5 mins) which I undid as I expanded. I'm 30 weeks now and am pretty big, at least so everyone and the postman keeps telling me (are you sure you have your dates right dear, is it twins, etc etc) but it's all bump, I am not very tall and have a short torso so the only way to grow was out!

ByTheWay Mon 01-Aug-11 16:41:11

LOL I'm at 40weeks +9 years and still fat! But I remember the stage you are at now - wore summery elasticated M&S skirts til big enough for the stretch panel trousers which were soooooo supportive and comfy.

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