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Is my bump showing or I have I been 'eating for 2'!!!

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Rushyswife Sun 31-Jul-11 09:42:33

Hi everyone,
I am 11+5 weeks pregnant and whilst my clothes still fit, they certainly don't look like they did before I was pregnant! I l

Flisspaps Sun 31-Jul-11 09:52:04

Certainly possible to start showing early on, especially if you're slim.

Rushyswife Sun 31-Jul-11 09:53:53

Eek sorry! Still new to this and accidentally posted before I had finished!

What I was trying to ask is that I am 11+5 weeks now and although my clothes still fit, they are starting to look and feel less comfortable than normal. My stomach is definitely bigger and my boobs! Up at least a cup size maybe 2!!! Don't think I have gained weight elsewhere, and at my booking in appointment I was still only 59 kgs ( am 5'6) which was only a tiny bit heavier than usual, it's literally the last 2 weeks things seem to be growing at an alarming rate!!!

This is my first pregnancy and I have watched my best friend sail through her pregnancy looking amazing, and gaining vitally no excess weight but the baby! My MIL also helpfully told me I should not be showing until at least 5 months. All of this is making me panic I am going to end up the size of a house! Is it too soon for me to show. Do I need to step away from the toaster?

Sorry if this is really trivial, I know that ultimately the end reward of a baby is worth it all! I just feel really unattractive and am losing confidence

Crosshair Sun 31-Jul-11 12:03:10

Id assume its lots of water/bloat I was the same from about 8 weeks. 59kgs at 5'6 is in the normal range bmi wise. I've hit 18 weeks today and Im starting to feel abit sad about my giant tummy but my self confidence needs work at the best of times. grin

I'd say dont worry, everyones different. Try to eat as healthy and normal as possible.

OrangeGloss Sun 31-Jul-11 17:12:48

My boobs has grown before I got my BFP, so much that some shirts didn't fit at 5 weeks shock it could be bloat, but my bloat turned into a bump at 14 weeks that was so visible a male colleague guessed! Like you I'm 5"6 and weighed just over 9st and pg with my first.

I dont want to sound negative, just a pre-warning really, the one thing you'll get is lots of comments about your bump size regardless of size, which if you're already worrying like I was is difficult not to let it play on your mind. The hardest thing to keep in mind is that everyone carries differently. In the same morning I've been told I look 'neat' and 'huge' but people mean well and are just making conversation

As long as you're eating well there's nothing to worry about. You'll soon get to a nice stage where you have a bump and will feel a lot more attractive, I did around 16 weeks smile I'm 35 weeks now and still get bump comments but am used to them, and whilst I have a pretty big bump the rest of me is relatively unaffected smile

ShowOfHands Sun 31-Jul-11 17:20:27

I was in maternity clothes at 11 weeks. grin

I have a really shallow pelvis and short body. My uterus was palpable externally at 9 weeks and I went from a pretty flat stomach, to bump v quickly.

I didn't end up enormous though. Just developed a bump early, growth slowed down in the middle and measured spot on at most appointments.

People will comment though. You're pregnant and therefore, public property.

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