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Please excuse me while I have a bit of a whinge

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CBear6 Sat 30-Jul-11 23:33:44

I'm 34 weeks with DD and while it's been a much easier pregnancy than I had with DS it's not been worry free. I had to go get checked over earlier this month for lack of movements and while we could hear lots of movement on the CTG I wasn't feeling them, I have anterior placenta and DD likes to lurk behind it.

Today I had to go in for the second time because I hadn't felt her since last night and nothing was getting her going. While I appreciate that reassurance checks are probably low on the totem pole at MAU the MW we saw was quite abrupt about it. She was incredulous at me not feeling anything since last night, told me that baby was perfectly happy in there based just on an external palpitation and five seconds on a Doppler, then when she ran a CTG she pointed out five movements on the trace and again questioned why I wasn't feeling them as if I was doing it on purpose - because I love spending my evening at MAU. I asked if DD was facing towards my back (which she was last time) as that would explain it, but wasn't answered. I also asked if it was normal that the CTG jumped a few times from around 150bpm to 170/180bpm and she just said Dawes Redman criteria is fine, no idea what Dawes Redman is but it's been written in my notes.

I'm done whinging but, bloody hell, is it any wonder that a lot of women think twice before reporting changes in fetal movements when you get a reception like that?

PinkFondantFancy Sat 30-Jul-11 23:40:18

sad that is shocking, sorry you had such a bad experience. You did the right thing going in though. It amazes me how much difference there is between different midwives-as with doctors, you would have thought it's a profession that attracts caring empathetic people but sadly that's not always the case. Glad to hear your DD is ok.

CBear6 Sat 30-Jul-11 23:47:05

Thanks PinkFondant. The MW on the phone was lovely - said she'd rather see someone daily than not at all - and the MW last time was brilliant. I was just a bit shock at her manner. If she's there when I go pop I'll be hiding in the carpark to deliver grin

OrangeGloss Sun 31-Jul-11 07:19:45

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, it just shows how much a difference a person can make. Good to hear everything is ok, and you definitely did the right thing going in

I went in on Wednesday due to a big reduced movement/change in pattern, and the MW made it very clear she thought I was making a fuss out of nothing, whereas the last time the MW was lovely and said don't think twice about coming in as better safe than sorry hmm

I'm glad I went though, I'd still ring up again, but it would make me hesitate, which shouldn't be the case, but I'd rather deal with that MW than guilt if something had been wrong

georgethecat Sun 31-Jul-11 11:24:57

The problem is some people working in professions get so blaze about the people they treat because they see it every day, this is not good enough. It is a big thing if you have an illness or are going through is new, it can be scary and you are vulnerable. Don't feel bad about assertively telling the grumpy ones this and that you'd rather get things checked out even if it is for peace of mind. Also don't be afraid to complain if someone's attitude is really out of order, you shouldn't be made to feel that youve wasted someones time. For all you know (as you don't have their level of training) your baby could be in trouble and need help xxx

kitkey Mon 01-Aug-11 13:54:12

I had this with dc1 - it makes me anxious about going when I am worried. I feel that all the entries in my notes from the assessment unit led to the mw thinking I was over anxious and that's why I goylt left on my own in labour until 10cm dilated and pushing sad

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