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33 weeks and have been contracting for 4 days

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BellaBells Mon 01-Aug-11 09:40:59

Hi girls.

I was rushed to hospital almost 5 days ago now, was put on monitors which showed I'm contracting and my cervix was open and dilating. I was put on the drip to stop contractions (memory loss of the name) for 48hrs which didn't help so I was given 2 injections of steroids and antibiotics. They have since started me on nifedipine tablets for 2 days which also haven't stopped contractions and now my blood pressure has dropped so low they can't give me anymore. I guess my question is shouldn't the contractions have stopped with all the medication they've give me? Can I now refuse anymore intervention as my dr even said if I'm still contracting there's a reason he wants to come out. And also can I ask for an epidural as im in so much pain!!!!! Any other advice would be hugely appreciated, my mind is in such a mess.

Katiebeau Mon 01-Aug-11 09:45:51

I am sure you can have an epidural if not too near to pushing. 5 days is a bloody long time to cope with contractions, incredible stress and worry and adverse effects of the drugs. Lots and lots of luck to you and your baby, I'm sure someone much more knowledgable will come along soon.

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