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24w size of bump

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glitternanny Sun 31-Jul-11 08:21:21

I'm 24+3 now and i still don't look pregnant.

He's kicking & moving a lot tho it feels like swooshes rather than kicks.

According to all the emails/apps he should be 8.5" - not quite sure how he's squeezed in there then and I don't look pregnant just fat(er)

I was a size 16 when I fell pregnant and have put on weight everywhere already but thought I'd have a nice definate pregnancy bump at 6months.... sigh

Seeing my midwife in a week so hopefully will get check out then but thought I'd post here first for some insight....

Eviepoo Sun 31-Jul-11 08:38:07

I think everyones bodies are a bit different. I had a bump at 10 weeks both times and ended up with HUGE bumps both times (I'm 37w just now and feel like I am just enormous).

However my mum keeps pointing out she never got that big with any of us (me and my two sisters) and with my elder sister she didn't have a bump until 8 months pregnant. She bought her first maternity jeans in early Dec ...she'd worn all her normal clothes up until that point. My sis was born on 03 Jan at 7lb 9oz. Oh and my mum was a size 14 back then.

MW will know if you uterus and LO is growing fine, as long as it is I would not worry.

Pastabee Sun 31-Jul-11 08:38:18

I'm 24+5 and while i have a definite bump it's small and my friends have had bigger bumps at 15 weeks. Like you baby moves loads and shifts my whole tummy about with the movement.

I'm a size 12 but I think maybe height and genetics has more to do with it. I'm 5,7 and the bump I have is very elongated. Plus my sister never got that big even at 9 months. People were shocked when she said 'any day soon'. My mum was so small with me (and they couldn't measure by ultra sound) they accused her of smoking!

I mentioned it at 20 week scan and they were really reassuring. Baby is average size and has a good amount of amniotic fluid. They said I probably have a deep pelvis and I'm tall and the longer it takes to get bigger the better for me so 'roll with it'.

I've taken this to heart now and I know they will send me for extra scans if they are worried. I'd try and see the positives if I were you!!

I know how you feel though. I look at myself and think 'not much to show for 6 months of no alcohol, nice cheese etc etc'

vallinnapod Sun 31-Jul-11 09:06:16

I was a size 10 pre-pregnancy (and still am in mat clothes) I didn't really show until I was in my final trimester, around 28 weeks. At 35 weeks I am sick to death of the 'you look small' comments. Bub is growing perfectly well, he is just clearly living in the space the booze used to find grin

breatheslowly Sun 31-Jul-11 09:25:04

A friend and I had the same due dates. She looked mahoosive and I didn't. When the MW measured us, we came up the same. I don't quite know how. You have another 3 months to go, so I wouldn't aim to look very pregnant now as you might be very uncomfortable later if you had much of a bump now.

pantspantspants Sun 31-Jul-11 12:10:23

I posted something like this not too long back!

I'm 32 weeks with DC3 in under 4 years so everyone is suprised with my tiny bump! I struggle to look any more than a small 20 weeks.

I wouldn't worry and just think of yourself as lucky. I see all the women with bigger bumps but less pregnant than me struggling and am so grateful.

All my bumps have been small (this is my smallest tho) and I've breezed through pregnancy and had quick/easy/not very painful births and recovered quickly after.

Only problem I had was people not believing how pregnant I was and the midwife on the delivery ward asking why I was there!

pantspantspants Sun 31-Jul-11 12:13:17

Oh and it doesn't mean baby will be small, I've had a 7 1/2 pounder and a nearly 9 pounder!

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