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Bleeding at 10 weeks!

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minibump4321 Sun 31-Jul-11 18:32:32

I'm 10 weeks+4 with 2nd baby. Last night i started to bleed after a busy day in the garden. I had no pain it was very very light pinkish red. It stopped almost as soon as it started. DH took my to a&e who explained my HCG levels were normal, my tummy felt sort which is good and as i have no pain it probably means the bleed is caused by the placenta attaching itself and booked me for an early scan on Tuesday. Also said she is 100% sure i've not miscarried.
I also have a bad UTI which makes me feel rubbish.

Today had no pink blood just dark brown and not alot.

I haven't really done alot today me and DD have had a duvet day. I've cooked a roast and noticed when i started doing stuff i noticed more blood had started and it's pinky red again not heavy and no pain.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I'm so worried what if the dr is wrong?!?

thelittlefriend Mon 01-Aug-11 13:48:16

I had something very similar when pregnant with my dd. I was about 11 weeks and bleed on a Friday, went to a&e but I had to wait until the Tuesday for a scan, which showed everything was fine. I'm not going to tell you to not worry as I know it cannot be helped, but try and just take it easy and not over-think it.

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