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Looking pregnant at 7 weeks - tricks to try and hide it

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thejaffacakesareonme Sat 30-Jul-11 12:02:31

I am 7 weeks pregnant and already have two DCs. I think that after two other pregnancies my stomach muscles have just given up and I'm already struggling to get into my normal clothes and feel that I have a definite bulge, although not yet a bump. I don't want to tell people until after the 12 week scan but think it is going to be difficult to hide. Any tricks for hiding the bulge?

MrsBakerNeeld Sat 30-Jul-11 13:14:51

Floaty tops were a godsend for me, also anything that kind of rusched at the front in order to distract from bulge. A maxi dress disguises all manner of sins also I've found.

howabout Sat 30-Jul-11 14:04:52

I had this problem. I had practically lost my waist even before I knew I was pregnant. Low rise boyfriend style jeans and long cut loose shirt style tops. I also have a collection of quite baggily cut graphic t-shirts which worked well. I couldn't stand digging in waist bands and so went around with my top button undone for a while but still my usual clothes. For same reason I found roll top yoga pants useful.
If you are normally quite petite then stay clear of any sort of fitted dress and my DH said you could tell even in loose maxi style dresses but that may only be because he knows my normal figure.

ILoveDigestives Sat 30-Jul-11 19:58:44

Hehehe, I'm in exactly the same boat, thejaffacakesareonme! I've already got 2 DDs, and am about 6wks (I think?!), but feel enormous already (especially by the end of the day). I told my DH that he might need to get my maternity clothes down from the loft ASAP, to which he laughed out loud and told me I didn't look fat at all. Maybe I just feel it, but I am also reluctant to wear my usual slim-fitting clothes, as I'm sure it's getting obvious! I did manage to find some pretty cunning tops in Sainsbury's yesterday - slightly baggy T-shirts, with elasticated hems, which means that they don't look huge, and still fit nicely, but allow for the "I look like I've eaten too many pies" tummy. Those, combined with stretchy jeans and loose-fitting trousers, are getting me through the days at the moment. I suspect, though, that in the next month the maternity clothes will be coming out... shock

goodnightmoon Sat 30-Jul-11 20:01:02

long, colourful cotton scarves around the neck and over the belly detract attention, at least it has worked for me - last time until 23 weeks and this time 19 weeks before I told work.

blueeyedmonster Sat 30-Jul-11 21:41:51

I second the t-shirts with the elasticated hems. No-one guessed at all with me and I had my jeans undone and belted to stop them falling down by 9 weeks. Even if I wear them now (at 15 weeks) some people have no idea until I wear a tighter top the next day then their jaw drops!

HPonEverything Sun 31-Jul-11 11:45:20

I had this problem, was 'showing' at 6 weeks which is odd as now everyone is surprised when I tell them how far along I am as I look a lot less and have a smallish bump.

As it was February I covered up in a fleece for AGES and when the warmer weather came just wore floaty dresses with a cardie. I have some dresses that make me 'look pregnant' even when I'm not so that was handy!

fatandknackered Sun 31-Jul-11 11:49:50

I'm in the same boat - 8weeks with DC3 and am MASSIVE. Have already dug out the maternity jeans (under bump ones) which I wear with longline tshirts. Outgrew my normal bras this week and had to get out the hideous-nonwired-boob-hammocks from the hitherto abandoned maternity drawer.

For work I have bought trousers and a dress one size up, and am wearing longer tops which are meant to be non-fitting at the waist. Not very flattering to my figure (see above re boob hammocks) but it will do for now.

Dreading the next few weeks until the scan - no idea how I will continue to hide it!!!

Afraid I'm not offering you many ideas but I'm so glad to hear it's not just me...

Hope all goes well for your pregnancy! smile

ILoveDigestives Mon 01-Aug-11 19:21:17

Eek! To make matters worse, we've just received a wedding invitation through (for when I'll be ?11 weeks, I'm guessing)... By then, I'm thinking I'll have no choice but to look pregnant and tell people. I doubt I'll fit into any of my other posh-do dresses, and really wouldn't want to spend money on a bigger size dress for one occasion. Thankfully I have an early scan in the next few weeks as I'm classed as high risk, so at least I should know if everything's kind of ok or not. I've also just calculated that I'll probably be in the wretching-est throes of "morning" sickness on my youngest's 2nd birthday, during which we have a non-stop onslaught of in-laws and parents and aunties visiting for four days sad oh dear, oh dear, oh dearie me... I could be done for fraud by the end of this pregnancy, if my lying skills are good enough grin

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