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Not a July baby then, an August one instead?

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PrincessJenga Sun 31-Jul-11 18:20:43

Anyone else just getting their heads round the idea that their 'July baby' isn't going to turn up this month after all? I know the change of month shouldn't / doesn't matter, but psychologically it's feeling a bit weird isn't it?

Come on baby. The sun's shining, your nursery is all ready, daddy's pacing the room willing you to turn up. You can come out now!

fruitshootsandheaves Sun 31-Jul-11 18:22:03

August Babies are great...I have 3!

PrincessJenga Sun 31-Jul-11 18:27:28

Thanks fruitshoots, I'm sure they are (sorry, didn't mean to offend August babies!) I'd just naively expected him to arrive in July grin

MmeBucket Sun 31-Jul-11 18:34:17

It is absolutely demoralizing when your due date comes and goes and there is no sign of the baby. I'm sorry about that. Both mine were supposed to be mid-month birthdays, and they turned into late month ones, I can only imagine how crushing it is for a new month to turn and the baby isn't out.

However, I will also point out that August babies are wonderful. Although, I don't have as much experience with them as fruitshoots does. I only have 2.

suntansue Sun 31-Jul-11 19:04:09

Yup, it's looking that way for me too unless I get a miracle in next 4 hrs,
I so wanted my baby to come early and this wait is killing me, It's my sons birthday on Wednesday and guess which day I'm booked for my induction, Jake thinks it's fab he will get his little sis for his birthday but I'm sad I'll miss his birthday day at the same time as looking forward to meeting my new baby. I've given up hope of anything happening in the next 2 days as I've not even had so much as a tickle down there and I'm 8 days over now.

SelinaDoula Sun 31-Jul-11 21:41:58

Me too, looks like an August not a July baby. DD was 10 days early so this is all new to me!

PrincessJenga Sun 31-Jul-11 22:01:14

Ooh, I'm getting twinges. Even if this is 'it' (tbh, ive had twinges for weeks & this is my first so I've no idea what's real & what's not!) he's not going to arrive in the next two hours is he? I love august grin

Panzee Sun 31-Jul-11 22:02:44

My August baby turned up in July. That was a bit odd too!

JenniL1977 Sun 31-Jul-11 22:07:46

Aw, Jenga never mind. S/he'll still be a Leo, that's not a bad thing.
Come join in the fun on our August thread smile we're all very good at moaning!
Hope your twinges turn into something better soon!

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